About this Site:

It is all about characters. I am sure Mr. Firth is a perfectly nice man but I don't know him and I never will. It would creep me out to have sites about me all over the 'net' so instead of focusing on the man I will focus on the characters he shares with us, really that's all I have a right to anyway, JMHO. I know the bare minimum about him. I know he is married and has a few kids. I know I read his birth date but I don't remember what it is I just remember he is a few years older then me. He looks tall but I have neither the will nor the desire to know how tall. His eyes are brown but I got that from his long dark Mr. Darcy stares<thud>. He has a very cool accent but again that's just from movies who knows what he really sounds like<bg>.

About me:

Hmmm Not much to tell really. I enjoy playing with web sites so I have several. My interests are varied but certainly Colin Firth movies are near the top of the list. If I have to pick a favourite it would have to be Fever Pitch, although Pride and Prejudice is very close to the top as well.


'The truth is this, for alarmingly large chunks of an average day, I am a moron'
-  Fever Pitch Nick Hornby 1992.


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