Chapter 18 Reviews

**al and Legolas**

i hope i am first. legolas, you read my mom's stories? why? i don't. i wish we
had a hot tub. we don't. i used to have a 101 dalmations towel too. bellyflops
hurt, don't they? you thought the firewhistle was the horn of gondor? that is
silly. i think it is cool that you can paint naked in the rain. i wish i could,
but my mom won't let me. am i first??
**CowgirlKK12: U AR FURST! U beet ur moem! HAHAHA! U shuld reed ur moemz
stoereez, dey ar fuennie! Seand her tu al if u doen't waent her, al weel taek

Such fun you have been having with Legolas!!! I plan on finishing the bio and
then moving on to the next story. But unfortunately my eyes and my computer
screen are not agreeing. Once my eyes rest up a bit I'll be sure to read about
the rest of Legolas' adventures.
P.S. I hope he has moved out of the closet and into the guest room. Being a 6
foot elf I tink he may be more comfortable in a real bed. : )

legolas is a fairy! legolas is a fairy!
i bet he'd look goo in a pink suit with little wigns and stuff :o) hehehe
well,i'm gonna read the next chapter now!
**Endomiel: U've bean reedin "In Da Haellz" bie TreaHueggr, havn't u?! Peenk
soot wid wangz? *HHUuurrrmmmpphhh* Dat'll bea da dae! (Deed I maek da noeiz
rite, Ada?)**

(Nancing Elf)
Ai! How on earth can you manage to update so fast and furiously? I'm barely able
to keep up with your funny chapters!
No cannon balls so our lovely Prance does a bellyflop! *snicker*
Can I say? "Sure, says Al" *NE climbs on top of Legolas Adoration Soap Box*
"Prance Legolas is SO ADORABLE!"
*He's petting me!" *NE grins like the cat that ate the canary*

(Skye Rocket)
I love this! Gosh, lookie! I said it again! be different...
It was very funny and very entertaining and I am glad I read it.
**Skye Rocket: I lub it whin u sae "I lub dis!" Sae it agin! Teahea! *bloez
keesez* **

"I kin't remambr. Eethr Boromir iz een trubel, oer it'z tiem fur luench." LoL!
Hilarious! ;D I'm glad you guys had a good weekend. Don't you just LOVE rain? My
favorite weather. :) Anyway, I can't wait for the next update! This is one of my
favorite things to read.
**Arilyn: I lub raen! I lub sloe teeny spreenklz, an meedeum siez droepz, an
loetz of buekitz of raen.**

This. Had. Better. Not. Be. The. Last. Chapter. In. This. Fic! Although I do
look forward to reading your new stories!
**laure: Oeh, noe. Dis iz noet yaet da eand. Dat weel bea neckz weak.**

This is terribly entertaining! And Legolas is adjusting admirably - with all the
spunk and bravery I would expect from an elf prince. But *sniff* you and Yes
Dear really must work on finding a way to send him home again. I realize Legolas
much to courageous to let on, but he must miss his home something fierce. Makes
me feel just awful for him.
**Karri: I due mees my fraendz an faemilie. al weel git me hoem suun.**

WOW!!! that is REALLY REALLY cool!!
great story, i know a few people who wouldn't mind having Legolas live in there
closet.....not naming any names......*blushes*
*coughs* soo00...... i really like your story, keep up the good work!!
have a good week!!
**the_ringspell: I thaenk it iz kuul tu! U kin sea it iz all TreaHueggrz fawlt
dat eberybuddy in Modren erth thankz dey hav sean me nekkid.**

leggy i love you are da coolest and the hottest
oh wait that doesn' work *shrugs shoulders*
i like your sexy voice to.
**ashlee: *coffz an usez da groevelly voece* Hae Baybee! Glaed u like me!**

Naked painting?!?!?! My friend Anna would like that! You had me worried there,
Al, I thought it was the final chapter - noooooo!!!
Oooh - it was soooo funny! I love this story (I call it a story, but you know
what I mean - right!)!!
Legolas! Hi! I thought it was winter?? It's winter here! 3 degrees!!!!! Do you
have any idea how cold that is?
I liked your comments on Orlando's hair! :) Have you seen Elijah Wood's hair? A
lot of people think he looks like Frodo for some reason - but he's gone and
shaved all his hair off! It looks niiccee!
My favourite part of your adventures today.....
"THE HORN OF GONDOR!!" cries the Prance.
"WHAT DOES THAT MEAN??" hollers Little Pip.
"I kin't remambr. Eethr Boromir iz een trubel, oer it'z tiem fur luench," says
the Prance.
That was hilarious! *hugs Legolas and says hi to Little Pip!*
Anyway! Bye for today!
Big hugs and kisses from an increasingly freezing England....
Rachel xxxx
**Magical Rachel: It iz 40 deegreez hear tudae. Dat maen whoe thaenkz he is
Frodo cuet off all heez hare! Whoeaw! *huegz u tu keap u waerm* **

Of course you're on my favorites list.=) *hugg*
**Michelle: *hueg* U ar oen my faevuritez liest tu!**

I've been lurking for a while now, and I've finally been inspired to register
thanks to you, sweet Prance - LOL! I didn't want to miss my chance to say hello
before you, um, have to go back next week *cries*
I have never laughed so much reading a fanfic. Thanks!
**Erendis: *al, whutz a luerkr? It's like a stalker, only safer, Legolas. O.O*
Thaenk u fur ledding me noe u wear out dere, an u ar welkom.**

To Al,
I don't think I'll ever listen again to a firetruck siren without thinking "the
horn of Gondor" ... I was laughing so hard everybody in my household was just
looking at me as if I was crazy. So, have you shown Legolas any of the
Legolas/Aragorn fics? just curious to know what he thinks of those : ). Your
story is just beautiful, I read all the chapters in one sitting and I smiled the
whole time.
To Legolas,
Love your accent, don't loose it. I have an accent as well since English is not
my mother tongue. We are sure gonna miss you when you leave ... maybe you should
stick around until ROTK!
**Jazz: *al pushes Legolas out of the chair* OMG! Someone actually wrote to
ME!!! No slash, though I swear he peeks when I am not home. Thanks! *doorbell
rings* Ooops, be right back. *tea hea hea!* Dat doarball treik wurkz ebery tiem!
I weel mees all of u tu. . . .*huegz* **

Just a few more days and you'll be back in Middle-Earth, huh, Legolas? I'll miss
Nice seeing you show your artistic side with the paints and the rain....The only
thing I can do good in art is draw those little stick figures... -_-;;
Argh, I've gotta go to camp for a few days so I guess I won't be seeing the next
part of your biography for a while....till I get back. (I hope I get back
So until then, 'Prance' Legolas, I'll see you soon.
**Estina: Bea kareful at kamp! Leedle Peep weant tu kamp an a snaek feal out of
a Trea wile dey whur at da sweemin hoel!**

Ooh, take Legolas to see the movie! I think he'd like that.
**Eileen: I weant tu sea misef a cupl of tiemz rite aftur I goet hear. Sea
Chaeptr 12. I em goen neckz weak agin.**

My Ada says we have to get rid of our cat, she sheds too much for his
allergies!! She's really cute and fat, not necessarily in that order. She needs
a good owner with an "elvish way" with all good animals? She sheds alot, but
think of the cathair as another source of material for your next art project. Or
give her braids when she catches a mouse.
**Loopy4_1: I em soerrie ur keetie neadz a neu hoem. We hav 4 hear. Dey git vary
jealus of eech othr.**

(The Two Princesses)
Well hi you guys,
Our country is suffering a drought too and for awhile, we had lots of water
restrictions. We haven't been able to run under the sprinkler outside for a long
time........(just as well we live near the beach).
It started to rain again last week and now M does not have to bucket water to
all the plants. We helped her, but after the first time, M told us that she
could do it on her own. I think it was because the concrete driveway was a river
of water and the plants weren't getting any! But it was such fun, balancing our
buckets of water on our skateboards and sliding over to the plants!! You should
have seen us Legolas!
Wow Legolas, soon you will be leaving us....sob.....we will miss
you.....sob....very much! Please don't forget us. Will you think of us when you
get back to Middle Earth? M saw a trailer of The Two Towers at the theatre on
the weekend. She was so excited and wanted to stay in the seat until it came to
town, but they wouldn't let her! M said it looked so good, even better than on
the extended DVD! I hope that you are ready to go back and have been doing your
exercises Legolas, because M said there was lots of fighting!
Here are lots of kisses and hugs for you.
We love you! M does too and sends you a big hug of courage to help you to face
what's ahead.
**The Two Princesses: al maekz me kerry da wader tu da tumadoz. I em perty
stroeng, u noe! *flaxez muesclez* Whut wuz da skreemin noieze I herd whin I deed
dat?? *flaxez agin* Sea? Dere it goez agin!! Whut ar all dose x an o'z? Those
are Hugs and Kisses from the Two Princesses, Legolas. Oooeehhhh. . . .Huegz an
keesez fur u tu! *xoxoxoxo* **

Al, I'd be slightly worried that someone's going to call the cops on Legolas for
indecent exposure...not that you're indecent, Legolas. :)Hope your neighbors
don't live too close anyway....mine can see right into my backyard from their
hall window-so no naked rain-dancing ceremonies for me. lol
**Stimpy: We due noet hav eni nayborz beehiend us, juest treaz. Dere ar treaz on
da siedz tu. Da oenly plaec u kinnot ruen nekkid iz en da froen yaerd. al tot me
dat da furst tiem I deed it. I thank whut she deed iz kaeld "flippd out."**

(Phoenix Flight)
Dear Legolas,
It makes me so sad that you will have to go soon! I am glad that there are still
a few adventures left for you first, though.
I'm going to do sumpthang realy braev and get my wurrier braedz! I don't know
what, but i'm sure something will come up.
Lots of love,
Phoenix Flight
**Phoenix Flight: Dere ar maeny aedvanturz we deed noet hav tiem tu tael. I
thank al shuld rite dem latr, but she sez noe.**

(Lady Silence)
Great as always!!! I still love this.
And I'm not flirting with you, Legolas!
*Sigmund waddles over, his sign 'hand'*
"She is too. It's just a really pathetic attempt at it."
"Is THAT the best you can come up with?" *Sigmund makes a squawking sound and
shakes his head "The elf has gone and made your mind mush. You used to be so
evil and volitile and the Uber Goddess of all Uber Goddesses."
I still am!
"Nuh-uh. Every time you go near that damn Prince you get all giggly and start
..... *bites lower lip with a wimper*
"She's ready to cry again. Damn you elf! You've turned her into a wailing
*Sil stalks over to Sigmund and picks him off the ground*
A wailing schoolgirl??? *Sil growls and snaps her fingers, opening a portal to
one of the many Hells of the Omniverse*
Schoolgirl my ass. *She tosses him into the portal and it snaps shut with a
Harumph. Serves him right. Although.. I should have sent him to Heaven.. He
still owes God $500 for that last poker game..
*beams and pulls out her Purple Teddy Bear Pez dispenser*
I feel better now... So Legolas, you ever hang out with an Uber Goddess before?
Want to?
There's only 3 of us ya know, so it's like a rare thing when we offer.
**Lady Silence: U ar geegly an swuuny tu?? Ai, Valar, da elfmaednz at hoem uzed
tu due dat .. . .**

*Jasta moves in front of screen so Thranduil cannot tell she made his son faint
three times....*
Hi Legolas, my adorable, sexy little honeybun of love! (aside: Shut UP,
Thranduil!! What? Eeep! I mean, would your majesty PLEASE put me down so I can
finish this review? I did not MEAN to be so forward...) I'm sorry I made you
melt like that. (ahem. Not really, but...)
Saeros, Tuilinal, Aikalerion, and the Imladris Twins are here visiting, and they
all say Hi! Aikalerion wants to know how long it's been since you sharpened your
white knives, because he's worried you're having too much fun to watch out for
your weaponry.
And Thranduil says: "The sounding of the Horn of Gondor does NOT mean lunch,
Tithen Emlin!! It means the heirs of Isildur have gotten themselves in trouble
yet AGAIN and expect the Firstborn to snatch their chestnuts out of the fire."
He's harrumphing a lot. And scowling and making wigglies. Legolas, what does it
mean when Ada scowls, makes wigglies, AND harrumphs? I think we're in
Al, howcum you never IM with *me* when Legolas is around? (grin) And what did
you think of what I sent you? HMMM??? (grinning even more) What did LEGOLAS
think of what I sent you???
9 days and counting.... Legolas, whatever shall we do without you!! Ada says hi,
I miss you, my little golden bird! (Saeros, stop snickering. Elladan, Elrohir,
do you WANT me to contact your father and ask what YOUR childhood nicknames
were? DO YOU??? Harrumph. Thought not.)
Wait, Thranduil says he knows what their nicknames were, and he's smiling
evilly.... here, whisper it to me, sire....
*Jasta listens, then busts up laughing. The Twins look sullen*
Oh my GAWD that's funny.... does it mean what I think it means???
Love you, Al! Love you, Legolas! Nighty-night!
**JastaElf: She sed im seaxsee! An adorubel! *THUD!* al sighs, waits. .
.*Uuuhhh* Okae, I em okae . . . .We hav chets nuetz hear tu, Ada. Jaesta, it iz
noet a "Guud Thang" (c. u) whin Ada duz da weegleez. If he skowlz an huempz tu,
u bedder jest moeve out. Datz whut I deed. Tael da neeknaemz, Jaesta!!! Tael!!!
Tael eberybuddy!!! She sed she lubz me tu! *THUD * **

I'm sorry! I was so upset at the thought of you leaving that I wasn't able to
bear the thought of reading your story. I'm better now and I really just want
you to come down here and make me some art. It's a warm rainy night and you
could easily make me some lovely pictures on the back porch. I'll just sit
quietly and watch.
And drink, too. But I always do that. But I'll tie my cherry stems with my
tongue while I watch you.
Tell al that I really adore her.
**IRENA! IRENA! A'MAELAMIN! I wuld paynt u a lobely pikshure of whuteber u
deasierd. I saew da Titeanik, mebbe I culd paynt a pikshure like da wonz dat guy
deed. He uzed pincilz doe, maed of wuud. Tael me, baybee, whut kiend of duk
maekz duk taep?**

I know I am not first, since Cowgirlkk12 beat me to it! Sneaky youngling! Elu
says "Hi!" to Leoglas and also thanks you for not telling what he is afraid of.
Brethil says a quick "Hi!" as well, but he is busy helping me to pen a Yuletide
tale and can't review this right now. Thank the Valar! Yes, I did find your lub
ledder to me, Legolas. Now on to the review.
Drought, drought everywhere! I hate them most sincerely. You lost a hottub, I
lost some trees. *sob sob* Anyway...I love art equipment too. Pens, pencils,
paints, brushes, nice paper. Too bad you are leaving, I could send you some for
Christmas *sniff sniff*, yes, Elu. I remember. I promised I wouldn't argue
anymore. Okay. I won't. Ahem! Anyhow...I see that the sales price didn't include
some necessaries. They never do. How horrible. A hot tub with NO WATER!
In a few weeks, a gallon or two at a time...and then! WHAM!!! "BAELLIEFLOEP!"
How many days of water rationing left the hot tub then! ROFL That must be one
big hot tub!!
My goodness! Legolas, you thought the emergency warning at the fire house was
the Horn of Gondor? Okay...I always wondered what it really sounded like, now I
guess I know. Lunch time???? Okay...*looks at Elu who shrugs* Wow, al! You
should get an award from a conservation group or something! How wonderful was
You know I do remember the day of the rain and the Prance in the rain. I
remember thinking how happy your readers would be with the Prance in the rain
chapter. And here it is! Now aren't you glad I suggested you write a story? I am
just sorry I didn't think of it earlier! BTW - how many of Tolkien's books have
you read now?? Nevermind! heehee
Cats and Just a Gigolo...interesting choices I must say. We listen to Cats quite
a lot, but I don't have any David Lee Roth. Man, he was hot, wasn't he??!! LOL
Nekkid Prance in the Rain. What a very nice picture. We are always telling our
kids they can't go out in the rain or their clothes will get wet. So of course
he does it without clothing. How very considerate. :)
Oh, Legolas! That makes me so happy that you enjoyed my story about you! *does a
happy dance with Brethil and Tavor as Elu just shakes his head and laughs*
ROFLMBO "I kin bea me, an u kin bea Maerie Suue!" EEP! Oh, al, that is just too
precioussssss!!!! This has to be the strangest noen-fake Maerie Suue ever
written! So Legolas, what do you think of all those Mary Sue stories out there??
ROFL again! "AR U KALLIN ME A FAERIEE?!" Legolas what is wrong with
faeries? Though this is something like a faerie tale. A brave handsome Prince
and a beautiful woman warrior who slays giant bugs! What could be more perfect?!
I want to thank you, Legolas, for convincing al to write this story. The world
would be a lesser place without it. I am glad that you wanted to share your life
on Modren Erth with us. Okay, I will stop because you are about to leave Modren
Erth and I DO NOT want to cry anymore right now. 9 days...such a small amount of
time. I do want to say that the last sentence is great, al. Very nice.
Elenath sila erin le!
**TreeHugger: I saevd da beast teel laest. Weel, Yeas deer sed noe kanonbaelz,
noet no Baellifloepz. Dat tub hoeldz 6 peeple at da saem tiem, sept dat all da
wader goez out whin u due dat. Jest ask Elu, frum whin we wear hear aftr he got
heeld by Loard Elrond. al sez tu tael u it iz up tu 3 noew. It IZ purfickt hear,
I thank. An Diolla le tu u, o Kween of da Proem!**

Hey al! Hey Legolas! LOL--guess what I just start down to write. ;) And then
this author alert popped into my mailbox, so here I am.
Okay, going to go read now.
Had to stop. LOL-almost choked on my pizza. Could you imagine the bidding wars
on eBay if you really let YD do that. Gosh, you'd be richer than Bill Gates.
Almost choked again. The Horn of Gondor--now before this story, I had an
entirely different vision of the Horn of Gondor--perhaps due to a Nancing Elf
story, I can't remember--but now... well, my mother will thank you for replacing
that image with something much more wholesome like a tornado siren.
What?! He's painting in the nude?! Oh al, how were you able to pull yourself
away from THAT? That's all I can say about that. My mind is goo.
And thus was the reason alliwantisanelfforchristmas came to write fanfiction--er
I mean, fan non-fiction. I'm very glad Tree nudgeed you (as I am, me) and that
Legolas convinced you to do so. BTW, does he know about "Elvish Lessons," and
will there be more lessons when this fic is done? ::whimpers at the thought that
Legolas has to go home soon::
Dangit, you reminded me of her story all over again! Stop that!
Hey again Legolas! No offense, but I do NOT want anything to do with those
Palmetto Bugs. No, no, no--just keep them away from me. ::PP swoons:: Legolas +
red boxers + bouncing around = ^OO^ Stop it--you're going to get me in trouble.
So you you like being called Sweetcheeks, huh Legolas? And I *know* it's true.
You'll see--hopefully later tonight. Have al let you read it. You might have to
give her CPR. Or she, you.
**Puter Patty: wuld u bied if I wuz oen eBay? I hoep soe! Deed u jest kaell me
Sweatcheakz? *faelz frum chare* Hey, PP, I caught him trying to read E_E over my
shoulder! Had to give him the paint outside in the rain to get rid of him so I
could finish. Hey! OW! *Lego pueshz al frum chare* Hearz a hueg frum me! *Huegz*
An hearz a kees tu! *KEEEEESSSSSEEEEEZZZZZ U* **

(SarWolf Snape)
So THATS how this all happened...So Legolas you've discovered fanfiction.. has
anything shocked or upset you yet like it did me in my first weeks here? A
suggestion..stay away from the fangirls...
**SarWolf Snape: Whut iz a faengurl? I'll tell you later, Legolas. Don't worry,
you're safe here. I deed noet waent eberywon tu noe abot dat Dwarf Gloin haevin
my hare!! Buet it tuernd out okae, deedn't it?**

(Lily Frost)
Her name's Willow. =D
Oi.. 100 degrees farenheit?! I can't stand anything above 80.
Right now it's rainy, and dark, and I think I'm going to go for a walk. Rain's
really pretty, isn't it? Especially with paints.. I've done that before.
**Lily Frost: Hae Lily! Hae Willow! Hae eberybuddy ealse! I lub raen. . . .**

**isilwen: *keesez u* I deed noet noe a kees culd maek a womin tipe like dat!
Due it agin-I lub it! *seands anuthr kees* **

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