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  • Megan from Screensavers is very cool. Visit her blog and I guess I should give out leo and morgans too.
  • Almost Fabulous - I love this site. Always clever. Always fresh. Always gorgeous.
  • Area 51 This is a link for the horror thing but check out the other links as well.

Fun quiz results...

Which Horribly Mocked Fellowship Character Are You? This quiz made by Kourin

This is a hoot if you are a LOTR fan. I really thought I'd end up being broromir but I could have done worse least I'm not the poncy elf<BG>

Well, let's see. You're Heir to the Throne, you can kick some major ass, and you can be a pretty nice guy. Man, you are cool. But you knew that, didn't you? Of course you did! You know everything! And we can't forget how damn cool you are. You are the King. Almost. You can also be an arrogant little bastard, can't you? What, just 'cause I'm a chick means you can kick my ass with that sword of yours? Think again, buddy! But I will admit, you are cool.
Advice: Maybe, just maybe, as cool as you are, you could wash your hair? Please?

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