The Hon. Frederick Standen
Katherine Charing
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'I am happy to be able to tell as many of you as I can that I have not the smallest wish to marry any of you!'

The three great-nephews of the cantankerous Mr. Penicuik know better then to ignore a summons, especially when it concerns the bestowal of his fortune. The wily old gentleman has hatched a typically freakish plan for his stepdaughter's future and his own amusement: his fortune will be Kitty's dowry. But while the beaux are scrambling for her hand, Kitty counters with her own inventive, if daring, scheme: a sham engagement should keep the wedlock at bay....

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Favorite Lines: These spoil the book if you have not read it yet.

"Lay you a monkey she takes me!" offered Freddy.

"Yes but it would make me look like a flat!" protested freddy

"Very understandable" said Freddy sympathetically. "Most uncomfortable house I have ever stayed in! Devilish bad cook, too.
Not surprised the old gentleman has stomach trouble. Quite right to run away."

"Mustn't run away to London," said Freddy. "been thinking about that and it won't do. Pity, but there it is."

"....Queer creatures, females," mused Mr. Standen, shaking his head. "Fellow's only got to be a rake to have 'em all dangling
after him. Silly, really, because it stands to reason---- Well never mind that!"

"You don't feel you could marry me instead? Got no brains, of course and I ain't a handsome fellow, like Jack, but I love you. Don't think I could ever love anyone else. Daresay it ain't any use telling you, but-- well there it is!"