Chapter 19 Reviews

**al and "lub ledders" **

she was a little mad that i was the first to review the chapter. When you and
little pip are in the car fighting it reminds me of me and nate fighting we
fought going to get our christmas tree too! hope you write soon bye :}
**CowgirlKK12: U wear furst agin! WooHoo (c Celeborn)! Iz dis suun enuf? U shuld
noet fite wid ur bruthr. . . .. buet it IZ fuen, iznt it? Neber miend den. Tea

(Nancing Elf)
How typical of the backseat arguing that goes on between children! errr...and a
certain Prance. *cough*
Christmas tree hunting are you? ;) LOL when Legolas thought he saw Warg
pawprints! That's so cute!
*snort* I would have love to have seen his face when told about elves making
toys... *chortle*
Now, what didn't you know that elves could do?

Uh Oh... what was Legolas doing? My family got our Christmas tree the same day,
though we just went to Home Depot, LoL ;)
**Arilyn: I thaenk a loet of peepel due it oen dat dae, buet I bet dey doent hav
az muech fuen!**

0.o i broke the shift and caps lock keys because I was laughing so hard. opps.
does he have to go back. and what was going on at the end of the chapter. i hate
broken computers...
**laure: al duz noet like whin da cumputr iz broek ethr. Deed u brake it wid ur
feengrz, or deed u heet ur haed on da keebord? I hoep u ar okae. . . .**

Oh hi Legolas. I really love Christmas, don't you? Are you sad that you have to
go back soon? You don't sound like you miss Middle Earth a lot.
Jeez! You kind of over-reacted back there. I can't believe you almost jumped out
of the car window! That was very dangerous. But it is kind of fun hanging
halfway out the window with the breeze blowing in your hair. It sounds like the
thing my brother would do. Ha! What did you do at the end of this chapter? The
suspense is killing me.
And I got a question for you. Why exactly is Santa so fat. Yeah. Why the heck am
I asking you that?! Nevermind. Love you, Legolas. -Seaweed-
**Seaweed: Ef I kin pearch oen a teany braench at da vary toep of a trea, leenin
outtada kar weendoe iz noet a beeg deel. I thaenk Saenta ez soe faet beacuz he
haz a sloe meatabulizm. Plues he luukz guud dat wae. Loetz of paeddin whin u
siet oen heez nee aftur staendin een lien soe loeng.**

(The Two Princesses)
Hi again A & L,
Put that together and what does it spell - Al - what a coincidence?
Well, we like going bye bye in the car too and you and Little Pip sound just
like Little Princess and me in the back seat on the many, long car trips that we
have done.
We can drive M & D quite mental when we get going! But we are not as bad now, as
when we were younger - we have grown up!
Even though you are grown up & should know better too Legolas, I liked the way
you hung out of the car, when you saw the big tiger's paws. I wish I could do
that kind of thing. It would be great fun! But something tells me that M & D
would act the same as Al and Yes dear, if I did.
I hope Al brought your bow and arrows along, because you don't know what you
will find when you will get there. It could be very scary in that forest. But I
know you will look out for them all, won't you?
Oh, we love it when you flex your muscles too - especially M. Bye - here's
another 3 hugs & kisses. xoxoxo
**The Two Princesses: A & L-whut a koensidance! Datz a guud won, laedeez! I em
RODFL! Haengin outtada kar ez noe deeferant dan riedin Arod wile shuutin my boe
an aroz. Okae, hearz won moer flaez fur u *flaex* Deed u here dat? Deed u like

Wonderful! I love this story, and I appologize for not ever reviewing before.
Anyway, I hope you, Legolas, Little Pip and Yes Dear all have a wonderful
Christmas, and I cannot wait to read more!
**Angaloth: Thaenk u fur joenin us! I weel bea in Meedle erth fur Chreestmiss,
buet al sez thaenkz an we hoep u hav a guud won tu.**

Hi al and Legolas! (Yes, this is for BOTH of you...)
First of all, to al: I've LOVED reading about all your adventures with the elf.
He sounds like a handful! (but a sweet one...) I have to also commend you on
being able to protect him from all his rabid fans out there! No easy task!
Hopefully you can go the last week without getting mobbed. But then, if you've
managed it so far....
I was also very impressed that you and Legolas have managed to answer so many of
the people who have posted messages!! That can't be an easy task, since your
mailbox must be completely overrun with shameless love
letters...erm..."messages" to Legolas! : )
Keep writing and let us know how the elf will spend his last week in modern
earth. I hope that if wont be too hard to let him go after all the time he has
spent with your family. Who knows, maybe he can figure out how to visit...
And now to Legolas:
Well....I have been reading about you since al started writing this story, but I
have been too shy to write anything to you. I know that you probably have so
many love letters that you don't know what to do with all of them! I just wanted
to say that I really admire and respect you. You are always so brave, and
dependable, and kind to everyone. You are my favorite member of the Fellowship.
The others are pretty cool too, but you win by a lot : )
I also happend to think that you are positively gorgeous, absolute eye
candy....but the other stuff comes first (since I think that they're pretty
Ummmm...ok, I'm kinda blushing now...
I wish I could meet you face to face, but I know if I did I would get so shy
that I would either not say anything or run away!
So good luck with the rest of your stay in modern earth. I hope that you get
back to your world alright, though we we all miss you terribly!
Lots of love,
Kat ; )
**Kat: * al swipes keyboard * Hi, Kat! Thanks-he can be a handful, but I have
enjoyed every minute (well, not the time I lost him in Walmart). We live in a
very small town, so fangirls so far have not been a problem if I keep him
dressed "Modrn erth" with a hat to cover his hair. Legolas does get 98% of the
mail that comes through my box. Letting him go will certainly be one of the
hardest things I have ever done. * Hae! Datz enuf. Itz my tuern. I em soe glaed
u deesided tu rite tu me. U kin neber hav tu meeny lub ledderz, wich iz whie al
hepz me tipe deze up all da tiem. Hear iz a hueg an kees fur ur braeveree.
*Hueg, Kees! * **

(Skye Rocket)
OK: I love this soooo much!
**Skye Rocket: OOOooo! U deed it agin! I lub day whin u due dat! Due it

I'm finally able to review! And I don't know if I should cry of happiness or
sorrow... LOTR:TTT is coming out and that makes me happy, but TTT is coming out
thatmean you have to leave soon legolas! :'(
**Sake: U kin com sea me at da mooveez. Maek shur u waev, it iz daerk an
sumtiemz haerd tu sea in dere.**

(Princess ArWen of sMirkwood)
Legolas SIT DOWN and keep still!lol.If you were on Ebay I'd be sure to bid for
you:-D In fact I've got you in a figurine in my room!I've just started to write
a 'fikshun' of you coming to my house :-D I'll miss you when you go back and I'm
sure Al will too:'( But I'll love to see you shooting arrows again;-)and I'm
sure you want to go home :-)
**Princess ArWen of sMirkwood: U noe, it iz jest like a Pranciss tu thaenk she
kin tael a Prance whut tu due. Whoe duz she thaenk she iz, taelin me tu siet
doewn?? * Legolas, hush! She's just commenting on her favorite part of the
chapter, not telling you what to do! OOOooohhhh,. . . .* Blueshez* Sorree. Hearz
a kees tu maek up, okae? * KEES* **

I was catching up on Leggy's bio when I realized that he is going back in a
week! *tears* I am going to miss you so much, Leggy! Don't go yet! Come back and
visit us often! *runs into other room crying*
**Andy's Princess: al, she eez krien!!! Whut due I due?? al, we maed her krie!!
* gits wied eyed distrassd luuk oen faece* Kiss her, Legolas! A little CPR never
hurts. Okae, guud thaenkin al! * KEESEZ U* Iz dat bedder?**

(Phoenix Flight)
Dear Legolas,
I'm sure you'll get there soon. Write soon, I want to know what is happening in
the back seat! You behave back there! *laughs*
I wish you never had to go. Well, we have a little time left.
Lots of love,
Phoenix Flight
**Phoenix Flight: u awaez beahav! It iz a loeng wae tu da moentinz frum alz
hoesz. I em glaed I like tu saeng!**

Hi! I love this story. Tell Legolas I said Hi and Merry Christmas!
By any chance are you from Auburn? You've mentioned the South Eastern US and
then the Tiger Paw Prints on the college and I don't think any other college in
the South East US has a tiger for a mascot. I orginially planned to go to Auburn
for college but then I decided against being a veterinarian and decided to be a
psychologist, crazy people don't try and bite you if they're in a bad mood. So
now I'm going to University of South Alabama. Go USA Jags! Whoo!
**JaguarKitty2006: al sez we ar neer Auburn an alsoe Clempsun. Guud ketch! Goe
Jagz! WooHoo! * al nudges Legolas* ohh, yeah, sorree! I furgot tu puet (c

Hi Legolas *waves*
I happy to hear that you will be going home soon. I can hardly wait to see you
in Twin Towers (already have my movie tickets *hold them up and waves them at
the computer screen, grinnin' excitedly*) But *sniff* you seem so excited about
Christmas, now I'm a little sad you won't get to experience it. Well, at least
you'll be too busy to dwell on it very much. Now, remember: STAY AWAY FROM THE
Deep!! Also, watch your back amongst all the men while you're in Gondor. Armed
men can be pretty dangerous. Watch out for that surprise warg attack during the
retreat - its not in the book, so I figure a little head up couldn't hurt. Try
to stay on your horse - you'll have enough on your mind without broken ribs, eh.
Oh, and try extra hard to kill more orcs than Gimli during the Battle of Helm's
Deep. =-O A Dwarf besting and Elf! It can't be allowed to happen! ;) *sniff*
Moedrn erth isn't gonna be the same without you. ((((((((((hugs))))))))))))
**Karri: *waevz * Hae Karri: Luuk, u got tiekitz! I weel rimaembr ur aedvise, an
I weel en noe wae aloew da Dwarf tu beet me. Broekn reebz? * bleenkz* Hearz a
hueg fur u! ((((huegz))))))**

(Thriwien-Mirkwood Princess)
I just wanted to write you a wuik love letter:
I love you! I love you! I love you! *Hugs and kisses* I'm gonna miss you
sooooooooo much!!

Dear Legolas:
I would love you to come draw a picture just like Titanic.
I hope you had a good time shopping for a Christmas tree. We use an artificial
one here because The Major Thom (my spouse) and I and "The Big O" (our daughter)
don't like to kill a tree every year. We have it up now with all the lights and
all the glass balls and blown ornaments. I wish you could see it.
Please tell Al to keep writing and to please buy you some high cut briefs.
You'll like them better. And so will I as a side effect.
**IRENA: KIN U SEA DIS WAE DOEWN HEAR??? Weel u pae me fur dat pikshure?
*groewlz * I hoep soe! I weesh I culd sea ur trea tu *Cofz * I hav sum hikut
breefz, an it IZ eezer tu ware ur paentz wid breefz dan bokzers.**

Hi Legolas! Hi Al! (did you think I had forgotten you, Al? Naah! grin...)
Yes, I have discovered it is not a Good Thing (c. Jasta) when Thranduil does
wigglies, hrumphs, AND scowls all at the same time.... Woo-hoo! (c. Celeborn) It
sure gets noisy when the good and wise king blows his top! (grin)
Nicknames.... (snicker) Well, I understand that Elrohir is known to his father
as "tithen Morroch" (little dark pony), and Elladan is known as "Lend Balrog"
(sweet balrog) because of an incident involving Elrohir, a pot of honey,
accidental spillage, and Someone Who Shall Remain Nameless having a fit the size
of an angry Balrog over it all.... *Jasta shakes her head* I of course shall
pretend to know nothing about this, you understand. And it is possible I'm
mis-hearing or mis-spelling the Sindarin.... (grin)
Ah, it will be so boring aro7und here when you leave, Legolas, my little
honeybun of Love! *hugging the Elfling* I just think you're so sweet and
cute.... (grin)
And I like you too, Al. Promises is up, merry Christmas! (smile)
**JastaElf: Hae Jasta! Hae Ada! Ada, deed u bloe agin??? U muest bea kareful,
wach ur bluud praesur an all. Weel. I neu da Neeknaemz. Buet da storee dat goez
eid dem iz sertunlee deeferant, tho it tu deed envolv speelage. She kald me
Huenniebuen of Lub agin! * swuunz* She said you were sweet and cute too,
Legolas. * faintz agin* Jasta, don't you find him a little hard to hug when he's
melted all over the place like this?**

Hiya! Oooh, you've put me in a very Christmassy mood now! Wonderful chapter - as
usual! You describe all these events so well, I almost feel like I'm there too!
Hi Legolas! Thanks for the hug! I'm sending you one back across the ocean
because I think you need to keep warm too!
Wow, you have a lot to learn about Christmas! Are youe excited? Oh.... wait....
aren't you *sob* leaving us before then??? Do you have to go? Can you come back?
You know, go back to Middle Earth for a while, save everyone in the Two Towers
and then /accidentally/ fall back out of the screen when the film finishes? Then
you'd have a whole year with Al until you had to go back again! Yay! That wold
be cool! And you could see all of your family and friends too! :)
Oh yeah - before I go - don't you go getting any ideas from Elijah Wood and
shaving your head!
Bye bye!
Big hugs and kisses!
Rachel xxx
**Magical Rachel: al sez itz E Z tu diskribe seence she wuz dere whin it hapned.
I weesh I wuz staen hear fur Chreestmiss, buet it wuz noet supozd tu bea dat I
fael out of da moovee tu beagin wid, soe I doent sea it haepenin agin. Loeng
hare hepz en a fite, u kin swaeng it aron an heet ur enamee en de eyez wid ur
hare. Doe doze Orkz sumties like tu fit all gurlee an puell ur hare tu. Dat kin
bea a proeblm.**

want me to join your choir? i could sing Angels We Have Heard on High in german!
('Hört der Engel helle Lieder') ;)) coz i would love to join u! would be a nice
experience with u, al, and ur family which includes legolas of course!
bye bye!
luv ya all
**Anja: I wuld lub fu u tu com liv wid us! al sez she wuld tu! bie bie! * huegs*

(SarWolf Snape)
Hi! Very nice chapter. Really funny. Hi Legolas sounds like you had fun!
**SarWolf Snape: I deed hav fuen! Stae tuend!**

(Undomiel Greenleaf)
Hooray I'm on the list!!! LOL sorry for not reviewing the last chapter, got a
bit caught up in my huge anthropology porject! (You wouldn't like to com help me
with it, would you...naaah my subject is too depressing for you)
I was rolling around laughing at the Wedgie from Hell! (Sorry Legolas I know it
HURRY AND GET THE NEXT CHAPTER OUT!!! What IS Legolas doing? Sleeping? Reading a
book? painting on himself with gel pens?
Kaioushin: Undomiel...youre getting overexcited...
Undomiel: *hyperventilating*
Oh yeah sorry about that ^_^"
Well, see you next chapter!!
**Undomiel Greenleaf: Elfz ar guud wid heestiry, mebbe I wuld bea abl tu hep.
Wegeez frum Hael due huert, an skrubbin ur skeen kleen aftur u culor a suen
taetuu oen ur baellibudden huertz tu! I told you not to do that, it serves you
right. Weel, u deedn't hav tu uze da saend frum da saend boez, u noe! It came
off, didn't it? And you call yourself a worrier. . . . .* bleenkz* **

Al? A cliffhanger? that's cruel!!!! you better update soon! Great chapter ...
so, elves fart ... I knew they couldn't be totally perfect, there had to be
something : ). Can't wait to see what you come up next with!!
**Jazz: Itz noet a faert, itz an elvis miest! Huemanz faert! An Hobbitz!**

Awwwe,you're so sweet! Are you behaving yourself? *blows kisses*
**Michelle: Me? I aelwaez beahaev! *wistlez as I thaenk hoew maed al an Leedle
Peep ar gunna bea whin dey fiend out when gedding reddy fur chuerch tumoerroe
dat I sweetched dere parez of paentihoez-tea hea!!* **

(Lady Silence)
Christmas time.. Oh lovely. Tree shopping!! I haven't done that in over 2000
I usually throw a party for the holidays.. well okay, I've only really done it
First time involved Lucifer's sister Lilith trying to kill people, salesmen
trying to take over the world.. the Sailor Senshi fighting over Gambit and
Iceman.. of course the usual amount of gods, heroes, and such showed up.. it was
fun to see Ares turned into a frog.. And it's always great to see cousin Herc
2nd time around wasn't much better.. got kidnapped by my ex's dad who has this
grudge.. his cronies tried to kill my friends.. evil amazons tried to slaughter
the town, my tower got over run by demons and dark elves and when my vampires
and werewolves fought them it left this HUGE mess. I ended up being saved by an
angel named Monica. *shakes head* But hey, at least God came to the party that
Moving right along.. As you can see, I'm MUCH saner then before. Someone was
slipping something into my Pez!!! Grr. I'm not ALWAYS giggly and swoony!
*gets stares* I'M NOT!!!
Just.. when I feel like it. ;p *bounce & smile* Unlike those elf maidens of
yours back home, who I doubt can remember their names, let alone control the
power of an Uber Goddess wisely, I can be perfectly sane when I want to be!
Not that you aren't swoon worthy, cause holy hell, you sooo are. But that's
beside the point..
Where was I going with this? I forgot. Ugh.. maybe it's a sign of sleep needed.
(I may not always be giggly and swoony, but babbling is a special skill..)
Anyway, another great, fabulous, and funny chapter in your lives Al and I really
hope things work out in the end. (In whatever manner you choose)
If not.. *smile* Call me. I AM a Goddess who can travel through realities,
dimensions etc. We could work something out.
*beams and then gets an odd look on her face.. grins wickedly and teleports next
to Legolas, gloms him and gives him a box of fudge and teleports back to
wherever she was before*
Kay, I think I'll go play with my male harem now. I'm in the mood for some poker
and they look like they have money to lose.
*No sooner has she gone that a 14 year old girl with blue hair in pigtails walks
"Non drugged up? Ooh.. She must have figured out what I was doing." *she
snickers* "Hey Legolas! HOTSTUFF!! I'm going to start stalking you, okay? In
fact, I have been for months. My cameras are everywhere.. Oh, the name's Allison
Warren, but everyone calls me Alli!!"
"Think of me as your shadow.." *insane laughter comes from the innocent looking
teenager* "Gotta jet before Sil comes back! I have pics of you to sell on Ebay
*Alli skips away and is grabbed by an invisible force*
*Sil appears in a swirl of purple flame and stares at the girl, her eyes
Alli.. sweetie..
"Uh oh.." *Alli lets out a groan* "Busted."
*Sil merely gives her a 'look' before pointing to a glowing mirror*
"Awww man!! No fair! I don't WANT to go!!"
Into The Box, missy. It's one thing when you pull those stunts on everyone else,
but when it's me..
"No fair!! I didn't even DO anything Imp 13 hasn't done!!"
And do you remember how he was punished?
"The Box and episodes of Teletubbies.. and no fishnet stockings..."
Now MOVE, young lady. And no TTT anytime soon for you!
"AWW MAN!!!" *Alli stomps off into the mirror* "This bites!!!"
Urm.. sorry. *bows* I'll leave you to your regularly scheduled reviews and stuff
Uber Hugs, Happy Holidays, and Well wishes!
~Silence, the slightly saner and non drugged up version of an Uber Goddess~
**Lady Silence: Hae, I noe Monica tu! Thaenkz fur da boex of fuedje, buet deed
Alli eet al da fuedje beafour u rappd it? Or wuz da fuedje I taestd oen ur

CLIFFHANGER, AL?! Grrr....Grrr....I do not like cliffhangers. What, what did you
see? Evil, evil, evil....I might just have to write a cliffhanger into one of
mine, but of course, you would know what comes--ahem--next.
Oh dear, your road trip was quite, hmmmm...., interesting. Seriously, it sounds
as if the Prance is getting on a few nerves, Little Pip's, Yes Dear's. I would
be more than happy to take him off your hands for this last week. ::PP tries
desperately several times to swallow the lump in her throat:: He can help me out
with some research for you-know-what. I need to check the feasability of a
couple things. ::grins and winks::
Elven mist--Ha, Love it! What's it smell like though?
Hey Legolas! Again we are so on the same wavelength. Though I refuse to eat fast
food--if you only knew what they do to their food--I will make exceptions for a
Wendy's Frosty. They are the best. And I don't give the slightest care whether
it's forty below outside or not. If I see Wendy and her little red pigtails,
then I'm stopping for that Frosty. And I have mastered the art of devouring said
Frosty while driving. It's rather dangerous to try and use the spoon when both
hands are supposed to be on the wheel, though I can manage that too. But the
real key is to keep the lid on the cup and suck the cold stiff creamy goodness
out the hole in the middle. Takes a lot of sucking power, but I've got that. I
can show you when you come over. You *are* going to come over and bid me
farewell before you go, right? I've got a going away present I've got to give
How did seeing all those trees cut down make you feel Legolas? They are quite
pretty, especially once they are all lighted up and decorated, but they were
living once. Of course, most tree farms are good about planting new trees.
And you can bet I bid on you if you were up on Ebay. I'd pool all my money
together and take out loans and perform favors for--ahem, won't go into
detail.... But be assured that I would do everything in my power to make sure I
Hey Legolas, go take a stroll so I can talk to al for a moment.
Hey again, al. So was our Prance perhaps a little envious? You assured him that
his was coming, right? I wouldn't want him to think I was ignoring him, or that
he had been replaced.
Thanks Legolas--you can come back now. And thanks for the hug and the kiss. Oh,
the kiss! ::swoons:: So, my hubba-hubba hunk of burning love, I think you need
to use that elven stealth of yours and sneak a peek at Legs. Yeah, baby!
**Puter Patty: Aheem eendeed! Luukz like u culd teech me alod of thangz! U goet
a praesnt fur me? Hoew lublee! Thaenk u! I em glaed tu haer u wuld bie me frum
Ebae-I wuldn't waent won of doze faengurlz tu git me! I thot dat wuz a seekrit?
An u kald me a hubba-hubba AN a huenk of buernin lub! ?*THUD* Now PP, look what
you did! He's gonna get another head injury doing all this sliding out of the
chair, or a stroke from the lack of blood to his brain. Get up, Legolas! *pats
Lego's face with ice cube from tea glass* Legolas??? *drops ice cube down front
of Lego's BBB's* WOOOAAAAHHHH!! Okae! Okae! I em hear, I em hear!!!**

I'm not even going to try to guess, so get the chapter up as quick as you can!
Legolas, the real Santa is too busy to be everywhere at once, so he has
"helpers". You're cute when you ride in a car.
**Eileen: I hav sean doze heperz. I em steel luukin fur da reel Saenta soe I kin
giv heem a liest.**

Thank you for saving the beast till last, Legolas.
Well, al, we will NOT talk about next week. :(
CowgirlKK12 beat me again and was quite thrilled to do so. She turned quite pink
with happiness over Legolas' lub ledder to her. Yes, today she will admit her
"crush." ;)
I must admit that the chapter title gave me pause. "Going Bye Bye" made me
wonder what was going on. I am glad it was just the trip for the tree. I must
say that the picture you painted at the beginning of the story is quite
adorable: BBB's, Elmo t-shirt, and pooh slippers. Awwww!!! I am SOOO gonna miss
him. *sniff sniff* Sorry. I couldn't stop the thought.
I see Legolas is a "hoverer." Nate is one too. You cannot shake the kid off when
he knows you are going somewhere exciting. Most irritating and most endearing.
LOL to the antlered kitty sweatshirt. "He DUZ luuk seely!" I am sure he does.
"My curiostiy gets the best of me, so I sneak the opportunity to lift his shirt
in back to see." Uh huh, Paddles with Elves...'nuff said. ;)
You are still afraid you will lose him again...hmm....that is a thought. Well,
no. I gave up the arguments and schemes last week. So forget that thought.
Beanie Babies! Ai, Valar. The Elf loves Beanie Babies too. LOL Too bad the
people at Ty couldn't make a Legolas beanie. Dang! Think of that! You would make
a cute Beanie Baby, Legolas dear.
Pip and Legolas sound too much like a brother and sister, enduring...not
enduring another in the back seat of the car. "Yes, you do." "Noe
u doent." Etc. etc. repeat repeat. Drives us adults insane at times! I am still
amazed that it took Legolas 30 minutes to ask the timeworn question "Are we
there yet?"
My kids always have to go to the bathroom at the most inconvient times, but
unlike Legolas, they still have to go when we get to a bathroom. Granted Nate
will not go if it is smells even the least bit used. Not a Good Thing. I do not
blame YD in the least for saying something unbecoming to the Prance. Legolas you
must go if someone has gone out of their way to find on for you to use. Fake it.
But I suspect you could go anyway.
Legolas! You are not a dog! You do not hang out of the car windows! That is very
dangerous, regardless of the fact that the tiger paws looked like Warg feet. I
know you are a great Warg killer, quite deadly with that bow of yours, but I
think if you ever came across a Warg *that* big you might want to reconsider
attacking it. I am sure YD was infinitely grateful to see Wendy's so he could
get out of the van. Sounds like a Hobbit family with the food lists and
LOL and Kudos to Pip for the Wedgie From Hell. Sorry, Legolas. That is funny!
Now who has the Hobbit-sized appetite!! Fries, Frosty, and the rest of al's
*blink blink* Whoever said Wood Elves were quiet was mistaken it would seem.
Well, you are Sindarin, I know, but MY GOODNESS! You sure are loud. Of course
Thranduil is your Ada, so that shouldn't be too surprising.
Here we go again! "is too!" "is noet!" Siblings! I think Pip is losing her
patience with the Prance. LOL Life on Modren Erth must be most confusing.
Poor YD. I wish for his sake that the van had headphones for the radio.
*choke* 30 MORE miles to the Christmas tree place?? Did YD earn his Warrior
braids for this trip? He was certainly brave!
I haven't thought of "the bear went over the mountain" in years. I remember
singing that over and over, climbing over the dining room chairs we had tipped
upside down so they looked like mountains. LOL that was fun. didn't know elves could do what?? CLiffhanger, al! Cliffhanger! From
you! LOL Very cool, nin mellon! I say this because I know you will have the next
one up very soon.
*looks at the calendar* No, I won't mention next week.
Elenath sila erin le!
**TreeHugger: Cowgirl KK12 haz a cruesh oen me? WooHoo (c Celeborn agin)!! Owr
reel keetiez luuk seely waren antleerz tu, espaesially dat Mikey. I due lub
Beenie Baebeez, buet my faevorte iz Ragz dat haengz ober da haedbord of alz bed.
Ef I kin ried Arod an shute my boe an aroz, whutz anuthr cuple huendrid horeses
beatween my neez, huh? I weel hav tu braed sum yaern fur Yeas Deer tu ware oen
hees haed. He deed a guud joeb noet bean maed at me. Wate teel u sea whut hapend
nex! Hae Elu an Brethil!**

**Grammar Laedee: U ar buet a chield en immoral yeerz. U kinnot foowl me. I saew
dat maen magnit SUV u bot. An I noe u got kuukeez frum da saelzmaen. Goen tu da
mowntaenz baybee? Sea u suun! Kin I driev tu da stoep sine en da neu kar whin u
com? PLEEAZE???**

**Elven Princess-Gwenedh: I lub u tu! * Huegz* **

**the_ringspell: Yeas, I blaem TreaHueggr dat eberybuddie thaenkz dey hav sean
me nekkid. A cupl of tiemz, eben. We deed taek a loeng tiem tu peek a reely
perty trea!**

**isilwen: Me, nawty? Neber! *maekz noet tu sef to eraes "Elvish Lessons"
beafour leevin fur Meedle erth * I em glaed I culd bea ur furst fur ur elf-
kees. Hear iz anuthr! *KEES * **

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