Attendees: Marie Armitage, David and Birdena Armitage, John and Elaine Barrie,Sheila Carnegie, Ted and David Conlon, Colette Conlon Cresswell, Joan Duley, Anne and John Haugh, Paul and Marj Hutchison, Sheila & Julie & Frances Hutchison, Bruce and Gayl Hutchison, Leah Hutchison and Carlos Oliveira, Keith and Susan Kinder, Karen Kinder Giles, Bernadette and John Macleod, Joan and Gord O'Donnell, Maty Lousie Noble, Lucy and Trisha Park, Janet & Jay & Pierce & Hilary Raats, Noreen and Ernie Raslovetzky, Geraldine Steele, John and Lois Storozuk, Nora and Terry White, Lynne and Donalee Wood & others
Now we just have to identify how we are all related.


My pictures, in no particular order. All names go from left to right.

Carlos Oliveira, Bruce, Gayl and Leah Hutchison Paul Hutchison Janet Raats, Frances Hutchison Bruce 'Favourite Uncle' ;) Hutchison Hilary Raats, Bruce Hutchison
Hilary Raats, Sheila and Frances Hutchison and Pierce Raats Hilary Raats, Bruce Hutchison Julie Hutchison Laskay Hall & Hilary Raats Hilary Raats
Hilary Raats Hilary Raats Hilary Raats Janet Raats
James Raats & John Macleod Laskay Hall again Laskay hall Leah, Bruce and Paul Hutchison and Joan Duley
Marie and .... Marj, Paul, Sheila Hutchison and Joan Duley Hilary and Pierce Raats Hilary and Pierce Raats
Pierce Raats Pierce Raats Pierce Raats Sheila Bruce and Paul Hutchison
Bruce and Paul Hutchison with their sister Joan Duley The Favourite Uncle, Bruce Hutchison Weston Road The Fence
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