Chapter 17 Reviews

**al and Legolas**

**Seence soe meeny of u waent Worrier Braedz, leat me tale u noew u muest due
sumpthang VEARY braev tu ern dem. I beestowd dem uepon al beecuz of her braevrie
wid da Paelmatto Bueg, buet moestly beacuz Yeas Deer toeld me abot hoew reely
afraeed she iz of dem leedle grean leezrdz.. I em pertie shur she tuched dat
leezrd whin she reechd fur my eer, buet if she doeznt waent tu beeleeve dat, I
em NOET TAELLIN HER! She wuz vaery braev tu keap her kumpoezur fur az loeng az
she deed beafour she buerst. I em soe prawd of her!**

(Katherine The Celt)
Ack! I haven't been on for a while! Forgive me for lack of reviews
Leggy... *hides in shame*
And uh... vodka on ice cream... wow, that's a new one. I wouldn't try it,
Legolas... heh. Hot fudge is much better. :p

I know I already sent in a review yesterday, but now I actually have something
substantial to say.
I've been reading this biography since it was first posted and I'm going to miss
the stories about you, Legolas! Will al still keep puting old stories on after
you leave? Please? You have to come back to visit us in "Modren erth" very soon!
I'll be seeing TTT on Wednesday when it comes out, maybe you'll fall out of the
screen where I live! ;-)
I will probably cry at the end of the movie because I'll know you're home now
and not with us. Are you sure you really can't stay? I'll miss you! *eyes begin
to tear up* No I can't cry now, my mascara will run! I'll be going now before it
gets any worse.

Great story! One tiny comment, though...i think (or hope) that in Anerica the
word 'fanny' does not mean the same as it does in england (where this reviewer
hails from...) Does it mean your ass in America? Coz in england it kinda means
your, um, vagina. I hope Leoglas does not have one of those! That would just be
too freaky!
**arabe_elf: *draewz elfsef up entu fuell mael worrier hite* al wuz refferin tu
my buettokz, wich she duez kwite freekwantly, az u kinsea. *uzez Ada's weeglee
eyebroewz oen al* She eez blueshin een da koerner, an she sez u laern sumptin
neau ebery dae, an seandz her thaenkz.**

Hmm, I'd have to say Poe is my favorite too, but I didn't watch the parade on
Thanksgiving. And I *hate* Palmetto bugs ::cringes:: Keep them AWAY. And it's
VERY cool you got your warrior braids, Al! Hope you guys had a good weekend.
**Arilyn: al sez THANKS! We haed a grate weakend. Hoep u deed tu!**

Ahh... I want Worrier Braedz to... *sighs*
**Newmoon: U hav tu ern dose Worrier Braedz. U muest faec ur gratest feerz an
due ur baest!**

(Princess ArWen of sMirkwood)
Al, lol@ the lizard part. I'm ok with lizards myself(though I jump when it
suddenly moves) my greatest bane has to be a cockroach!Nasty thing!
Legolasss darliinngggg, thang u veri much!Hope u can go home soon!*hug*and don't
skare dear Al wif a lee-zard any more!lol
**Princess ArWen of sMirkwood: I hav laernd my laesson. I weel nebber puet an
eering leezrd on an shoew it tu al agin!**

I used to love Lamb Chop. Ewww, bugs! I guess I'm kind of lucky I live where all
our bugs die or go away or something after Labor Day. (Then again, you don't
have to shovel bugs, do you?)
This just gets more and more fun the more I read!

he he, lizards make the COOLEST earings... I just don't see why Al ran away.
Yeah, I hate Palmetto Bugs, freakin' scary!
Funny chapter, looking forward to the next
**ithinkineedanewname: al iz turrafried of dose leezardz. I dunno if she ez
ruennin frum da leezrd, or lukkin tu ketch up wid her kuntroel.**

Ah, the green lizard. We all have things that freak us out--mine is wasps. hate
the suckers. With a passion. Ew! and I know all about Palmetto bugs (I recently
moved from the northeast to the south) and I can definitely appreciate that line
about "Whut en da Haellz of Maendoz eez dat thang?"
Hi Legolas (Gershwin waves) that was very nice of you to talk to the lizards for
all so that they stay outside. What did you think of your first encounter with a
cockroach? I take it you didn't have any of those in Mirkwood? Congrats on
surviving your first meeting. Hugs and kisses to you Legolas. Your love is
better than ice cream!
**gershwin: Hae! *waevz* I heare dey hav Paelmatto Bueg raecz hear, whur dey
paynt oen da buegz like raecekarz! Kuul! Huegz an keesz, an a peenuet budder kup
frim my Muusetrakz ise kreem fur u!**

OH no not bugs! Give me lizards any day over nasty crunchable crawlies. You may
need to change your taste in jewelry though Legolas, just for al's sake.
Hey Legolas, I have very long hair. Want to come over and braid it for me
*waggles eyebrows* Just don't sneak up on me. I get enough of that while running
the vacuum and I have to be scraped off the ceiling every time.
**leail: whoe sneekz up oen u whin u ar vakuumin? I like tu due peeplz hare!**

Hi again, Legolas! That's funny! Al is afraid of lizards and you're scared of
palmetto bugs! Ok, ok, I won't tell anyone, I'll just keep my mouth shut.
Personally I'm also afraid of croakroaches(?) but I'm more afraid of buzzing
insects (bees, wasp, hornets, etc...) after being 'attacked' by a wasp. Alright,
now it's your turn to keep my secret ok?
....but most people know about it already....
The "Worrier Braedz" was so cool! Can you braid them for me, too? ;)
**Estina: Shhh!!Doent tael! An I woent tael ethr!**

(Undomiel Greenleaf)
Hay Legolas!! I don't mind waiting in line. Its for you, afer all ^_^"
I'd love to see you teach Gimli to dance. Too bad I can't ;_; oh well the mental
images will last a lifetime!
Hurry up and get here! LOL
PS you can even play with my action figures! I even have one of you! *glances at
collection* Sorry, I don't have any Barbies, though.
**Undomiel Greenleaf: I hav puet u oen da liest den. Mebbe u shuld bea
iwannaBaerbeefurchreestmiss. Dere grate!**

Hi, Al, Yes Dear, Pippin, and Legolas, Did it get cold enough for you? I bet you
know how to walk on snow without sinking now. Too bad, I don't. Ice cream does
not make good shampoo, especially the kind with nuts and fruits in it.
Somethings should just be eaten and that's okay. And then there are some things
like lizards and cockroaches that should just be extinguished.
Love ya, Mom HUGS
**Grammar Laedee: U kaen't waelk on ise widout seenkin ethr. Tho it luukz moer
like faellin whin u ar trien tu due it. I em trien tu laern ur pone nuembr soe I
kin cael u, buet I steel kin't remambr al'z yeat. *HUEGZ* Sea u neckz weak!**

(Nancing Elf)
Whoops! I missed your last update. Sorry!
Now you've gone and put that dang song back into my head. When my little girl
was very young, we endured hours of the endless song..not to mention Barney and
a host of other shows. *shudder*
I don't mind lizards. They don't bother me at all. But roaches! EWWWWWW!!!!! I
can't stand those things...kill them! *NE does the cockroach dance as she is
thoroughly creeped out*
I'm so glad they're not around here...too cold for the nasty buggers (pun
completely intended).
Poor Legolas, missing his Ada. *sniff* He'll be going home soon. *sniffing more*
*NE goes back to being a kitty cat and sleeping in Legolas' lap* :)
**Nancing Elf: Noew u kin saeng da Jeegaloe soeng an thank of me! MMmmm, u shur
ar waerm sleapin en my laep like dat. . . *petz NE* **

The Braid-y Bunch! (oooh, bad)
If you want piano lessons, I've been playing since I was three and will teach
you and the l'il one.. maybe you can surprise your Ada when you get back, if he
likes music -- my Ada's hard to please, he just starts snoring when I play. How
'bout some Mozart, or Bach, or maybe Barry White or Isaac Hayes (for da
elf-ladeez with a little soul)...
**loopy4_1: I lub da Braid-y Buench! U ar smaert! Da oenlie soeng wid soal I kin
plae oen da peeano iz "Noebuddie nose da trubel I'v sean."**

(Lady Silence)
Creepy little lizards!!! eww! Sooo creepy. You know what's creepier though? And
these terrify me, and not much can, as I'm the horror movie watching Uber
Oompa Loompas.
Orange skin? Green hair? Singing? How is that NOT creepy??
*cries* Thinking about them makes me hide.
Hey Legolas, uber keen of you to give her warrior braids. Totally cool.
I hope you're still having fun and enjoying your time here in modern earth.
*A penguin waddles over and holds up a sign*
*it says "Are you trying to think of ways to flirt with Legolas?"*
Oh shut up, Sigmund. I'm not trying to do that.
*the words on the sign change*
"If you're going to throw yourself at him, then do it already!"
"You want to."
..... I really hate you.
"You always say that."
I'm going to take away your fridge of salesmen.
"Threats threats. So when are you going to jump him?"
*whimpers* I am NOT going to jump him! Will you just go away?!
"Sil loves Legolas.. Sil loves Legolas..."
*bursts into tears* You're so mean to me!!!
"It's always a proud day for penguins when we can make one of the 3 Uber
Goddesses cry."
*rocks herself as she whimpers about how her penguins are turning on her*
"Damn elf obsessions. This is your fault Legolas. I'm gonna go find Rebecca and
find some food."
**Lady Silence: Iz Sigmund rite? Ar u fleertin wid me?**

Don't worry al, your not the only one who is afriad of those little blighters. I
was in the US for vacation, and i sat next to one of them. It took 1 hour to
stop me screaming!!! I was so petrified i didn't leave the holtel for 4 days!!!
and Legolas, the warrior braids were an exellent thing to give al, I'm VERY
**the_ringspell: woah-u soend az baed az al! Yeas Deer sed she uzed tu loek
hersef an Leedle Peep en da bafruum an pud toewlz uender da doar if a leezrd got
een da houese.**

You know in school everytime someone would sing "THe Song That Never Ends" I
would place my hands over my ears and hum whatever song that came to mind loud
enough to drown it out. That way I never learned the words or the tune and it
never got stuck in my head. Always worked for me...although, don't know what
you'd do if you alread know the song though.
PS Tee hee hee..I am always available to give our obviously very musically
talented Legolas piano
**Stimpy: I em muech bedder at seenging dan plaen da peeano. I em geddin bedder
wid da haendballz at chuerch tu.**

(The Two Princesses)
Hey you two,
We are back, and have stopped arguing for now! M has stopped the scary Galadriel
witch thing too - for now! But holidays are coming up fast, so we will be sure
to see more....... Her eyes are REALLY blue - but you should see them when they
turn green!!!!
M glares at the two princesses: LEGOLAS, I LOVE THEM DEARLY, BUT HERE'S THE
MANNERS. YOU KNOW THE ONES THAT ALL PRINCESSES SHOULD KNOW?!!'s still my turn....we want to tell you, that we know all
about the song that never ends...... Don't worry Legolas, sometimes we play
never ending songs on the piano (that we HAVE TO practice) and M yells at us
too! She goes......PLAY SOMETHING ELSE NOW!
We don't have green lizards in our yard, but we do have ones with bright blue
tongues, that they poke out a lot and can grow quite big. We aren't scared of
them! They are cute! But we are scared of spiders!!! Especially the really,
really, BIG ones that can be as big as your hand - well our hands anyway! They
are called Huntsmans here. (They hunt men and elves)! And cockroaches - they
grow about the same size as yours, here and fly too!
M doesn't like cockroaches either - she gets the can! But she doesn't spray the
spiders, even though she has been bitten by a few. She says she has built up a
resistance now and helps them back out into the garden. I think she deserves
some worrier braids too. Little princess and I might do some for her later. That
would be nice wouldn't it? After all, some of those spiders were poisonous, but
she survived.
But we know what really gives M the skin crawling thing - Mice! Ha! Ha! Ha! We
laugh and laugh when she stands on the chair!
**The Two Princesses: Hae laedeez! *bleenkz* My seestr Laerlend doeznt hav ani
maenerz. Woew! A leezrd wid a brite blu tung! al wuld noet like dat! Buet M! Dat
leedle mowse iz soe soeft an fuezie; u wuld rathr hav a speidr? Woew! I em glaed
u suervivd doze spiedr bietz-dey ar meen bueggrz!**

(Phoenix Flight)
I love the Warrior Braids idea! That would be so cool!
**Phoenix Flight: I em glaed u ar steel reedin my storee. Soen all my fraindz
weel be warin worrier braidez!**

(SarWolf Snape)
Hi Legolas! I really liked this chapter. Bugs of any sort creep me out too.
Sorry to hear that you were feeling homesick again. Are you looking forward to
The Two Towers? I know I am! *hugs*
**SarWolf Snape: Hae! *waevz* I em eggsited I weel git tu sea my fraendz suun.
We hav an empoartent meeshun tu caerie out. *huegs* **

(Skye Rocket)
I love this! I know I say that every single time but it's great!
**Skye Rocket: Deed u sae dat ebery tiem?? Sae it agin. I lub it! Sae it agin!
*sheevrz* OOoo, sae it agin!**

Awwwwwww..... that's so sweet.... I wonder if Legolas can help me overcome my
fear of evil lizard-things? *puppy eyes* Pleeeeaaase?
**laure: I deed noet hep al wid her feerz at all. She iz beayon my hep. I wuld
rathr throe da Ring entu Mordor misef dan deel wid dat. She iz vaery braev wid
doez Paelmatto Buegz doe! *sheevrz* **

(Thriwien-Mirkwood Princess)
Legolas! Can I have a hug??
**Elven Princess Gwenedh: Hearz won! *HUEG* Hoew abot a kees tu? *KEES* **

Good grief
There's another woman as bonkers as my mother!
She also has a mortal fear of the cute ickle lizard. So much so that, when she
was a kid, she got over 20 stitches when she fell climbing a tree to get away
from it. Ironically, she now has a lizard shaped scar adorning her thigh!
Apart from your stark raving lunacy ;) that was the funniest, most enjoyable
chapter yet.
**Elise: Ur poar muthr! al is vaery afraed of da thangz. Giev her dis hueg frum
me. *huegz* I em glaed u liked my storee!**

**Michelle: *smielz* U puet me oen ur faevoratez liest! Thaenk u! *huegz* **

Congratulations on your warrior braids, al! I definitely think you earned them.
3 INCH LONG COCKROACHES THAT FLY?! That's terrible. I would be freaking. In
fact, I'm freaking just thinking about it. The cockroaches we have here are
thankfully not that long, at least not any I've seen, and they are not as apt to
fly--Thank Eru! There was one time when I was enjoying some Cookies'n'Cream ice
cream and I discovered a cockroach on my shirt. Yeah, that brought a whole new
meaning to Cookies'n'Cream when I got done with him. Unfortunately, I had lost
my appetite for ice cream after that incident. But I digress.
So your bane is green lizards, huh? Reptiles don't bother me that much although
the kind that you described does sound frightful with its thing sticking out.
Rather the opposite effect that Legolas' thang has on me. :D
My bane is boxelder bugs...and spiders...and crickets...and
cockroaches...and.... Well, let's just say anything that's small and creepy and
can easily crawl into your mouth when you're sleeping. ::shudders:: That's why I
*need* you to come sleep with me, Legolas--you can keep an eye out for those
nasty creatures and kill them before they get too close. Seriously, there's no
other reason that I want you in my bed. Really!
Oh Legolas, you tempt me so with your talk of ice cream. You'd better watch out,
elfboy--one of these days you'll find me sneaking up on you and you'll not be
able to escape me. Of course, you wouldn't want to escape me, would you
SweetCheeks? Yeah, you know what I'm talking about.
Write On!
**Puter Patty: al sez THAENKZ, PP! Com vizit me an we weel ketch sum Paelmatto
Buegz an den paynt nuembrz oen dem an maek a trak an raec dem! al sez dat da
read thang oen da leezrd iz heez wae of atraktin a maet. Jest da maelz due dat
thang. I hav goet sum read bokzers, an sumtiemz whin I ware dem I like tu boence
aron. . . *swuunz* She kald me Sweat Cheakz!* **

Ohhhhh! Al.... I'm sorry, I know exactly how you feel, but you are HILARIOUS! My
fear is worse though.... I'm 5'3, so not as tall as you, but I am petrified of a
creature called a daddy long legs (they're like huge skinny spiders - BUT WITH
WINGS!!!!!)! I hate them! *shudder* But you earned your warrior braids! I'm so
Hi Legolas! Wow, you have a lot of fans now!
I'm glad you had a good thanksgiving! Do you have an advent calender? I do! It's
a Winnie the Pooh one, and it has chocolate in! Orlando is very lucky to be in
the sun! He has long hair now - like you, but yours is much nicer! Thanks for
rescuing Al from the evil lizard!
Bye bye for today!
Big hugs and kisses (not that you need them now) form England!
Rachel xxx
**Magical Rachel: we hav Graendaeddie loeng laegz, buet dey due noet hav weengz
an kan't flie. Leedle Peep duz NOET like doze. I hav soe meeny wundrful fraendz!
I saew Orlando's hare-he haz bean spaendin tu muech tiem luukin at pikshurz of
Araporn, I thank. *huegz an keesez u!* **

(Lily Frost)
Oh, cool. I've never made ice cream out of snow before, but I have made maple
candy using snow as a mould.
Aw.. sounds like a CUTE little lizard though. *has a wee rat poking it's face
out of her collar* I work with reptiles.. at a place that takes in unwanted
exotic pets. We have lots of lizards.. and snakes, turtles, tarantulas.. etc.
They're cute. Not scary. Especially the cute little fuzzy tarantulas. =D
Squashing 'roaches is alright, but not spiders. Unless they're big and trying to
kill you.. but that's not going to happen to you here Legolas.
**Lily Frost: Maepl kaendie! MMmmm! *waevz tu kuet leedle raet* Whut eez itz

Mae Govannen, Legolas, and of course al! I have to admit you being afraid of a
little green lizard was hilarious. A lizard?? A LITTLE GREEN Lizard!?!?
Okay...ROFL Well, we all have our unreasonable fears, do we not! Me? Well, right
now it is only those horrid Cave Crickets. *shudder* Even smaller than your
green lizard. Elu on the other hand...wait a second. He says I had better not
tell what he is afraid of as it might ruin his reputation as a "Big Brave
UberOrc." Yeah, right! *snort* *Elu proceeds to pick Tree up and place her on
the couch so he can type*
Greetings Legolas Elvellon. First I am glad that you "forgot" you were mad at
Tree. Crying people are hard to live with. I think it is very funny that you try
to "surprise" al with you Elven stealth. Startling people is always fun, isn't
it. Tell me, al. Why do you talk about the men in the white coats so much??
*Tree using her "Elven!! Stealth" startles Elu, who growls and gives up the
Sorry about that. Oh, al! He knows the Neverending Song! Only too well do I
remember when the kids discovered that one. Never go on a car trip when they
know that song! Over and over and over, and then you growl at them and they say
"But it's the Song That Never Ends!" Who can argue with that logic.
This is Elu again. I think Tree fainted from shock when she read that al
actually vacuumed on her day off. Tree is always vacuuming...when she has to
anyway. al likes to pull your leg, does she? Tree says that is just an
expression, but I wonder.
*snort* I wouldn't mention the "wiggly eyebrows" to your Adar. He doesn't like
them called that. al said that he and JastaElf beat us posting a review.
Hmm...Tree does not look happy. miss them don't you? Homesickness is not a good thing. I think Tree
has finally given up arguing with al about keeping you. She says that if you
really want to go home then you should go home. I know she will be crying when
your last chapter comes up here. *sigh* Crying woman are just no fun!
*Tree bops Elu on the head with her spider doll and the Orc grudgingly
relinquishes the CHAIR*
Ahem. Yes, Legolas, I will no longer try to pursuade al to keep you here against
your will. I know you have to save Middle Earth, Gimli, Aragorn, Rosie, and
everyone else!
*chokes slightly* So you like earrings, do you? Long dangly ones? *looks at Elu
whose eyes widen and then he shrugs very slowly* Okay...
Yipes! It is al's little green buddy! ROFL Oh, al! You really need to get over
being afraid of the little green guys. That is very easy for me to say as I have
only seen one small lizard here at our house. Very rare occurance. Just lots of
spiders, snakes, various bugs, mice, and well, one rat dead in the back yard.
Basically a NO LIZARD LAND.
Um...excuse me for just a mooment...Okay....Well, I apologize for this ahead of
time. Brethil just ran up the stairs and he wants to do this review since I
haven't let him do it yet. I AM SO SORRY! As you know it is Jasta's fault for
posting the first reveiw. Blame her!
*Brethil sits down in the CHAIR a look of great joy on his fair face*
Legolas! Legolas, can you see what I am saying? Aren't these computer so
wonderful! Tree won't let me do the reveiws because she says that I will type it
entirely too long and the people and won't post it if it is too
long. I do not understand why she says that. She types some long reviews, and
they have always taken them. *Leans close to the machine as it he is whispering
to it* She thinks that I just talk to much and will take up too much seems to think so too. She IMed something about there not being
any room in her email box if I type this review. Is she saying that I will be
too long as well? *furrows his brows* I don't think that this will be too long.
I do not understand why people have that misconception about me. I can't imagine
where they got that idea. Now Elu is pointing at the screen and telling me that
I should look at what I have just typed. One moment while I read what I just
said....Hmm...well, what is the problem? It is only one paragraph. Oh alright. I
will "review" this chapter. Honestly, they think I don't know why I am here. I
do know what I am supposed to do, and I will do it. Let me see...Little green
lizards? *blinks* al is afraid of little green lizards? What? New paragraph?
Why? Very well!
New paragraph because the last one is too long. Well, I don't think it is that
long really, but they (Tree and Elu) seem to think a new one was necessary so I
made a new one for you. How is that? :) Don't you love these little faces? They
are a lot of fun, don't you think! I hope that you can get over your fear of the
little green lizards, al. They must be so cute! Green is a very nice color as I
am sure you know. Legolas likes it a lot, so you must too. What? Another
paragraph already? I do not understand that at all. I am going to type just one
paragraph now. Is that okay with you al? What? You already reviewed the part
about the green lizard? I want to do the story this time. You two are always
getting to have all the fun! This is MY review, now go stand over there until I
am finished. thank you. *sits up importantly in the chair*
Now here is the one paragraph review by Brethil Bronaduion. *grins* I love your
story al. It is very funny. Legolas sounds like he has not changed very much
since he has come to live in your house. I think that - erm, yes, I am going to
review Chapter 17 Earning Warrior Braids sometime today. What? Oh, very well.
al, I see that you seem to understand that the little green lizards are a good
thing, and yes, you make them sound necessary too. So I do not understand why
you have a staring contest with one as you close the blinds so you can't see it
any more. Did you try talking to it? I am sure that will help. You never know
what one might have to say. I would love it if the lizards came onto my windows.
I think one would make a wonderful pet! :) According to what you said later,
they must make wonderful earrings as well. You would be the hit of one of King
Thranduil's feasts if you came with little green lizards hanging from your ears!
Maybe one could wrap around your wrist like a bracelet. Or several of them
hooked together...erm, what is wrong with the word hooked? Tree says I am not to
mention that HOOK word for some reason. She says it is all JastaElf's fault.
Yes, she just said "Shut up, Brethil." I hear that a lot, you know. What? Start
the review where? Why? What do you mean you and Elu already did that part? Well,
that is really not very nice of you. I thought I was going to do the review.
*sighs dramatically* Very well. I will start there. Oh! But can't I sing the
Song That Never Ends? This is the song that never ends, Yes it goes on and on my
friend- *the words are cut off by powerful Orc hands clasped about his mouth*
Alright, I won't sing it. Where am I supposed to be then? The earrings? I
already talked about the earrings. Didn't I? Can I mention Legolas' red neck
then? No? Oh, well, what can I review then? al's panic? Okay. *beams* My
goodness, al! You really did panic didn't you! You panic even better than
Legolas ever has! I still cannot believe that you were upset about the little
green lizard being INSIDE THE HOUSE. Perhaps you could build a fancy cage for
it, decorated with some flowers or vines or something, and give it a name.
Greenleaf would be a good name since it is green and well, Legolas seems to like
it. *laughs* I am only teasing. How about Laegpidgenmel. Greenlittledear. Maybe
if it has a name you won't be so frightened. Ummm...I was wondering why you
asked if I told anyone about your Number One Fear? Don't we all know this now? I
mean you have over 300 reviews now, so all those people must know! That is just
wonderful! You are such a popular writer, and everyone loves you and Legolas.
That must make you feel good. You will get lots more reviews and Laegpidgenmel
will have played a part in that, so you really should try to be friends with
him. He will be the most popular little green lizard there ever was! What? Oh,
very well. I shall continue with the review. I do not know why they look so
exasperated. al, why did you lie about being afraid? We all are afraid of
something. I suppose that running the length of your yard and bursting into
tears must have tipped Legolas off. Elu just muttered something about crying
women, but I don't know what he means. Poor al! You see though, Legolas has
talked to them and they are willing to stay outside and not go INSIDE THE HOUSE.
You should be alright now. I still think that you should catch one and make it a
pet. Why were you making all that noise in the bathroom if you knew they were
talking about you and Leagpidgenmel? Perhaps they are planning on giving you one
for Christmas! Wouldn't that be a wonderful surprise! They could put his little
cage right by your bed so you would see it when you woke up! Maybe they could
put a pretty bow on the top of the cage too! What a nice present! Elu and Tree
are laughing at that idea, but I still think it would be a good gift. Palmetto
Bug? You certainly have a lot of creatures around your house, don't you!
Legolas, you sounded a little worried about that bug. It wasn't that big. You
have seen plenty of spiders in Mirkwood, so why do you sound so well, troubled
about a little bug? Was it horrible looking? With fangs dripping and wings
fluttering, making a horrible noise? Did it growl at you and hiss, making awful
biting movements with its gaping mouth!? *gasps* They are frightening! They are!
They are horrible! They - What? Tree says we don't have any of those bugs here.
Well, I was certain that we did. I thought I had seen one, but Tree says that
she doesn't think they live this far north. Oh. Well...*grins* maybe she is
right. YD certainly was very slow to defend you, Legolas. It is a good thing
that al was so brave and was able to save you from the Giant Bug That Flys With
Fearsome Wings and Teeth! Oh! Oh! You made al a Warrior of Mirkwood! How
wonderful! Congratulations, al! Welcome to the Club of Mirkwood's Finest and
Bravest of Mirkwood! We should give you a party! A party would be fun and you
can tell everyone how you saved Prince Legolas Thranduilion from the Giant Bug
That Flys With Fearsome Wings and Teeth! It would make a wonderful story! What?
Tree says that you have already told it. When? What? Oh...Yes, I guess she did.
It is a wonderful story too! King Thranduil would love to hear it, I am sure.
What? He already heard it? When? What? Oh...Yes, that is right. He reviewed with
JastaElf before we could do it first. Tree says that she liked the "Worrier"
part of the braids. I do not understand that, unless you mean that you were
worried that you might be overcome by the Gaint Bug That Flys With Fearsome
Wings and Teeth. Or maybe you were still worried about little Laegpidgenmel. You
really shouldn't worry about that cute little lizard. He seems very nice and has
much better manners than some spiders I know! You should keep in INSIDE THE
HOUSE. What? Oh very well. Tree and Elu just shouted "Shut up, Brethil!" Very
well I am shutting up. This was a lot of fun, you know, but by the look on
Tree's face I am sure she won't let me do it again. That is too bad. I think I
review just as well as she does. Or at least as well as Elu does. I am shutting
up. What? Why do I have to type that at the end? You always type that. It is
getting rather boring to see, you know. Oops. I guess she doesn't know. How
about this No mellon ned Laegpidgenmel. Be a friend of greenlittledear. *smiles*
Elenath sila erin le. Thus ends the one paragraph review of Brethil Bronaduion.
**TreeHugger: DEED U FIEND IT WAE DOEWN HEAR?? *geeglz* I noe whut Elu iz afraed
of! I weel neber tael! al duez vakum, buet moestlee oenly whin da Grammar Laedee
iz comin! BRETHIL! HAE!! I mees u! I neber paenikd! I doen't noe whut u ar
taelking abot. *BOO, LEGOLAS!* *WAAAHHAAAAA!!!!!* Stoep dat, al! It muest bea tu
koeld fur Laegpidgenmel noew. He haz bean goen awile. I liked ur won puragraf
reevew. Now SHUT UP, BRETHIL!**

Hi Al! Hi Legolas, my little honeybun of Love! (grins and watches the Prance
slide bonelessly to the floor...) Geez, Thranduil, he's so CUUUUUTE when he does
that... *ignores Thranduil's grunt of fatherly amusement*
Sorry I missed reviewing the previous chapter, guys. Life has been interesting
of late. Mot necessarily in a good way.
So you remember Ada's wigglie eyebrows, yes? How about Dol Guldur? Remember
Elrond rescuing you from there? (evil grin) more on that soon....
I kill palmetto bugs all the time. I think I'll petition the Good and Wise King
of Mirkwood for warrior braids of my own... hmm, my hair's too short, not even
shoulder length. Maybe Thranduil will buy me some braids at the store. (grin)
Ah, Legolas, tithen emlin, I'm gonna miss you when you have to go home... but I
do understand homesickness. And I must confess I *am* looking forward to the
next movie.... must see more Elf!! But we all know Haldir didn't make it to the
battle, and certainly wasn't killed... he went to Valinor with Galadriel, I'm
sure, or else he stayed in Ennor and opened a House of Ill Repute in Ithilien
with you. At least that's what Celebrethil said he did! (innocent grin)
Hugs and kisses, Jasta
**JastaElf: Come on, Legolas, get up! You're gonna hurt yourself sliding out of
the chair like that. If everybody could see you now, they'd know exactly how I
got you into my bookbag. It's like pouring pancake batter! *draegz sef eentu
chaer* Hae Ada! Hae Jaesta! *luukz at reevew* She kaeld me Huniebuen of Lub!!!
*squeelz and skwozes oentu floar agin* LEGOLAS!! *al drags Legolas back into the
chair, pats his forehead with a cold washcloth* Come on, now. You can do it.
Okae, I remambr Ada'z weegleez, but Dol Guldur an Elrond? O.O
Dang it Jasta, there he goes again! He can't keep doing this, we're on a really
tight schedule here!**

**CowgirlKK12: Huerrie uep an ketchup! I wuld lub to plae Baerbeez wid u an
Leedle Peep. Mebbe u shuld uze dat bues tikit al iz saendin ur muthr?**

**Isilwen: U liestd my storee az ur faevurit! I em soe haeppie! Wuz dis ur
vaerie furst reevew? *daencz* Hear iz a spaecial hueg an kees jest fu u! *HUEG*
*KEESZ* **

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