I still consider myself very new to regency books and especially the 'new' authors. I am not especially trusting as I grew up watching the smut rise in general romance to a level when it stopped being fun to read. I appreciate contact between the H/H as much as the next gal but I like the general lack of smut in the regency genre. That said I look for 'smutless' stories and if I find an author that keeps that to a minimum and writes a great story with lovable characters I am likely to buy everything she/he writes. I also have to say it's the characters more then attention to 'period' that keep me buying an author. The books listed below all have great heroes and heroines. Also let me take a moment to thank all the authors for giving me such enjoyable books to read. I cannot imagine the stress of writing but I am glad so many with talent are willing to work towards telling a story.
Current Favourite Authors (In Alpha order as I couldn't pick favourite)
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Nicola Cornick
I loved Companion of Quality Lewis<thud>. Miss Verey's Proposal had Alex<sigh> and a heroine that I easily liked and got behind from the start. And Kit from The Notorious Marriage broke my heart poor dear<g>. This author has several books in the works that I am dying to read as well as many older books I am searching for.
Anne Gracie

She is a really interesting person as well as a great writer. Bees?
Diane Farr
Fortune Hunter Love, love, LOVE Lord Rival. Great book I hope to meet many more heroes like hers. I like my heroes flawed...just a bit.
Carla Kelly
Too bad but Carla kelly doesn't have a site......With This Ring Great book I am so glad I hunted this one down. Although it just means I have to stress over another writers backlist. Darn my life is rough.
Katie MacAlister
Katie MacAlister for "Noble Intentions" LOVED this book cannot wait for the 2 sequels. Write faster! Funny, funny story poor Noble he has no idea the trouble ahead<g>.
Sheri Cobb South
-I fell in love with Ethan and want one of my very own.
The main characters in The Weaver Takes A Wife are perfect and it is fascinating to watch them grow though the series of three novels. Very interesting to meet a married couple as well. I especially love the end of French Leave nice to have everything sorted out and explained so well. I like knowing what happened to everyone but I was sad to see it end.
Judith Lansdowne
She wins this spot because I enjoyed her novella in called "Fascination". I have another of hers in my 'to be read' pile I hope it's as good..
Classic Authors:
Jane Austen
What else can be said of Ms. Austen. I was fortunate enough not to have studied Pride and Prejudice in school so I can read it with total enjoyment and do quite often. Darcy and Elisabeth are the one who encouraged me in this new found fascination in the regency era.

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