I have matured a bit since this picture which was taken, when I was six. I am still basically the same though. I still can't spell. I hate tomatoes and mushrooms and I am still allergic to shellfish. I still freak if there is a spider within a hundred foot radius but I still think spiderman is the best superhero although wolverine is a close second. I have recovered from the trauma of not getting a G.I. Joe doll but will never recover from my sister giving away my red boat for a school toy drive.
I am obviously a proud Canadian but I love english football (soccer). Arsenal is my team. I love rugby too, in Aussie league (my favourite) play I favour the Sharks and the Broncos but I like our national team too. I am so excited that we made it to the world cup held in Sydney next year. I also find cricket fascinating, confusing but interesting all the same. I will stop channel surfing for dirtbike racing and rodeos. I love horses and when I win the lotto I will have several, as well as a nice house far away from any city.
I have really odd taste in music going from clapton, radiohead, pink floyd, Barry Manilow up to classicals composers Mozart, Sibelius, Vivaldi, and Tchaikovsky.
My favourite foods are..... in no particular order -pinapple, pizza, tacos steak turkey, chicken ceaser salads, chicken fingers and wraps.