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Oliver Carleton
Annis Wychwood (29)
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'I lied when I said I like you! I do not like you! I am very nearly sure that I dislike you excessively.'

Spirtited, independent and in her late twenties, Miss Annis Wychwood held herself to be past the piont of falling in love.

Befriending a pretty runaway heiress brings unexpected consequences, amoung them the very conflicting emotions aroused by her encounters with the wayward girl's guardian, Mr. Oliver Carleton, who was quite the rudest man Annis had ever met.....

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Favorite Lines: These spoil the book if you have not read it yet.

He turned his head. "Do rid yourself of this detestable habit you've fallen into of addressing
me as Uncle Oliver! I find it quite repellent."

"Now, that very generous permission opens a wide field to you, my dear," said Miss Wychwood.
"It wouldn't do for you to call him Bangster, for that would be too impolite, but I see nothing
amiss with you calling him Captain Hackum, which has the same meaning, but wrapped up in
clean linen!"

Mr Carleton grinned, and kindly explained to his bewildered niece that these terms signified a
bully. "They are cant terms," he further explained, "and far too vulgar for you to use! Anyone
hearing them on your lips would write you down as a brass-faced hussy, without conduct or

"Devil!" said Miss Wychwood, with feeling.