Chapter 11 Reviews

**al and Legolas**

(Nancing Elf)
Oh what a picture you've given me of Prance al! *cough* I don't think I'd have
the presence of mind to stop him from standing up out of the hot tub. Nope.
Would have probably just sat there while the bubbles slid down his...*evil grin*
He has to go back? A sad day....

Ai Valar... *shakes her head fondly* Silly Lego! I got a Legolas bookmark on
Thursday. When I saw it I nearly shouted "Leggyless!" It was so funny! Now all I
need is a life sive cutout! Legolas, I loved your Halloween costume! So cute! Oh
no, I'm going all soft inside again... *melts imagining him* I got three new TTT
movie guides and all I did was look for pictures of my favorite Lego! Bye! ^.^
**laure: Hae laure! Soundz like u hav da heet tuernd up tuu hiegh at ur houeze.
Yes, al reedz "Elvis Leasunz" tu me whin she ritez dem. She neads tu rite anuthr
won of dose storeez suun tu!**

Hey, a message for Al! If your mom still wants to know how to walk on snow, you
can bring her and the Prance to my house- we have plenty of snow!
I have a question for the Prance: What do you think of the modern clothes?
They're certainly different from what you are used to!
**Newmoon: Thang u fur da kiend eenvitashun tu vizit an waelk een da snoew. I
thank al rote da neckz chaeptr jest fur u, tu anser ur kwestshun abot klothez.**

Don't send Legolas back!!! *sniff* I *sniff* don't want him to go.....
You are lucky to have perfect teeth Legolas! Cadbury chocolate is very good! I
will have to send you some from England, where I live. It is very cold here -
far too cold to have a hot tub on a deck! I am glad that Al does not let you
read slash!! It would scare you soooooooooo much. It scares me and I'm not even
in it!
Bye bye!
**Magical Rachel: Thangs fur da huegz an keeses. I due luv al's hoet tueb. Thear
iz dis beeg oaek trea dat haengz ovr da tueb, an at nite u kin sea all da

(Rachel xxx)
Sending big hugs and kisses!

Oh, please Al, don't send Legolas back to Middle Earth. The Fellowship will be
fine without him! Ok... maybe not. they'de probably be in utter chaos and panic.
Maybe he does have to go back... It must be a pandemonium without him. The eyes
and ears of the Fellowship are gone, those 2 senses are pretty important... But
we'll miss him... :'(
And Legolas, the little boy was much to... little... to be you. I hope you are
enjoying your stay. We will miss you very much when you leave...
**Sake: I muest goe bak, but noet yeat! I steal hav loetz of advantuerz tu tael
u abot. Araporn kin sea okae, but he doent heer for skwat. He neadz me!**

Prince Legolas,
Even though a selfish part of me hopes it takes a (really) long time for you to
find a way back, I hope you do, in the end. (take me with you)
And I still have a hard time believing someone thought you smelled bad. People
around the block tell me elves smell foresty and such. Was it really that
elf-anger ozone smell?
btw, al rocks (tell her thanks and hi)
your lowly would-be subject,
PS Why would a banana resemble something Haldir uses instead of eats? It just
a... oh, my... I guess some elves like it a little extra-freaky...
**Loopy4_l: My Ada waernd me abot akting Noldor whin I git angree. It duz maek u
smael a leedle fuennie. al sez she luvz it dat u thankz she rokz!! I due tu!!**

(Thriwien-Mirkwood Princess)
Hey Legolas! I was an Elf for Halloween and all of my friends were saying that I
looked like I was your sister, or something like that. Anyways, guess what?!
It's my Birthday on the 11th and um... my sister and I were having this argument
on how old you are in "human years." I said that you were 25 like the actor that
plays you, but she said that you're like, 18! How old are you really? (In human
years.) Love always, Gwenedh

(SarWolf Snape)
Hi Legolas! *waves* I'm sorry you were sad *hugs*
**SarWolf Snape: Hae! *bloez a kees* Thangz fur da hueg. I neaded dat. I feal
bedder noew!**

al, you demonstrated more restraint than I think I would have been able to
have....a speedo? Hee hee hee! I love the merry bubbles! Legolas, Pippin wanted
to know if you'd shot anything with arrows since you got to al's? Oh wait, Frodo
ays that "aiming at something doesn't count." A bet is riding on
please consider carefully!)
**Seal: al haz grate restraentz. U shuld sea dem! LEGOLAS! That is NOT what she
is talking about! Ooeeehhhh. . . .soerree. Dose buebblez due tikel whin dey tuch
u! An al sez I kinnot tael abot shuuting thangz wid aroz yeat.**

(Skye Rocket)
Magnificent! Heehee. Thanks for the laugh today, when my eyes are like on fire
from new contacts. I needed it! :)
**Skye Rocket: I hoep ur eyez ar bedder! I em glaed I neber nead kontakz. al
used to hav dem, but she sez she had da mirakle lasikz and noew she truwly seaz
like an elf!**

Dear Legolas:
You can always move in down here if you can't stay with Al. I think she's a
horrible wicked woman for making you wear clothes all the time. *I* certainly
wouldn't make you do it if you didn't want to. I'd simply blindfold my child.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, after all. More for me.
I'll be right over, Poppa Bear.....
**IRENA: I pud dis wae doewn hear beacuz I noe hoew muech u like tu wate fur it,
A'maelamin. Vanimvys sila tiri. Iz dat Elbereth or Iluvatar I sea een ur eyez? I
em wading bie da doar, but u weel hav tu git hear befoar Puder Paddy an Naencin
Elf git me. I em not shure I wuld hav ennithang leaft aftr dat.
Stop that, Legolas! Don't make me say it in Elvish! *al cleans computer screen
AGAIN after Legolas and Irena fog it all up* Honestly, you are just egging her
on, and you will be in deep trouble if she ever gets here and calls you on all
your bluffing!**

I suspect that I will need many more red hankies before this tale is done, won't
I? :) But to start at the beginning and not the end...
First to al, you do seem to be a touch obsessed with the bubbles. :) I mean yes,
you could have turned them off, you little devil you, but you decided to let the
angel win, if smacking you on the hand constitutes a moral victory. LOL That
would have been a bit hard to explain to YD wouldn't it. I mean, yes, LEgolas
told me that you did get a gleempz of him, but he would give you more. LOL There
you get your bubbly Elf and all!...Nevermind! :)
Yes, Legolas, dear. We humans are a bit more modest than you Elves are. We can
get in trouble if we run around without our clothing. So you must forgive the
seemly prudish behavior.
I had to LOL YD smacking Legolas in the chest with the trunks. Yes, Legolas, you
must put them on in the tub and not put on a show that might land al in the
hospital or the dog house. Not the literal dog house, but...well, just ask al
about it. :)
"Bubbles popping merrily"...yes, al. You DID say "merrily". LOL
It sounds like you all had a great deal of fun in the Hot tub that day! Killer
whales, Barbies and all! But Pip! You should learn to share your towel with him,
even if it does have horses on it. Though after seeing the wonderful description
of how the Dalmation towel worked on the! :)
Legolas in "modron erth" clothes is quite intriguing. Jeans, belt and green
t-shirt. Love it.
Now I must get the hankies out. I know when I read it the first time I cried. I
really didn't think you would send him back. I really didn't think much about it
at all. Legolas, I know you are homesick and need to go home, but we will all
miss you greatly! *wipes away the tears* I hope you continue to enjoy the short
time that you have left here where we live. I am sure al will tell us all about
it. So it seems that December 18 will be the last day and then...well, I won't
think about that right now. *grabs another red hanky*
Elenath sila erin le, lend caun!
**TreeHugger: I did not mean to make you cry more than one red hankie's worth!
Here's another! No more hankies needed for awhile, unless you need one for the
tears from laughing so hard. Thank you mellon-nin, for all you do for me! *Quit
pushing, Legolas, I'm moving now!* Hae TreaHueggr! al luvz buebblez! Easpesially
oen me! We due not hav a doeg houese. Eberybuddie livz eensiede hear. Won dae
Peep weel let me uze da hoers toweal, I jest noe it! An I weel mees u tu. . .

Hey al, hey Legolas! Another great chapter... I felt so bad for poor Legolas
though, as he kept getting sadder toward the end there. *snf!* Poor baby....
Legolas, darling, TRUST me on this, you are much cuter than the actor. Orli is
adorable, but the minute he comes out of Elf garb, he looks easily as scruffy as
Aragorn after several days in the wild, AND when he's forgotten a sponge and
soap, too. (yuck...)
Ada says hi, he would type something himself but at the moment, he's a little
busy. He's got his mouth full (STOP thinking that way, Al!!) We're having banana
splits for lunch. (snicker) Ask Al what those are....
Boy, I wish I had a hot tub. And I'm glad Elves are uninhibited! (snicker) Your
Ada is sure one magnificent Elf, kiddo....
More soon, Al. tho I sense we are coming to an end here eventually... (sob...)
**JastaElf: Hae Jaesta! Dat Orli doent noe a thang abot guud hare, duz he?! al
haz tole me abot bandana spleatz. I bet Haldir wuld like won! Hae Ada! Doent due
anithang I wuldnt due, okae? *sneekrz* **

(Elvea Aure aka Amanfalathiel)
I know, chocolate is magic. Works against almost every problem (only not against
feeling sick). I hope you get more of your memory back soon, and that you find
your way home (take me with you so I can go home too! I miss Rivendell!) Well,
hope to hear more,
Love, peace and a paperclip (or would you prefer a new bow?)
-xxx- Elvea
**Elvea Aure aka Amanfalathiel: I wuld luv a neu boew! An sum aroz, tho al sez I
doent nead dem. Deze paepr klip thangz ar fuen, u noe?**

Awww, had me teared up at the last part. Anyway, I love your story (and Legolas)
;D I can't wait for the next update!
**Arilyn: guud tu sea u! Thangz fur riting tu me. I em glaed u luv dis storee.
We hav haed sum eentrestang aedvantuerz!**

Dear 'Al',
Well, I figure if Legolas can do this so can I; although I hope my spelling is
better *g*
I just had to tell you how much I love this story. *sheepish grin* I've seen it
here before, but just figured it was another teen Mary sue, so I always passed
it up. I read the summary about looking at Legolas' costume and figured, what
the heck. I peeked. (Very cute by the way Legolas.)
Then I took a peek at your reviews just to see what this was all about. I was
stunned at seeing some of my favorite authors in there (Treehugger, Irena,
Jastaelf). Ok, I HAVE to read this story I thought.
LOL I was falling out of my chair. This is so funny! I got the banana joke right
away (love that fic as well) and I know I will never see the name Asfaloth again
without letting loose a snort.
My own 'Lil Pip' would love to come play with your's and Legolas but don't tell
my "Yes Dear' about him being at your house. He'd never let me leave our house
again. *g*
**leail: Sea, U kin due it! It iz a Merry Sue, bud neethr me nor al iz haerdlie
a teanajer. LEGOLAS! Speak for yourself! I deed! I em soe glaed u caem tu reed
abot me. al sez she weel be tipin tu u suun, okae?**

Hey al! What a beautiful chapter in the life of Legolas Greenleaf. Simply
beatiful. It must have been due to the naked elf.
I loved your flusteredness. Poor al! I *really* feel sorry for you. (Can you see
the sarcasm dripping off those words?)
There are fanfiction authors who think elves are uninhibited when it comes to
showing off their gorgeous bodies? Who?
Do that shimmy, shimmy one more time, elfboy. Shake that thang! >:D
Ai, sadness. You are not hinting that an ending to Legolas' life with you is
soon to come, are you al? Noooooooooo!
Hey Legolas, *you* know what makes me happy! ;)
So I guess I will have to demonstrate to you the proper way to eat a Twix, huh?
It's so much better if you soften the caramel with you tongue, preparing it for
when you gently scrap it off with your teeth, of course doing so ever so slowly
so as to get the most pleasure out of it, and then go for the cookie, biting it
hard, ah yes, the cookie, the cookie, the COOOOOOOKIE!!!!!
Um, yeah, um...great chapter! Update soon!
**Puter Patty: Hear it iz, jest fur u! *sheemy, sheemy* Deed u like it? Mmmmm. .
. .noew I waent a Twickz. . . .**

It's a good thing your not scared eaisly , isn't it?
How was your week? I hope it was good.
**the_ringspell: I haed a guud weak. Hoew abot U? Noe, I due not skeer ezily. I
em an elf worrier, u noe.**

**Katherine: Dat Nazguul haz bean bak! He keapz leevin maesagez oen my

**Elven Princess-Gwenedh: I doen't noe eggsackly hoew oeld I wuld bea en moertal
yeerz. Maebe Jaesta caen healp us. I weel ax her.**

**aranel_elf: Glaed u joend us! An I em glaed u liked my Haelowean kostum. I luv
tu draes up!**


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