Chapter Two : Readers reviews

**al and Legolas responses **

okay. you are serious that you think he fell out of the screen and is living w/
you? is this true-true ir just tru-tru?
It makes a really, really good fiction story but i cant believe this is real

This is so good! Keep it coming!

YAY! a new chapter, wait, even 2 new chapters! double YAY!!! i must say, the
accent's cool. never seen that in a fic before! and the tranduil eyebrow...

lmao! Is Legolas' head feeling better?
**Sake-Legolas' head is much better, thanks to superior elven healing
abilities. He says to tell you thanks for asking!**

(Nancing Elf)
Oh al you're so lucky to have Legolas living in your closet...but how's the poor
dear going to get back to his world?
And I figure your handbag must be like those "bags of holding" the D&D gamers
are always talking about...bigger on the inside than they appear!
Looking forward to more!
**Nancing Elf-Yes, just like the bags of holding! Plus Legolas IS an ELF,
and is capable of many incredible feats, as you will soon see!**

So Legolas thought the mirror was water on the wall. Is he blonde or what?
Hasn't he ever notice you can also see your reflection in metal as well. I swear
I caught him fixing his hair and perfecting that sad puppy look in his daggers a
couple of times in Moria and on Amon Hen.
I love the whole "let's figure out how to go to the bathroom" thing. You were
very smart in warning him that the water will come back up if he doesn't put the
lid down. I think this is a method that all mothers should employ when
potty-training their sons. It would make life so much easier for us women of the
I hope you include lots more of Legolas' adventures as he discovers the magic in
our world. Like magic wands that turn stuff on, and boxes that make food hot,
and boxes that talk and sing, and how we can capture wind and rain in our homes.
I would love to hear every minute.
I am very serious about my offer, especially if he's full size *wink, wink*. I
make great toast and jel (I'll even cut off the crusts if he wants me to).
**PuterPatty-Yes, he is definitely blonde! He also has a lot to learn
about our world. He is full size, and loves to go in the car, as you
will see in a later chapter. I do need help on occasion keeping up with
him, so I will keep your number very handy, OK?**

You are so mean! You know how many times I managed to see it and you still have
to flaunt the fact that you saw it (gulp) 24 times! ARGH!
Any how........How rude of you to forget that he might need to use the bathroom!
LOL Poor Legolas! (copyright TreeHugger) *snicker*
I love that he thought that the mirror was water hanging from the wall. What
else could it be?! He is quite amazing really!
The Thranduil eyebrow??!! LOL Better watch for that Thranduil temper and
Very inventive thinking about which direction toilet water it is all
because of the postion of the seat, huh?? Clever you!!
Of course Goliath liked him. He's an Elf!!
He is so cute! Eating toast with different jellies! He is sweet, too! Then he
hears the IM singing and thinks its a bird - then a palantir the Magical
How can you possibly want to get rid of him??
Wonderful and fun! As always!
Elenath sila erin le!
**And Last but Never Least-TreeHugger! -I did not forget he had to use
the bathroom, he was just so cute sleeping there and so incredibly tired
that I had not the heart to wake him. I guess we got a good look in this
chapter of the hereditary traits of elves-Thranduil's blood runs strong
in this one! Don't forget to tell the boys at your house about the
toilet! Legolas ought to be sweet-he's full of sugar from all that
breakfast stuff he ate. I don't really want to get rid of him, there are
just times I want to be relieved of duty for a little while. Thanks for
being my beta *24 hugs for TreeHugger* **giggles! **

Very cute. Poor elf.
I definately like your sense of humor.....
**Irena-Thanks! He is very cute, which is the only thing that saves him
at times.**

This is soo funny! Love the accent!! My dear is a.. er... interesting name but
is somewhat really funny! Keep on writing... please? buh bye!!
**Ithinkineedanewname-Hubby's name is Yes Dear because when he says
"Hunney" I say "Yes Dear" This name switches from time to time back and
forth depending on who says Hunney first the most in a given period of
time. Confused? So am I.**

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