About This Site:

Well you know it all started waaaayyyy back in '97 just as a place to share my Mulder captures with a new friend. Then as my interests changed so did the focus of the site. It is always growing and I doubt I will ever stop moving things, adding things and I supposed deleting things.

These pages reflect my current interests. They change, some things getting less of my attention while others control the free time I have for the site.

Who do I thank?
Arctic fox picture I would credit except I forget where it is from and I can't seem to find it again.
Web sites that I use for fonts and for graphics I don't create myself.
The Canadian graphics are from Canadian Flag Clip Art Gallery.
Some great font Sites where I am sure I got the fonts on my graphics.
Font Paradise

What do I use to create the site?
Macromedia's Dreamweaver is my coding program. I am using three right now but intend to upgrade soon.
I couldn't live without Paint Shop Pro from Jasc and highly reccomend it, I have version 7.