Ranking: Excellent
Hero: Sir Richard Wyndham-(30)
Penelope Creed
Supporting cast:

Back Cover:
'I have not the slightest intention of making love to you....'

Sir Richard Wyndham is a gay, high-gambling beau, and man typical of his day.

Wandering home a trifle fuddled in the cool of the London dawn, he ponders distastefully his forthcoming betrothal---

Suddenly fron an upper window, a vivacious young girl, dressed as a boy falls into his arms--and the beautiful fugitives's plight offers his own escape......

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Favorite Lines: These spoil the book if you have not read it yet.

"It fell off," said Sir Richard, picking it up, and dusting it on his sleeve. "I am not quite
sober, you know - in fact, I am drunk - but I cannot help feeling that this is all a trifle
- shall we say - irregular?"

"Drunk I undoubtedly am," said Sir Richard, "but some remnants of sanity still remain
with me. You cannot, my good child, wander about the streets of London at this hour of
night, and dressed in those clothes. I believe I ought to ring that bell, and hand you over
to your - aunt, did you say?"

"Fortunate child!" said Sir Richard, taking her bundle from her. "I wish I might do the
same. Let us remove from this neighbourhood. I have seldom seen a street that depressed
me more. I can't think how I came here. Do you feel that our agreeable encounter would
be improved by an exchange of names, or are you travelling incognita?"

Sir Richard sighed. "Rid yourself of the notion that I cherish any villainous designs upon your
person," he said. "I imagine I might well be your father. How old are you?"

"I am far too drunk to solve arithmetical problems. Let it suffice that I have not the slightest
intention of making love to you."

"Well, then, I don't mind accompanying you," said Miss Creed handsomely. "Are you really drunk?"
"Vilely," said Sir Richard.