Chapter 15 Reviews

**al and Legolas**

Sorry for not reviewing Legolas, but I've been in California. It is a very
boring place if you ask me... and don't worry you'll eventually learn your phone
**Sake: I em glaed u ar bak! al rote my nuembr oen a kard dat I taek wid me
eberywhur I goe, soe if she gitz loest agin I kin fiend her. I jest git all da
nuembrz all meexd up whin I trie tu remambr it misef.**

(Lily Frost)
You know what? Those Keebler elves look a lot like the Tetley tea elves.. think
they're done by the same company?
I remember Mr. Rogers.. he was bit scary.. And Mr. Dressup was so much cooler!
And don't we all want an elf for Christmas? lol

Hi, Legolas! I just loved this wonderful story of your life! I hope you don't go
back to Middle-Earth soon...I'll miss you! *clings*
Great story! I can't wait for the next chapter!
**Estina: I muest goe bak Dec 18th. al iz gedding da tiektz oen Friedae. I hav
soe muech tu tael u beafour I goe! Thaenkz fur tipin tu me!**

Dear Legolas,
I love that you're taking spelling lessons, because you'll be able to send me
more notes, but this time in the language of LOVE.
And when you come visit, we'll take a bath and you can sing ME the "Rubber
Ducky" song. I have lots of bubbles. Lots and Lots and Lots.
Please come visit me before you leave. I promise you that whatever Al has said
about me, while possibly having some truthful bits, may not be entirely honest.
And tell Al that I love her stuff.
u git urz frum Graecelaend? Empoestrz! Shuld I braeng my ruebbr dueky? An whut
deed al sae dat iz noet truew abot u? al sez she lubz ur stueff tu. Soe due I.
Legolas, she is talking about her writing and my writing, you know, like the
fanfiction, not THAT stuff! Whut stueff? You know, like the angel wings, and the
bubbles, and the leather. . . .OOOOooooohhhhh. . O.O**

(Dunkelelbe aka Anja)
Good evening al and Legolas, or should I say Prance Legolas? Well, finally I
found it again ;)I have to admit that I've already missed a lot, yet I couldn't
find the site any more and it was embarrassing to ask :(. Now I did, and I read
it. You've got a very exciting life! Ehm..and another thing I have to admit: I
would have switched off the bubbles*blushes* I hope you don't think bad about me
now, Legolas! Yes, I know that you have to return to Middle-earth, yet I would
like to keep on reading about your life :( As I finally got to know how to
review, there'll be more reviews in the futur. I wish you a wonderful night,
Prance Legolas and al
your anja
p.s. Prance Legolas(Copyright by al)
**Dunkelelbe aka Anja: Dere u ar! I thot u got loest! But u new whur u wear da
hole tiem I bet. al deed not nead tu sweech oef da buebblz, I hav elvis eersz an
I culd here her jest fien.**

(Skye Rocket)
Wow, this is so great! I love it!
**Skye Rocket: Thaenkz! I em glaed u lub my lief!**

Al I can see saving you, lego. The planet, I doubt it. Besides, if anyone knew
you were on earth, you'd be in serious danger from rabid fangirls.
**laure: Whut eez a rabbit faengurl? We hav broewn buenniez een our frunt yaerd,
an Leedle Peep haz a wite rabbid at skool. Noen of dem chaesz me, doe. . .**

Hi Legolas, my young Honeybun of Love! (there, that should make him swoon
again...) (grin)
And Hi, Al! Thranduil asks me to tell you he knows Irena is a wonderful person,
but he worries that she miught turn his son into an -- err -- young lady, and
allow bad things to happen to him. (grin) He thinks anyone I like must be all
right, which is why he isn't worried that Legolas still hasn't made it home. (Of
course, neither has Thranduil, but neither of us is complaining.)
He also wants to know what Legolas means by "Victoria's Secret," and wonders if
it is the title of one of those awful antique mystery books I collect. (wry
grin) I think the catalog is well hidden....
Another great chapter... and Lady Elaine Fairchild scares the crap out of me
too. Full Elven warrior mode and all, that puppet needs a beating in chains,
followed by summary execution...
*LOUD yelling from the bathroom*
Ooops, Thranduil found the Victoria's Secret catalogue, and is now VERY worried
about his son's virtue. Must go mollify the King... the King is wise and good
and err, rather annoyed at the moment... Legolas, you behave now, and make sure
Al tells you ALL about Thanksgiving, and feeds you well on Thursday! (grin)
**JastaElf: *THUNK* Oh, sorry! He saw "Honeybun of Love" and now he's out cold
on the floor! *al fans Legolas* Get up! *hueh?* Get up!! You're not done yet!
*okae* *THUNK* Whoa, there he goes again-happened as he read about being turned
into a . . .*al shudders* Nevermind. Get up Legolas! *rubz haed* Hae Jaesta! Hae
Ada! U keap da Viktoreea'z Seekrit Kateloeg in da bafruum? Whuteber fur? We keap
owrz bie da pone, so al kin oerdur faestr. Thangz I weel noet due liest thang
nuembr 3: Due noet bie won of Viktoreea's Seekrit toeps fur al frum unlaess u
bie a boettm tu. Da laedee on TV sed dat.**

How do you mean Aaron the aligator is not barney playing dress up? *blink*blink*
anyway, did you like the "cat in the hat" books legolas? i know i loved them
when i was a kid :o)
(I don't want green eggs and ham!) and i hope you get your movie role soon!
**Endomiel: Dat Saem I em! Dat Saem I em. I weel tael dat tu da Hoebbitz, if we
eber fiend dem agin whin I goe bak.**

(Nancing Elf)
Aw, he's just too cute al! Although I'm wondering if maybe you shouldn't get the
Prance one of those microchip implants so the police could find him if he should
ever go missing! ;)
Ok, so Legolas is staying until The Two Towers? And the premiere no less! I
should think it's really going to be hard to say goodbye to the poor dear.
Now al, you'll have to excuse me for such tardy reviews...but at least I made
it! RL has been hectic lately and it doesn't look to be easing up on me anytime
soon. So I apologize in advance if I miss your updates, however, I promise I
will catch!
Much hugs mellon-nin.
And to you too Prance Legolas! Kiss, kiss!
btw, don't be scared Prance, but Gwibess Jr here is waving hello to you.
**Nancing Elf: I WUZ NOET LOEST! I WUZN'T MEESING ETHR! I wuz rite dere all da
tiem. *waevz tu Gwibess Jr.* Hae Gwibess! *bloez keesez tu NE!* I meesd u!
OOOOoooo! U maek a guud keetie! Due dat agin! *puerzzzz* OOOOoooo! Due id

(amber725 a.k.a.Stimpy)
Al, you don't let Legolas play with action figures of himself? Tsk tsk.
I'm gonna miss all of Legolas's adventures here in Modern Earth. know, I find that Mr. Roger's is a bit..well...creepy. My younger
sister used to watch it all the time...but I knew better. That Mr. Rogers...he
wasn't all there.
**Stimpy: al sez dat da aerm akshun iz a leedle skeery on dat 6 eench akshun
feegur of me. Meestr Roegrz iz noet all dere, sumtiemz he goes tu da Laend of
Maek-Beakeeve an sumtiemz tu da kraeon faktury and sumtiemz tu da wader
treetmant plaent!**

Greetings Legolas Elvellon! Tree is letting me type this since she is still not
happy about being the Queen of Lost Arguments. She wasn't too happy about the
Queen of Orcs either. *shrugs* Don't know why.
You really do like your hats, don't you Elvellon! The new one in your picture on
al's page makes you look like that man we saw on the tv. His name was Indiana
Jones. He had a lot of adventures, too. He really seemed to like his hat!
Brown curls and brown eyes? *looks at Tree* Well, you would look very different,
Elvellon. There is nothing wrong with the way you look now. You look
very...Elvish. *grin*
So I see you want a policeman's hat, too. They are very nice looking. Maybe al
will get you one before you leave, then you can just arrest Sauron and put him
in jail. That might be easier than fighting a war. In fact Tree says that you
should just throw the policeman's hat into the screen at Greenwood and let
Araporn - um, AraGorn arrest him, then you can stay at al's. She is nodding her
head and saying "That is a Good Idea! That will really work!" I think she does
need to come to al's house for a while. She needs a vacation! She says she will
even vacuum for al!
Police woman's outfit, Elvellon? Okay....
Tree says to tell you that al thought you were lost too. That is the way people
think when they cannot find someone. Fish are very nice to look at, but Tree
says you should stay in the place where you were or tell the person that you are
going somewhere else. Tree says al would be very sad if she lost you forever in
Walmart, just like she will be very sad when you go back to Middle Earth, so you
should stay...Wait a minute. This is another one of her Losing Arguments. Sorry
about that. She tricked me.
Learning to read, write,and spell is very hard, so I was glad to see you are
trying to get it right. There are a lot of good books out there to read. Try Fox
in Sox. That is a very fun book, though your tongue does feel numb by the end of
We don't get to watch Seasame Street, or Mr. Roger's here much. Tree's kids
think it is for babies. But sometimes Tree still watches Teletubbies, though I
don't think I am supposed to tell anybody that. :) But Elvellon -Tree is
chanting "Never start a sentence with BUT" for some reason- what did al mean
when she was telling about a One-Eyed god? Did she mean Sauron? If that is what
she means, maybe they had better get rid of that evil television and buy one
that is not possessed by the Dark Lord!
I see you have learned some new songs watching that television. Some of them are
as good as the Barrel Song, which is a very silly song for Elves to be singing.
Tree says you should sing some of your new songs for your Ada. Go visit JastaElf
and stay with them for a while, like until Christmas. Wait a minute. Sorry, she
is being Queen of Losing Arguments again.
Heh heh! So you were scared of Lady Elaine Fairchilde? I think a lot of people,
and now Elves are! *whispers* Actually I think she is rather fetching! :) So
Aaron the Alligator was playing dress up? LOL Yes, he looks just like a big
purple dinosaur. We still have some of his videos downstairs with the Teletubbie
ones that Tree won't give away.
Legolas I must ask you. Is al letting you watch All in the Family with that
funny human Archie Bunker? That is where I heard the word "can" that you were
drawing. You haven't called anyone Meathead yet, have you? You are too nice to
do that...aren't you?
Has al bought you your own Rubber Ducky yet, Elvellon? They are a lot of fun to
play with in the tub. I play with Emma's and Nate's since they are too "big" to
play with them anymore. I have one really big one, one middle sized one, and on
little baby one. They are a lot of fun in the bubbles!
Tree says that you can't leave al's house to go back into the screen because
then you will never learn to spell correctly, and Big Bird will miss you so much
and no one likes Big Bird to cry and be unhappy.
Hmm...I will go and tell her to shut up now. Namarie, Elvellon.
Elenath sila erin le. (Tree says I have to type that or the review is not
finished.) ;)
**TreeHugger: *sounds of grumbling* I sed I doent waent tu! *sound of dragging
feet* I sed I em maed at her! *Legolas crosses his arms as al makes him sit down
at the computer *She doent lub me enimoer, she sed soe hersef! An I em noet
Eendiena Joenz! But Legolas, I do like her idea about letting Araporn just
arrest Sauron and throw him in jail. I especially like the idea of her vacuuming
my house. Here, talk to Elu instead, ok?**
**Elu: Com liv hear, Elu! I weel let u plae wid Leedle Peepz ruebbr dueky. An da
Baerbeez. Jest doent brang dat womin-steelin maenga maen wid u. *siehz* My hart
eez broak een tu.**

Wait a minute... Now I CAN'T believe someone actually made cookies like that!
*points at Keebler elf Cookies* [Oh hae Legolas!] I'm sure the cookie does not
look like an elf... Maybe it looks like you; what do you think? *giggles* Umm...
Anyway, you defintely need some work on spelling. i didn't understand half of
your reply. Except the part about wearing underwear on the outside and about
Game-li (he says 'malt beer rocks'). Thanks for the hug Legolas! You deserve an
award for being the best hugger. Hee hee.
Now, concerning this chapter... Did you watch Sesame Street? did you really? Oh
yes, guess you did... But that'smyfavoritechildrenshow!!!! Not that I'm not a
child but-- it's awesome isn't it? I luuurrve elmo, baby bear, telly, Big Bird,
Ernie (not to mention rubber duckie), Grover, Oscar and SLIMY! And the conjoined
monsters (do they have names?). Great going with that rubber duckie song... love
that song. *hums* Rubber duckie, you're the one... You make bathtime lots of
fun... Hmmm....
**Seaweed: Hae Seaweed! Hae Gameli! I'v neber sean a maelt bear rox, doe al iz
taekin me rueby deegin oen Friedae. I lub Ealmo tu!**

Ah, good old Sesame Street. Taught me how to read, you know. I've been away from
this story for a while (trying to update my own), but now I'm back. Keep up the
good work!
**Eileen: I em glaed u ar bak! U kin leern alot oen SeaSeme Streat. *huegz* **

(The Two Princesses)
Hi Al, Hi Legolas,
We sang along with you when you were singing the aardvark song to al. M had
forgotten the tune, so we filled her in. We love that song and that show too. We
also have The Cat In The Hat Beginner Book. Glad you are teaching him safety
rules al, NONE of us want him to get lost again. We know he's safe with you al.
(M is raising her eyebrow).
Some other really great shows that we love watching too are: 'Daria' (M
especially loves that)'Angela Anaconda' 'Ace Lightning' 'Saddle Club' and love
'The Simpsons' but sometimes M won't let us watch that - depends on what mood
she's in and if she's had chocolate or is it wine or both?
Oh, Oh, and we have to tell you that our fishes that live in a little lake
inside our house had babies!! We now have, we think, 5 tiny little baby fishies
swimming around. But we aren't sure because they are so tiny, sometimes we count
them twice. Anyway they are cute, so be good, (M says you too al) and we will
talk again soon. Bye.
**The Two Princesses: al duz taek guud kaer of me. She saeng da Aaerdvard soeng
fur da cheldreen'z searmon at chuerch won tiem, in frunt of eberybuddy! I foeund
dat al alsoe weel sae yaes tu alot of thangz if u giv her sum chokolit an whine
beafour u akz her-Yeas Deer tot me dat. Ar ur feeshz growen yeat? Duz da
leddlest pranciss feal bedder?**

Sesame Street is one of THE coolest shows, huh? Who's your favorite character?
Mine is the cookie monster, he's awesome! Work on your spelling, ok?
*starts singing rubber ducky song*
Oh, yeah, very funny chapter!
**ithinkineedanewname: I thank I like Beeg Bierd da baest. He iz tael like me,
an hez feat ar beeg like mien tu. I like Ealmo tu. al gav me al leedle Ealmo and
a leddle Beeg Bierd tu keap oen my bed!**

(Katherine The Celt)
Of course you can be a bachelor! There are a lot of scary people out there,
And I am one of them!!
Ahem. j/k.
On another note: in Middle-Earth did you have she-elves falling all over you?
Were you dubbed 'The Fawned One'?
Just curious... *blushes furiously*
**Katherine: O.O Noen of da she-elvez eber feall oen me, but dey triyed. Irena
oeffrd tu likk my buutz noet tu loeng ago, an da mael elvs sumtiemz sed I leed a
faerytell lief.**

Your Highness,
I bet you'd be a good policeman, being an elf warrior and all, but why are you
"worried" all the time? ;-)
Well, I take it back, it'd be too hard -- you'd have to watch your back all the
time for those (and there are more than a few) who sole purpose in life is to
jump your bones. And if you got angry, it would be Noldor flare part II.
We like you just the way you are!
**Loopy4_1: I em not warried all da tiem. I hav noet haed anibudy trie tu juemp
my boenz hear, but Yeas Deer meekz shure eberybuddy haz dere oewn poark choep or
chikn whin we eet so we due not hav tu shaer. Dat wae nobuddy fites at da deener
taeble ober da boenz.**

Oh, so the Prance has been introduced to children's television? Lovely.
Al, now maybe you should let the Prance watch other TV, like the Simpsons, or
some British Comedy. He might like that...
**Newmoon: al letz me wach TV fur jest a leedle wile eech dae. We ar vary bizy
an goen bie bie in da vaen alot. I lub da Yung and da Raestlass, an Suervievr.**

Awwww! Keebler elf cookies look soooo cute! I will have to look for them when I
go to America in July! You want to watch it Al, if Legolas has started to watch
Barney - he's quite scary! Teletubbies, on the other hand, are very cool! I have
a beanie one... Laa laa! Have you seen a show called Bob the Builder? Legolas
would enjoy that!
To Legolas! Hi! I will be looking for that reference tomorrow - it's late now
(midnight), and I want to go to bed! Thankyou for your congratulations (for I
believe that is how you spell it)! I tell you what, I am going to university to
study English - so I'll teach you to spell if you teach me some elvish! Did you
enjoy Teletubbies and Sesame Street? I liked your song!
Bedtime hugs and kisses..... zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.......
Rachel xxx
ps. Excellent chapter!
**Magical Rachel: Hear iz sum Elvis fur u: Amin autien rath. Dat meenz I em goen
tu bed noew. An a tiep fur u-doent eet dose elf kuukeez en ur bed, cuz dose
kruemblz weel keap u awaek all nite.**

(Phoenix Flight)
Legolas needs more than spelling lessons.
: ) I would think he would be a bit faster on the uptake than that.
**Phoenix Flight: Yaes, I due nead tu wurk oen my spaellin, but al taekz guud
kaer of me an I doen't thank I nead enithang aelse. *al swipes keyboard from
Legolas* Go get something to drink and come right back, ok baby? *Legolas
wanders off* PF, he is quite quick on the uptake-the problem seems to be in
getting his interest. He feels he has all the time in the world, and sees no
reason to rush things. Sometimes I think the knock on the head may still be
affecting him too. He's just a big kid at heart.**

**Iz it my tuern agin? Okae. . . .**

Hi Sweet Cheeks! (gershwin is waving to Legolas). Am still recuperating from my
hysteria induced fall from my chair. Yes, I *did* get a bruise... and
I fell out of my chair I caught the side of my head on the side of the keyboard
tray and gave myself a nasty cut. Had to have stitches and everything...though I
had to get creative explaining how I got the cut...*blushes* Speaking of cuts
and bruises, what about your battle scars? do you have any? I'll show you mine
if you show me yours...I'll even fix some She Crab Soup with sherry...
**Gershwin: *blueshz* she kaeld me Sweat Cheakz! Oeh, yeaah, I hab sum baddle
skarz. Da fuerst tiem I shoed Gameli hoew tu shuut my boe an aroz, he puet dat
thang rite in my . . . wile I wuz settin up da taergit! I hoep u feal bedder!**

Yes, Legolas, go number 6! The Aardvark Song! Don't you just love it? And yes,
what did Al do before you came along? ;D And please, never EVER watch the
Teletubies ::cringes in horror::
**Ariliyn: yae! Nuembr Seax! I thank al wached PeeBeaEss alot beafour I kaem
aloeng. I LIKE da Taletuebeez. . .**

What?! I was helpful?! At first I thought you were refering to that little
episode of helping the Prance. ;)
But yes, PBS rocks. I love Mister Rogers, though Lady Elaine does still scare
the crap out of me. But Daniel Tiger and Prince Tuesday are so adorable so I
risk watching it sometimes with my nephews; I always leave the room though when
I see that stupid carousel cause I know bad dreams will ensue if I stick around.
I'm glad she kind of scared you, too, Legolas. Maybe we should get together and
comfort each other to try and get over the horror. ;D Anyway, who was your
favorite in the Land of Make Believe, Legolas? DOesn't X the Owl kind of remind
you a little of Mithrandir? Maybe just a tad? Maybe not. Okay, I'm shutting up
No, I'm not. I have to yell at al for exposing you to the dreadful TeleTubbies
and the evilness that is Barney. Legolas, you stay away from that Barney--his
songs are worse then the constant call of the Sea. Um, you'll understand one
day. But seriously, have al show you how to mute the One Eyed God (love it) so
that when you see the purple blob coming on screen, you can put a spell on him
and silence him. I've still got songs that I haven't heard for years playing
over and over in my head.
::PP clears throat::
"Red, it's the color of an apple.
Orange, it's the color of an orange.
Yellow, it's a lemon and the wonderful sun, sun, sun.
Green, it's the color of trees and lots of things that grow.
And then there's blue for the sky
And purple that's the color that's fun, fun, fun.
And when we put those colors side by side,
Now what do you think we've done?
We've made a rainbow
And it's a really beautiful one."
See what I mean. It's just plain sad that I still remember all the words to that
one (and many more, mind you). Did you like the line for green though? That's
why I picked that one to sing to you. I know another one about pumpernickel
bread that I could sing as well, but that's more appropriate for hobbits, don't
ya think? I could teach it to you though so you could sing it for them when you
finally do end up going back. ::sob::
And yes, al where did he slang? Better slang than innuendos though. :D
BTW, I'm ready for another viewing of the "Long Shank Show", Legolas!
Write On!
**PuterPatty: I due lub Danieal Tiegr, an X duz akt like Mithranduir sumtiemz. U
deed a grate joeb seenigin ur soeng, melamin! I lub grean da baest. Ai, Valar,
da Loeng Shaenk Show AGIN?! *blueshez* I hoep dat neber gitz on kabel.**

(SarWolf Snape)
Great chapter! Very funny. I love PBS too! Hi Legolas! *hugs the pretty elf*
**SarWolf Sanpe: *huegz fur u!* PeeBeaEss Rox!**

"An elf wuld have tu bea in oerder to bea seant aleong on a treep wid a dwaerf
an a Raengr dat doen't noe whut dey ar doin haf da tiem."
Ah, well that is true Legolas. ;)
I think I misread something earlier, and that's why I was thinking that you were
only a few feet tall.
So, which show is your favorite now?
Al, make sure he doesn't watch Lamb Chop's Sing Along (right name?) if it's
still on... I have a bad feeling about the result of that. :p
**Lady Eirte: I leernd hoew miny droepz of wader wuld fiet on a peeny on Zuum!,
an Leddle Peep waches Libertee Kiedz ebery dae wid me. I like dem all!**

Al, you're a fast poster. Slipped right by me on the last one.
Maybe you should set a timer even for PBS. There are some shows there that
should NOT be watched. *cringing at the thought of inoccence lost to Barney and
Legolas- Aren't Sesame Street and Mr Rodgers great shows? My kids have out grown
them, but I still sneak a peek at them every once in a while. Keep watching. Mr
Rogers has a wonderful one on how crayons are made. It's fascinating.
**leail: Dat shoew abot kraeonz IZ guud! I trie to wach Meestr Roegerz eberydae,
an Seaseme Streat tu.**

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