Currant Duff - Mrs. McVinnie's London Season by Carla Kelly

This Currant Duff recipe is from
<a href="">Greasy Spoon Cafe 50's Nostalgia</a>


Schoolboys know it as 'Spotted Dog', but most men love this rather solid sweet. Not that it should be too, too solid.

The original dish was made with wholemeal flour, so we will use wholemeal flour now.


Six ounces of wholemeal flour

2oz self raising flour

4oz finely shredded suet

6oz currants

2oz sugar

A little milk for mixing

Put all the ingredients into a bowl and use just enough milk to make a soft dough. If you can use sour milk so much the better

Form the dough into a short roll, encase in grease-proof paper, then in a floured cloth, tie each end securely. Steam for 2½ hours or boil for 2 hours.

Serve with hot creamy custard, or the old country sauce of beer and brown sugar.

Image from Greasy Spoon Cafe Image from Lobscouse and Spotted Dog