Ranking: Excellent
Major Hugh Darracott
Anthea Darracott
Supporting cast:

Back Cover:
'But Uncle Matthew is your heir, Grandfather- isn't he?'
'Then who is, Sir?' demanded Anthea.
'A weaver's brat!' he replied, his voice vibrant and loathing.

Miles from anywhere, Darracott Place is presided over by the irascible Lord Darracott. The recent drowning of his eldest son has done nothing to improve his temper. For now he must send for the unknown offspring of the uncle whom the family are never permitted to mention.

Yet none of that beleaguered family are prepared for the arrival of the weaver's brat and heir apparent.

My Summary:
Hugo is great! He sees what they are all about in an instant and decides to con them all into believing he is the idiot they think him to be. Anthea is the only one who realizes there is more to cousin Hugh then meets the eye. Soon they will all be glad of his timely arrival at Darracott.

Memorable Moment:

Favorite Lines: These spoil the book if you have not read it yet.