Anthony Verelst, Viscount Sheringham(23)
Hero (Kitten)Wantage (17)
Supporting cast:

Back Cover:
'I'll marry the first female I see.'

Rejected by the incomparable Isabella, finished with love and desperately anxiious to obtain his inheritance, young Lord Sheringham determines on a marriage of convenience!

And the first woman he sees is the adorably unsophisticated Hero Wantage, who has loved him since childhood....

My thoughts: This story is really made great by the inclusion of the friends. Memorable are The Honourable Ferdinand Fakenham (Fredie), Mr. Gilbert Ringwood(Gil) and Lord Wrotham(George-calls-everyone-out) in much the same way as you remember the friends from The Convenient Marriage. Hero(Kitten) makes me laugh and Sherry is a gem, nothing phases him

Memorable Moment:

Favorite Lines:These spoil the book if you have not read it yet.

"Hallo, brat!"

"Confound you, Hero there's nothing in it! Everyone has a fancy piece or two, but it don't signify a jot, take my word for it!"

"Sherry,"said Wrotham, fixing him with a hungry gaze, " I insulted you! If you want satisfaction, I will give it to you."

"If you thick it would afford me satisfaction to stand up for you to blow a hole through my chest, you are mightily mistaken, George! said Sherry frankly, "I'll tell you what: if you don't stop trying to pick quarrels with your best friends, you won't have any left to you!"