Chapter 13 Reviews

**al and Legolas**

*Snorts* I should have expected that last one!
*~* Dy *~*

(Nancing Elf)
ROTFLMAO!!! Balrog britches? OMEru!!! But ya gotta admit that flannel is way
I've got a Styx shirt from the Mr. Roboto tour as well...teehee...maybe Prance
would like to borrow mine? And I've got more clothes for him in my closet! Oh
wait...the whole idea is to get him home now isn't it? Not strand him in my
closet. Right.
*snort* What a picture. Legolas wearing underwear over his pants. *giggling*

(Skye Rocket)
Whoooo! I love it!

LoL, the underwear over the pants, though it is a mistake anyone could make. ;D
I really do need to review this more often, shame on me! ::hits hand:: Such
intresting events you guys go through!

Yay Legolas gets to play a little while longer!
Yay Styx! My favorite is Come Sail Away, but I also like a lot of their others.
I can't wait to read about more of Legolas' adventures!
**Java Glxy: My taest in musik iz kwiet varyed, as u kin sea frum dis chaeptr. I
hav a feu moer advantuerz tu tael, soe stae tuend!**

Wonderful, wonderful stuff! Sorry I haven't been able to write earlier - my
phone has been broken, so no internet for me.... :(
Legolas - you rock!!! Are you trying to be superman? Pants over trousers?! He
he! Clever reference to Orli Bloom (you'll understand one day Legolas!)!
Bye bye for today!
Big hugs and kisses to warm me up!
Rachel xxxx
**Magical Rachel: Pleeze doen't krie! I weel bea hear a leedle wile loengr. It
iz steel waerm hear. *senz u a hueg an a kees tu waerm u up! *Hey, Rachel-SUPER
catch on the reference to OB, but WHICH ONE did you catch??!! al winks and sends
you a Keebler Elf cookie!* **

(The Nazgul)
**laure: Naezguul, hueh?! U kint skare me! I em an Elf Worrier! Nuthin skaerz
me! *oh, yeah, baby (c al), we know all about how brave you are, Legolas. Just
wait a couple of chapters and you will all see.* Doen't tael dat! U wuldn't

hellow! how are you today? i bet you'll make wearing underwear over yout clothes
hip legolas :o) well, i hope you update soon! :)
**Endomiel: I dunnoe abot waren uendrwaer on da toep of da klohz, but eberybuddy
likez dere uendrwaer tu steek oed of dere paentz hear!**

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA*falls off chair, begins to choke on the coke she was
drinking* cough cough haha *GASP* how you choke on liquid, I have no idea but I
seem to do it often...can't wait for more!!
**Hypy: Ar u okae? Due u nead sum Sea Pee Ar? I weel seand al rite over, okae?**

Hi, Al & Leggie, MISTAKES! Forget about the written ones. Your biggest mistake
was not teaching me how to walk on snow without sinking. You were saved by
nature though. I did not see one snowflake. Your brother laughed at me however
for wearing shoes with straps that exposed my naked feet. He didn't notice them
when I wore black tights. I am glad that Leggie got the lesson on saying goodbye
at the back door. Tell him it will work fine on me as a hello when I come next
week. Love ya, Mom
**Gramma Laedee: I weel bea waden bie da doar fur u tu com! Peepin haz a beeg
sleapober paerty plaennd. We weel bea plaeyn faeshin shoew an kozmeatolugy
skoou! I em soe eggsited!**

Very funny story! It's so good I am gonna put it on my favorites list, and you
better update soon! And Legolas, I also stare at myself at the mirror for a very
long time in changing rooms, extrordinary, aren't they??
**Ithinkineedanewname: Thaenkz fur luvin me enuf tu puet me oen ur faevoritz
paeg! Doez beeg mierrorz ar sumptin! Emagene, a hunnerd Legolas' all een a roew.
. . .**

Oh, al! December 18 is coming so quickly! You are not the only one looking to it
with a mixture of joy, sorrow, and trepidation! :) :( I hope Legolas can make it
back into the screen alright, but I also don't want him to leave! I am
stockpiling red hankies already!
So it will have to be Greenwood?? That of course seems logical to me. After all,
Greenwood was Mirkwood's name, too. Though I think Pip is right. Too much candy,
Legolas! Don't stuff your pockets next time or who knows what will happen! You
might leave a candy trail for the Orcs to follow and then the Three Hunters will
become the Three Hunted! We can't have that! Or maybe it will just be the Riders
of Rohan that come upon you. Who knows.
It sounds like you eat your cereal just like Nate does, Legolas! No messy milk!
:) We only have a dog that cleans up the crumbs, no Swifter Cat Y! Swifter cat Y
sounds like a super hero's name!
That is a very nice Morning Ritual, al! And I guess that could have turned into
an awkward situation (CPR, kissing and all). I am sure it made Legolas feel like
one of the family.
Baby Balrog Britches! Love it! Also the Styx shirt! My goodness, you must be MY
age! *snort*
Hang on, ELu wants this machine.
Mae Govannen, Legolas Elvellon! This is Elu! It surely sounds like you are
having a lot of fun at al's house. I think that your spelling is getting better.
Must be all that Seasame Street that you watch. So you were wearing the shirt
with robots on it? Nate has lots of those things. *scratches his head* al, if I
might be so bold as to ask you a question, I was wondering if you really think
that those robots are Modron Erth Orcs? Really? They do not look much like the
Orcs that I knew, though Nate makes them fight like Orcs sometimes.
Move it, Elu, let me finish this please.
Ahem. Legolas, you really must remember to use "the blue room". Though at this
point I guess that you won't remember to do that before you leave. *reaches for
the hanky Elu is handing her*
Princess Elizabeth sounds all cat! I am sure that she likes you very much,
Legolas. Especially when you use that very wonderful, special hairbrush of al's
on her long silky fur! *grin* you should do that every day!
al, don't you know kids (and husbands, mine at least) never ask how your day
was. That is your job- to ask them!
Walmart is something, isn't it, Legolas! Too big and too much stuff! It is easy
to overload when you go in those stores! ROFL Sorry, but the underwear did me
in! Yes, Legolas dear, they go UNDER the clothes. UNDER. Hang on, Elu has
something else to say to you.
Legolas Elvellon, I understand why you were so confused. They should not make
those underwear things so bright and colorful if noone is supposed to see them.
So do not feel to bad that you did not know that. Tree's husband is letting us
watch the DVD tonight. He said we could last night, but it was too late when he
got home. Then it gets packed back up for Christmas. We don't even get to see
the extra stuff, just the longer movie. Several people have told Tree about it
and that makes her unhappy. She just stares at the box on dining room table. It
is still in the plastic covering. So don't be scared if tonight you hear shrieks
of happiness coming from Delaware. It is just Tree.
Hey, Elu! I do not shriek! Well, okay...not often anyway. *mutters silly Orc*
This is Elu again. She did shriek last night because Emma saw that young Wizard
movie Harry Potter, and got to see a new preview of The Two Towers, and Tree did
not. Emma said Treebeard was in it, and that made her shriek.
Move it you Orc! Sorry. Ahem...well, I said I do sometimes. Anyway...Yes, you do
have a lot to tell us about your "adventures with an Elf Prance in Modron Erth".
*looks at calendar* Oh, al! It is coming up too soon! *goes and finds a clean
red hanky*
This is Elu again. She is crying again. *sighs* We will be watching for your
next chapter, al. Oh yes! It made me feel really good that you though of me when
you sang your mother's song for al. Maybe I need a red hanky too. Namarie for
now Elvellon!
Elenath sila eirn le!
Elvea Aure aka Amanfalathiel 2002-11-16 13 Signed
=) you like my bow! =) I'm glad you do! I'm also happy that you like my necklace
=) Yes I'm in a happy mood =) I know how I can get home! =) I hope you'll find
out too =)
**TreeHugger: Hae Trea! Hae Elu! Iz Ranger ouet of haenkeez yeat? I waent tu
taek sum of dis kaendee fur Araporn an Gimlee tu trie. Mebbe I culd traed it tu
da Oerkz fur Maerry an Peepin? *Hi Elu! Yes, I think there are some robots that
could be as bad as orcs, and some bad people too out there.* Hae agin Elu! al
deed noet sae tu puet dem UENdr da paentz!!! U noe, I thot I herd a noize de
othr nite dat soended lika a shreek. Wuz dat Trea? Deed u sea da moovee
Deeveedee, or wuz dat Trea thankin of me en my neu bokzerz an breefz?**

(Katherine The Celt)
Ah Leggy, you poor thing!! Damn the rude Nazgul!! What were you reading that you
weren't supposed to?? Hopefully not the slash.
Just remember if you ever need a cuddle after a Nazgul fright, I'm here for you.
:D *toothy smile*
**Katherine: *cuddlz fur u* I wuz reedin. . .*ahem* abot da tiem dat me an
Araporn . . .*ahem* wear een da wuudz aloen *cough* al grabs keyboard, No more
of that I said!**

Um, Mr. Elf-person, sir, ...Prince,
Hope this isn't a sore topic, but why did the 'Lorien guards draw bows on you?
Haldir seems friendly, or at least cordial, to you, though something did seem to
catch your eye in the initial scene.
By the way, you're welcome to bring anyone along for chocolate fondue on
Tuesday. Will make futile attempt at lembas ahead of time if you have recipe.
**Loopy4_1: Haldeer likez tu hav eberibuddy groavelin at heez feat. He thankz he
iz bedder dan eberybuddy ealse. He likez yaenkin my chaen ebery chaence he gitz.
I thank I weel entroduse heem to Irena, an sea whut she kin due wid heem.**

To Al--I need a hanky--your bastardized phonetic spelling of Legolas'
pronunciation of 'CPR' had me in paroxyisms of laughter--which is what I needed
after turning on my TV to watch the extended DVD edition of LOTR, only to have
the picture tube blow out on me. Wah!
To Legolas--am so sorry to hear that you are homesick. If I knew where to send
it, I would mail you some of my homemade chocolate fudge to help ease your
homesickness. hugs and eskimo kisses to you. And since I cannot watch you on TV
for a while, would you mind coming for a visit?
**gershwin: Hear iz won of Elrondz read haenkeez fur u. U kin oerder dem frum
Ranger if u nead moer, but TreaHueggr haz oerderd soe menny dey mit bea on bak
oerdr bie noew. I hoep ur TV fealz bedder suun! *huegz an keeses tu u!* **

(Eve of Mirkwood)
im baaack!!! legolas, this time alice say that she wants you to come and live in
my closet. alcie is mentioned in my bio if u wanna know who she is. my bit of
wisdom for today is: matches and kerosen are not good when combined. *runs
fingers through what is left of scorched hair* take a pyro's advice; only play
with matches under your multiple personality's supervision. if you don't like
scary movies, don't go see " the ring" cus its really scary. yupyupyup. love u
great chapters!! i can't wait 4 the next 1!!
**Eve Eastborne: Hae! I meesed u! I due noet noe abot machez, we oenly haed
steekz an roeckz caelled fleent. I em an Elf Worrier, nuthin skaerz me! *BOO,
Legolas!* WAAAHHH!! Stoep dat, al!!**

I agree with Yes Dear. Legolas will have to go back to Greenwood at the premier
in order to return. ::sob::
Awww, how sad. Legolas feels left out of your morning ritual! Are you sure he's
got that kissing part right, though? I could come over and make sure. You know
test it out, make sure it's satisfactory and all that. I wouldn't mind. Really!
Ouch...ouch. Al, stop whacking me! Yeah, Longshanks--I'll tell you who's got a
long shank.
Okay I really want to be Princess Elizabeth now. Damn lucky cat!
What an grand adventure, taking Legolas to the Wal-mart, to try on some clothes.
I'm trying to imagine what he'd look best in. Tight jeans, tight
t-shirt...hmmmm, scratch that, no t-shirt...and he can take off the jeans to.
And boxers or briefs? Hoo boy, big decision there. Geez, I just don't know. Hey
Legolas, maybe you should come over and model for me, then I'll have more to go
on to make a proper and informed decision.
Write On!
**Puter Patty: Bokzerz or breefz? Dat iz whie al bot me won of eech. I em geddin
vary guud at Huegz, keesez, Easkeemoz, an I luv u's noew. Whut's a Loeng

Ahem. Thranduil here. (waits for keyboard to bow or something, then sighs) No
Ahem. Caun Legolas, nin ion, thee and me are going to have a LONG talk when you
get back from this Quest. Mission. Thing. Running off like that with Dwarves and
Halflings... falling out of your world into this other place... can't have that,
it just will NOT do.
And when did you drink so much miruvor at one of my celebrations, that your DOG
looked good to you??
When did you get a DOG, anyway? And why would it look good to you, if -- (Jasta
whispers in the king's pointed ear; said ear turns bright red, and Thranduil
backs away from the keyboard, growling something in Sindarin about his son not
being some godsforsaken NOLDOR, thankewverymuch!)
*Jasta takes the keyboard*
Legolas, dear, mind your Ada's health and be careful what you say! He's talking
about having a hundred Mirkwood archers waiting at Edoras with that bottle of
Miruvor, and making sure they also bring a net and a rope... No, I have no idea
what he means by that.
I hope you make it back into the flick; I will look for you in Two Towers.
(grin) In the meantime, make Al take you and Leetle Peep to see Harry Potter's
new movie. You'll love it, after all, Mithrandir was valedictorian at HIS
Hogwarts graduation!
**JastaElf: Ada, I sed it wuz a liest of thatnz I wuld NOET due. Dere ar sum
thangz I thank Irena waentz tu teech me wid a net an a roep, but dey ar noet on
da liest yeat. al sed I culd goe sea Haery Podder suun. We had Sam, an he wuz
perty haery, but noet az haery az Boromeer an Araporn.**

Al, did the speakers say "Attention Walmart Shoppers..." while you were there?
What was his reaction? I can only immagine.
Legolas did you have fun shopping? Remember to go to Toys R Us and buy yourself
a Legolas action figure. See I have one too! ::holds up Legolas action figure::
it really shoots! ::attempts to shoot a little arrow and fails miserably as it
flings to the side completely off target:: I haven't been trained for this type
of stuff... Maybe you can work it though. ::runs off to practise her
marksmanship with a tiny bow that is 100 times too small::
**Sake: I due like wachin misef een da moovee. Eggsept fur dat paert goen tu
Lothlorien whur I wuz all deerty an Araporn wuldn't stoep tu tak a baf. al haz
an akshun feegur of me, but she woent let me plae wid misef.**

Dear Legolas!
I'm so sorry I missed the last chapter, but I'm back with you. I was out
installing the hot tub in the back yard so that you would have it handy when you
moved in.
I'm really sorry that you didn't get home, but I'm quite sure that you'll get
back soon. Just make sure to *ahem* come up and see me *ahem* before you go.
I'll give you a ... Florida keepsake... that you'll never forget.
And please tell Al that I like her narrative voice. It's becoming much more
distinctive and fun the more she writes.
**IRENA: DERE U AR!!! I hab bean luukin fur u all ober. I meesed u! Kin I jest
ware my leagginz whin u shoew up? I doen't hav eny tietz, an Pepinz ar tu smaell
fur me. I luv superizez! I weel com an sea u tu git myne befour I goe, okae? Iz
Fuloerida uep or doewn frum hear? Uep? Doewn? Uep? Doewn? *sighs* **

(SarWolf Snape)
Awwww that was such a cute chapter. Hi Legolas *waves* So I take it you liked
Walmart then?
**SarWolf Snape: Hae! *wavz an bloez a kees* Dat Waelmaert haz all kinz of stuef
I nead! I neber neu u kuld hav 2 deeferant kinz of uendrwaer!**

**Elvea Aure aka Amanfalathiel: I luv da boew! An espacelly da culurd paeprkleep
neklase! I em goen hoem Dec 18!**

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