Chapter 12 Reviews

**al and Legolas**

**Hi Mom! Glad you are back from your trip! I had to be extra careful not to
make any mistakes in this chapter, since you were gone and Tree is still using
up red Elrond hankies from the last chapter and can't see very well through her
tears. If you see any, well, just pretend you don't see any, ok? Hae Grammar
Laedie! Deed U sea eni snoew?**

(Nancing Elf)
Can I be Princess Elizabeth please?! *NE does a passable imitation of a cat*
That was so cute your tucking him into bed. And what a lovely song he sang...I
love his cute accent now.
Here I'm thinking Legolas is going back. I'm emotionally ready for it.
And he's still with us! Yay! I mean, oh no!

I loved it! So sweet...... I'm nearly crying, which is really sad but I can't
help it!
Hey Legolas! You don't wanna be going in that hot tub too much now - I don't
know about where Al lives, but in England (where I live) it's VERY VERY cold!
Brrrrrr.... need hugs to cheer me up!
I loved your Elvish song too.... :)
Big hugs and kisses!
Rachel xx
ps. Onwards to chapter 13!

Me? Try to scare Lego by pretending to be a Nazgul? Nah, never. ^.^

Dearest Legolas.
I know that you are an immortal and blessed with the stamina of the elves, and
also with your proud linage, I know you're even more blessed than most
"ordinary" elves.
I've also seen the size of your feet in those muy tasty boots.
Please be wearing tights when I show up.
Hugs and kisses,
Ps. DON'T read my fic. EVER.
**IRENA: Whur r u, a'maelamin?! *clicks review button, looking for Irena* I am
soe loenlie widout u! *checks al's e-mail for bot alert* Couramin niuve tena'
taelea vys au! *checks bio page and bounces over to reviews looking for a
message from Irena* I mees u! *wiggles and squiggles and wriggles around,
waiting and waiting, finally goes to the back door and stands forlornly, looking
out* **

Legolas you're still here! Did you like watching yourself on the big screen? You
can save Middle Earth later... Stay with us for now.

Legolas! Sorry I've been away so long! I've just now had a chance to catch up on
I'm glad you decided to stay! Life wouldn't be near as much fun without you! ;)
*lots of hugs and kisses!*
**Rayvin 813: I meesed u! I em glaed u r bak. *huegz an keesez* **

he's still here! yaaaaaaaaaay!
well, i hope you liked the movie (who doesn't?) and enjoyed watching yourself on
the big screen.
i hop eyou get to go home soon!
Endomiel :o)
**Endomiel: I likd wachin misef. I em soe glaed we paessed dat streem of wader
befoar we got tu Lothlorien. I neaded tu waesh dat smuedg off my foarhed befoar
meatin Galadriel.**

Mr. Elf-Prince, you must be pretty tall, do you have enough leg room in al's
Trade you some Mirkwood berries for a whole mess o' chocolate I have leftover
from Hallowe'en. You could introduce your fellow Elves to fondue - think they'd
like it? I bet you would... better yet, try it first, my place, next Tuesday.
**Loopy4-l: al haz an extaended van, soe dere iz ruum fur me an da doeggie and
all da Baerbiez tu! Sea u Tuezdae fur da fundoo!**

Ah, Legolas. You're never to old for a lullaby are you. That was a beautiful
So, now that you know how to use the CD player, what kind of music do elves
It's to bad you missed yourself arriving in Rivendell. It was something to
watch, but now you have a chance to see it again. I know you need to get back,
but I will enjoy your stay until the next movie.
P.S. A cardboard stand up of Gandalf the White just came home with my husband.
Is there anything I should know in the proper care of such an article? I mean,
he's not at risk of coming to life or anything, is he?
**leail: I luv tu saeng, an I luv fur sumwon tu saeng tu me. al iz goen tu let u
noe all my faevorite soengz. Dat kaerdbord staetuw of me iz guud tu haeng my
kloez on. Jest duest Gandalf eber wonce en awile. Whizrdz teand tu atrak loetz
of duest.**

your story gets better each time I read it.
*sniff**reaches for the tissues
ITS SO0o0o0o0o0o0 SAD!!!!!!
**the_ringspell: Peas doent kry! U soend like al an Trea. Hear iz a read haenkie
fur u, I got it frum Elrond's draewer laest tiem I vizitd.**

(Katherine The Celt)
Ah, another cute chapter!! Tell Legolas to pretend to be Sauron... scare that
Nazgul off! Hehehe...
**Katherine: Dat Nazguul rote on my kumpuder, "I aem da Nazguul, Feer me!" It
luukd like bluuddroepz, een brite read ledderz. He deed it oen Haelowean.
Skeered a thoezan yeerz groeth oef me. I wuz reedin dis storee dat al toel me
not tu luuk at, an all of a sueddin dat maessege weant akros da kumpuder skrean
an I bout haed amuthr Sea Pee Ar spael! Daeng dat Nazguul! *sounds of al
snickering in background* **

(amber725 a.k.a.Stimpy)
I was almost afraid that he was going to go back and there wasn't going to be
anymore Legolas adventures. *thinks of something witty and clever to say...and
fails to come up with anything*
Mmm chik-fil-a. I imagine that would be quite a change from lembas
and...whatever else Elves eat.
-Stimpy aka Amber aka Pagecko aka Joy Took.
PS: Al, you're so cool!! ( you too Legolas )
**Stimpy: al steel haz a loet tu tael u all. Stae tuend, she sez we nead tu
poest a chaeptr twiece a weak tu git dem all in befoar I hav tu goe. It wuz niec
tu here sumwon thanks I em kuul-moest of da tiem all peepl sae iz I em won hoet
elfboiy, whuteber dat meenz.**

(Elvea Aure aka Amanfalathiel)
Glad you like the paperclips! I like them too, I give them to everyone! They do
come in handy, you know! *makes chain of colored paperclips and hangs it around
her neck* Hmmm... *takes of chain* do you want it? *offers necklace* Maybe you
can use them against orcs or something, you never know... oh, and you can have
my Valinor bow. I don't use it anyway, too risky. But you could sure use it when
you get home! *starts sobbing because she misses home* Hope you manage to get
there! I'd love to hear more from you!
Love, peace and a chain of paperclips (and/or my bow from Valinor, complete with
quiver and arrows)
-xxx- Elvea
**Elvea Aure aka Amanfalatheil: I thank u fur the boew, tho I hav mien an kan
oenly uze won at da tiem. I due luv da culured paeperkleep neaklase, doh! It
machez eberythang I hav, soe I ware it alod.**

Ah-ha! So you couldn't get rid of him. Oh hi Legolas!!! Why didn't you go back?
That way will get rid of you and there'll be world peace! Kidding! I'm being
mean. Um... I like the song your mom used to sing to you. Where is she? have you
ever drank coke??? It's good you know, high sugar content. Love you, -Seaweed-.
**Seaweed: dis chaeptr xplanez whie I deed not goe bak, tho I triyd. I luv all
kiendz of sweeat dreenkz like coak and Moantin Deuu.**

(Skye Rocket)
Man, I was gonna say! I don't want this lovely fic to be over! Heehee.
SarWolf Snape 2002-11-11 12 Signed
Hi Legolas! So did you like the movie? I was so glad to see this updated. Hope
you have a good week! *hugs*
**Sky Rocket: Itz noet ovr yeat! al hoepz tu poest a kuple of tiemz a weak, az
she sez Dec 18 iz komin suun!**

Oh, al! That was too sweet to tuck him in...yes, I still think you have gone to
the other side though. *smirk* Or are straddling the middle. You can't fool me!
I was LOL when Legolas was hiding Princess Elizabeth and giggling about it.
Again so sweet!
Legolas, that song that your Naneth sang for you when you were a little boy was
beautiful, just as al said. :) AND yes, al. They do sleep with their eyes OPEN!
Shocking at first, isn't it!!
I see that if you ever get covered with black Orc blood you know how to get it
out of your clothes. I hope you never have to use that bit of info, but who
knows what might fall out of the screen next time. EEK!:)*sorry, Elu!*
Well, you know what I thought when I first read this chapter. OH NO! He is going
away early! He can't leave! Not yet! :(
LOL On YD thinking you had an obsession with scratching your leg when you were
feeding Legolas waffle fries that first night in the car! So he is a
penny-pincher too??!! What husband isn't??
Poor Legolas. I am sorry that you were disappointed that Greenwood wasn't
playing your movie any more. It left here in February!!:(
So Pip and YD head for Ice Age and you two head for FOTR. Legolas, you're
supposed to go before you sit down in the theatre even if you don't feel like
you have to! And really! Mountain Dew will "dew" you in every time!
Oh, al! That must have been one of the hardest things to do! I know I would have
been in tears! But, Legolas...what happened? Or rather what didn't happen?
I know the next installment is coming up soon since you are on a scheduled
departure. :( :( I am eagerly awaiting it...and then again...:( (red hanky time)
Elenath sila erin le.
**TreeHugger: Straddling, Tree? What are you thinking? He IS very sweet and
innocent. Who could take advantage of that? *al whacks at Irena, PuterPatty, and
Nancing Elf with the baseball bat-Let him go, or I'll have you, Longshanks!
Thanks, Samwise!* Hae Trea! Hae Elu! I thot of u whin I saeng my soeng fur al,
Elu. Com sea me suun, okae? I weel let u bof wach da neu DVDee wid us! Move just
a second, Legolas. Yes, it was hard to send him off, but last time I really
didn't know him very well. I look toward Dec 18 with a mix of joy at seeing the
rest of the Fellowship, and great sorrow and trepidation, worrying bout Legolas'
safety. I am not sure I trust PJ with his additions and deletions from the

Oh, poor Legsy didn't get to go home! Whatever shall he do??
I'm sorry to say that all the snow is gone and it's currently raining
oliphaunts. Sorry! :(
I love your life story, O Prance, and as much as i love you, I know you have to
go home someday, and I hope you finde your way. *nods*
**Newmoon: It iz raening hear tu. I luv da raen! Dat iz anuthr chaeptr, al sez.
Stae tuend!**

Oh no, he didn't get back into the movie!! It's almost time for Two Towers!
Araporn needs him!!!
Wait. AraPORN?? Legolas, you typed that in your comments to Sake. WHAT are you
THINKing, child????
*taking keyboard back from Thranduil* Your majesty, please!! Ahem. Legolas, I
like snuggling with the kitties too. Good plan! (grin)
As for the question of age, Thranduil tells me that until a certain point, Elves
to Humans years are about a 2.5 ratio, so when Dark Leaf says Legolas is 40,
he's the equivalent of a 16-year-old Gondorian child. However, the King--who as
we know is wise and good!--says that once physical maturity sets completely in,
somewhere around 23-25 years, that would be when Legolas hit about 60--and after
that, it just doesn't matter any more.
The King also says, that if you believe the movie, Legolas is 2931 years old in
Elven terms--which would be, by the calendar of Gondor, about 7327 and a half.
(wry grin) He also says that if you believe Michael Martinez, Legolas is nearly
500 years old, which of course is 1250.
And Thranduil also says, making VERY fine (and rather HOT! Yum!) use of "The
Thranduil Look," that HE knows how old his OWN son is, thank you very much, and
that if anyone just HAS to know, they can come over here to my place and ASK
him. (grin)
"Doent due anithang I wuldnt due, okae?"
(huge grin) Legolas, your father would like to know precisely what constitutes a
list of "thangs" that you "wuldnt due", so that we can get on with the task of
breaking that list six ways from Sunday. (grin) You and Irena and Nancing Elf
and Puter Patty ain't the ONLY ones fogging up screens these days!! (grin)
Oh, and he says to tell you that "Ada will see to it a LARGE flask of miruvor is
awaiting you at Edoras when you arrive, because he has a feeling you're gonna
need it after your trip to visit Al and her friends." (grin) Can't *imagine*
what he means by that, or by all that eyebrow-wiggling....
**JastaElf: Hae Ada! Hae Jaesta! Thaenkz fur klearin up hoew oeld I am. I loest
kount of all my praezentz yeerz agoe! I em wurkin on dat liest fur U. Thaenkz
fur da proemise of miruvor-I weel nead it! Da furst thaeng oen da liest iz a
miruvor thang dat goez like dis: Neavr dreenk soe muech miruvor at won of Ada's
celabraeshunz dat ur doeg luukz reely guud tu u.**

Al, you're *warning* us that you will be updating frequently????? Is that a
crime or something? Heck, you'd think we would be annoyed and angry with you for
doing such a thing. Please by all means, update every day if you wish.
So it looks like the only way to get Legolas back to Middle-earth is to send him
back at the beginning of TTT, huh? Does that mean you'll be going to the 12:01am
showing. You'd better, because if he doesn't return by the time I go and thus is
not in the movie, I will know exactly who to blame. And I will not be nice.
Okay, so if you soooooo wanted to be a fish in my last chapter, than I soooooo
want to be Princess Elizabeth.
How adorably sweet that he wanted you to tuck him in and sing him a song. If I
had been there, I would have stuck in a CD of Barry White or Marvin Gaye or the
like. (Of course, I don't have a "Yes Dear" to worry about.) Legolas would not
have stood a chance.
Hey Legolas, come and get those Twix's anytime, baby! ;D ;D Thanks for the
shimmy. Hey, do you want to come over and kill some Uruk-Hai for me? I just got
the TTT PS2 game, and those Uruk-Hai suck. I need your help. I keep killing you
:( and Frodo keeps getting captured. Please, please, please come over and kick
the crap out of them for me. You're by far the coolest of the Three Hunters btw;
Aragorn and Gimli are slow and they don't have your awesome moves.
Write On!
**Puter Patty: al duz luv dat Yeas Deer. He prefearz "Haelz Baelz" bie ABCD an
Peenk Floyed. Hearz won moer sheemy jest fur u! *sheemie* I am eetin a Twickz
and thankin of u! *Legolas, that is ACDC, my dear!* **

**SarWolf Snape:*huegz tu u!* I deed like da mooviee. It iz fuen tu sea ursef on
da skreen up dere, an tu here da peeplz koemntz abot whut dey thank.**

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