Ranking: They are both unreal! Made incredible by the fact that they really were real people.
Brigade-Major Harry Smith (Soon to be Sir Harry Smith)
Juana Los Delores de Leon (Soon to be Lady)
Supporting cast:
Pack of grey hounds? How weird.

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Back Cover:
'I have only you. If you die. I must also. Do you see.'

April 1812, the seige of Badajos...

From the moment that Juanna looked into the eyes of Harry Smith, the dare-devil officer in rifle-green, she knew they were made for eachother.

It was a love that took the child-bride from the battlefields of Spain of Fashionable London and the agony of Waterloo.

Here is all the dash, vigour, courage and humour that filled the hearts of Wellington's soldiers allied to the very breath of romance.

Memorable Moment: The whole book is memorable! As awful in the reality of this time and place as it is beautiful in the connection between these two soulmates.

Favourite Lines: These spoil the book if you have not read it yet.

So many but here are a few.....

'Fair words! God damn your eyes, you'll get no fair words from me, you gin-swizzling, cribbage-faced, cow-hearted Belemranger! Harry retorted.