Chapter One : Readers reviews

**al and Legolas' "lub ledder" responses**

i almost died laughing

That is soooooo funny. Boy, I wish that would happen to me. Only with Frodo.
I've got happy little chills dancing up my spine now.
Let's grammar errors; language it great; very funny, though
unrealistic--in a good way!

you have to bring leggy back this story is my favourite.
please bring him back.

I looked at your bio... That was SOOO cute!!

Next year, would you mind taking me along and teaching me to climb trees? I'd
buy lots of fudge and bananas for home, and put a No Haldir sign out in front.
Actually, you should try choc-fudge-dipped frozen pineapple. Or lembas for that
matter. Mmm...lembas.. *Homer Simpson voice*
Just wondering, what do you say to the trees, and what do they say back? Those
ones probably haven't seen an elf before..

LOL!!! Funny idea :D
I have a question, though... ti be able to be contained in a hand bag, you made
Legolas' size similar to the House Elf of Harry Potter 2 or what? ;-p
*on her way to read next chapters* ;-)
**Roselyn: I em vary flaexzable. *flaexzez tu souendz of squeelz * O.O Whie duz dat
souend keap hapenin? I nead sum oiel. Keap reedin, u weel sea suun!**

OH, Legolas, Knowing the age of the Little old Grammar Laede, how can you let Al
end a chapter with a cliffhanger? Make her hurry and add another chapter so I
will be around to read it. Love ya, Mom

then i suppose i should thank treehugger, i mean what else do we have to live
for??!?! :)
christmas tree hunting is a challenge at my house, because my twin sister and i
are always having a compitition as to who can find the best tree . its always

OMG, this is so great!

Poor things. u know, I laugh at the part when u said u watched the movie for the
19th times! ROFL
**Artanis: Glad you came over to read my life story! This is sort of like
a live journal, don't you think? I saw FOTR 24 times in 5 different
cities before it left the theater. Then I had withdrawal for 5 weeks
waiting for the DVD. That is another whole chapter in itself!**

(Stimpy, formerly Joy Took)
Hiya, I reviewed this before, under the I think. Anyway, just
wanted to say I got my hubby to read this. I was so proud of him. He laughed at
all the appropriate places. Anyway, he thought it was great too. Just thought
I'd tell you for him. :)

This has got to be one of the cutest, most entertaining Legolas stories I have
ever read. I can't wait for chapter 6. :) I nearly woke my husband up laughing.
lol he already thinks I love Legolas too much anyway without me having to
explain to him the whole fanfiction thing (not to mention the copious amounts of
'slash' fanfiction)Anyway, lovely story.

Awww... How sweet!!!

I love the look Legolas has when he comes across Boromir and Aragorn on Amon
Hen. I gush everytime I watch that scene. (BTW, I love that the DVD is out now,
I can play that scene every night right before I go to bed and dream of myself
comforting the poor elf.)
So, how tall is this Legolas? He can fit in your handbag? Hmmm. I happen to know
that Legolas loves chocolate chip cookies. He ate more than a dozen that I baked
one day, right before, nevermind. I don't think it left a mark for
more than a week.
If you ever get sick of him, I'll take him in for awhile.
**PutterPatty-I love the sad puppy look too! He uses it a lot. I may take
you up on the invitation to keep up with him for awhile. Everyone needs
a break now and then, as you will see. I tried the cookies and you were
right-he loves chocolate chip!**

How sweet! How tall is he? Or does that "zoom"? Don't forget to supply him
with water for drinking and washing. And maybe some hotel soaps and
**EntSpinster-He is quite flexible, more so than you would imagine. He is
full size, just as in the movie. I wasn't sure folding him up would
work, but the Valar must have been with him that day, and has been many
times since as you will soon see! I am trying to teach him all the
skills he will need to survive in this world until I can figure out how
to get him back to his. Wait until you see what happens with the soap
and shampoo!**

This is wonderful! Quoting Aragorn to get him moving; as heavy as a "20 lb sack
of dog food;" "the shock of it all is far too near?" Out of context, kind of
strange, but hiliarous material in context!
I definately ROTFL. I actually fell off my chair laughing. You must continue
Lovely style.
**Krisoulette-I hope you did not hurt yourself falling off your chair
laughing? You may need to purchase a seatbelt. It gets much worse as the
adventures continue!**

(Maple Evergreen)
I really enjoyed this. Please continue. :)
**Maple Evergreen-I'm glad you like it! Hang on for more adventures!**

this is good! you gotta keep writing! update soon!
buh-bye! endomiel
**Endomiel-Here's another chapter for you! I hope to have a chapter every
couple of days. He stays very busy having many adventures, as you will

(R. J. Rosul)
OMG! You put Legolas in your /handbag?/ The accent is funny and I like this
random craziness.

Eeeh hee hee! Ah hah! *snicker* tee hee! *giggle*
lol I liked it! it's cute! but you know, it can't be possible because Legolas is
living under MY bed!! cause he's MINE! lol i liked it lots! please write more! i
want to see where it goes!!!
**Niko-Is your Legolas like mine? Stay tuned so we can compare notes.**

First, you managed to see the movie so many more times than I did! Grrrr! I knew
that, but it still irks me! JK
How could you think that the beautiful prince of Mirkwood was a rat?? It must
have been really dark in that theatre!
Poor thing! That must have been quite an experience to fall out of Middle Earth
and land in our world on that hard, cold theatre floor.
I would have loved to see you leaving the theatre carrying him in your purse
with his bows and quiver shoved under your shirt! I am surprised that Little Pip
at least didn't notice something!
It is good to know that even Elf princes will eat fast food, makes me not feel
so bad about it!
I feel so sorry for him! (hugs poor Legolas) At least he can sleep in your
closet! I hope it is a big one!! I don't think he would like a small one. Too
Great beginning to your life with Legolas! Poor little sweetheart! (Him not you
Elenath sila erin le!
**TreeHugger-I saw it 24 times before it left the theater, in 5 different
large cities in the state (rubs it in). Had withdrawal symptoms for 5
weeks before my DVD copy arrived. Family was betting on whether or not I
would make it the 5 weeks without sedation, but I did! I thought he was
a rat because of the glimpse of movement, not the size necessarily. Who
would expect Legolas would fall from the screen? Thanks for Beta'ing for


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