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You elected to come to me, and by God you'll obey me, if I have to lay my whipabout your sides!

The excesses of the young Marquis of Vidal are even wilder then his father's before him. Not for nothing is the reckless duellist and gamster called the Devil's Cub. But when he is forced to leave the country, MaryChalloner discovers his fiendish plan to abduct her sister. And only by daring to impersonate her can Mary save her from certain ruin....

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Favorite Lines: These spoil the book if you have not read it yet.

Miss Challoner saw that he meant it, shut her eyes, and resolutely pulled
the trigger. There was a deafening report and the Marquis went staggering back.
He recovered in a moment. "It was loaded," he said coolly.