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The Sacrifice (01/21/01)

Secret Fantasies (08/26/00)

Dead Ringer (08/26/00)

Cashmere Sweater (07/24/00)


Just Once (5/28/00)

Left Behind (5/22/00)

Spoilers From Sister Spooky (5/08/00)

The Storm Has Broken  (04/26/00)

4 More Miles

In The Heat Of The Night
by TBishop and Keleka

1-900-OH-SANTA  (12/21/99)
Team effort by TBishop and Char


You kissed me (12/13/99)

No Place To Hide  (11/11/99)

She Returns  (11/08/99)

Deception (11/05/99)

Lurid Details (10/25/99)

Into The Heart Of Darkness


Mulder, It's Me


The Diana Thing

Tell Me A Secret

Price Of Denial

Wake Up Call

Searching For Unicorns