Chapter 20 Reviews

**al and Legolas**

poor Legolas got sick :-(
at least the tree is ok and you have plenty of chocolate *drools*
the movie!! its so close!! so good, yet so sad cuz leggy has to go home :-(
i wish i had an elf to read all my mail and drive around
i have a convertable in California Legolas (maybe you can get a quick round trip
ticket to visit me :D )
**JavaGlxy: Yeas, da trea iz vary haeppie, deed u sea it yaet? I hav bean
weenin misef frum choklit soe I doent goe entu shoek or anithang whin I reeturn
tu Meedle erth. I em soerrie I deed noet git tu ried en ur kar.**

Ok, what did Mr. Prance do this time? >taps foot waitinghugs
**Newmoon: I hoep u ar noet desapoyntid wid whut I deed dis tiem. I deed noet
noe u culd taep daence! Woew!**

(SarWolf Snape)
Great Chapter as always. Very funny. Hi Legolas. I kind of agree with you on the
tree thing. Glad you were able to save it. I cant wait to find out what you've
gotten into next.
**SarWolf Snape: al sez thaenkz, she'z glaed u thaenk itz fuennie. Whin she sez
dat, she haz a soert of saerkastik toen tu her voece. Deed u sea owr trea on
al'z bio paeg?**

aawwwwpoor leggy being sick. that must have been horrible. well i love and i
hope you are better now.
**ashlee: It iz noet fuen gittin siek. Noew I noe whie huemenz ar suech baybeez
whin dey due noet feal guud.**

Hi, nothing like having to deal with an upchucking elf? I must say that
I side with 'Yes Dear's' candy selection--chocolate covered raisins are my
favorite. In fact, I rationalize that they are not really candy at all--just
raisins encased in a chocolate delivery mechanism.
Hi Legolas (gershwin waves). Thank you for the moose tracks peanut butter
cup...that was very thoughtful of you, sweetie pie! And I see that you have a
craving for things chocolate? You are an elf after my own heart, you lean, mean
loving machine. Hugs and kisses to you!
**gershwin: I kin bea leen, and I kin bea meen, buet a lubbin masheen? Whoea! I
lub choklit. al lubz it aelmoest az muech az me, she enharited it frum da
Grammar Laedee I thaenk. I doen't noe wich kiend iz my faevurite.**

Oh al!
I had a feeling something like that would happen once you got the christmas tree
farm! **grin**
Had you really expected a wood elf to take to the idea of a bunch of people
coming and and "slaughtering" a bunch of trees? : )
I'm glad you guys came up with a solution! We used to have a plastic tree, but
the real ones are just so much more lovely. I suppose Legolas can take comfort
in the fact that we can apprecite the beauty of the real trees! (Even if it does
involve cutting them down.... hmmm.... well nothing is perfect I suppose...)
*blushing madly*
Thanks Legolas! That's sweet of you.
I'm so sorry that you got carsick. That hasn't ever really happened to me
before, but I know that it is not fun! Just don't try to read in the car and you
should be ok.
*BIG hug and two kisses back (one for each cheek)*
**Kat: Yaes, da Creestmiss trea faerm wuz kwite an aedvanshur. I deed okae comin
hoem en da kar, I jest thaenk I deed noet noe tu tael Yeas Deer I fealt fuennie.
It hepz tu ried en da frunt, and tu goe sloe an noet luuk ouet da siedz of da

Hey, I really very much enjoy your story, and have read it in a matter of about
half an hour it was so good! I say hello to Legolas, and am glad he is having so
much fun here! He will enjoy Christmas! :)
**Laura: glaed u joyend us. U reed reely faest! I em reatuernin to Meedle erth
in a maettr of hoerz noew, soe I weel noet bea hear fur Chreestmiss.**

I'm sorry I've missed your past few adventures Legolas. I've been down with a
nasty cold. Had to have caught it from an orc.
eewwww. car sickness is not a fun thing, but chocolate covered bananas are! yum.
Isn't it just terrible what they do to trees this time of year? I think al and
Yes Dear did the right thing. There is also the option of a "toy" tree that you
put together every year, then pack in a box until the next time. Not as nice,
but it's good if you have little yard space for rescued pines.
Al, I know he's a handful, but try to have patients with him. He will be going
home all to soon and then what will you do? Enjoy him while you can.
**leail: I have messed u! I em glaed u caem bak beafour I haed tu leeve. U kin
reely git huert meassin wid doze naestie Oerkz, soe bea karfuel! An choklit
bandanaz AR GUUD!**

(Phoenix Flight)
I should have known you wouldn't want to kill a tree, Legolas! Sounds like you
got a beauty, though. Tell us more, please! We want to hear about your last
week. *sniff, sob* I'm trying not to think about it.
Phoenix Flight
**Phoenix Flight: Da trea iz beutaful an vary haeppie. Al puet a pikshur oen her
bio paeg, deed u sea it? I wuz afraed u deed noet like me whin u furst rote tu
me, buet I em tuched dat we hav beacom guud fraendz.**

(The Two Princesses)
Oh yeah baby! (c al) We like it, we like it!
You rock Legolas! Go you! For not letting Yes dear cut the tree down. We are
glad that he is understanding too. What a nice Yes dear!
Do you feel better now Legolas? Being sick in the car is no fun - we know. M
always gives us some tablets to take, first. But elves would probably just get
sicker if they took them.
Wow! That chocolate shop was to die for! M acts just the same way, when she sees
a shop like that! Yummy......yum....yum......How are you going to live without
chocolate, when you go back to Middle Earth, Legolas? I don't think M could live
without it ever again. Yesterday, it was her anniversary and we made sure to
give her chocolate several times, during the day. She thought that was great!
Maybe you should get al a special chocolate surprise before you go?
Shhhhhhh.........don't tell al.....ok? Love you Legolas - have to go now, and
push little princess off the trampoline and have my turn at doing somersaults.
Hey al? Are you going to be all right when he goes back? You will miss not
having him around won't you? I am a bit worried about you! Here is a special hug
for you, from me and little princess.....bye!

*wide-eyed puppy dog face* You mean it's almost over? But...that can't be!
Legolas tell her she can't!!! It's wrong! *sniffles* I'm gonna miss you!
the way you wouldn't happen to have any fudge left over would you? *insane
shimmer in her eyes* Mmmmm chocomolate....chocomolate makes everything better.
Make sure to visit so we can hear about it!
Aww you got sick? I feel for you I really do! That's just the worst! But hey!
You got chocomolate!
Huggles for the Prance and the lovely authoress (do I hafta spell out your
**SilverStarlightAngel: U kin thaenk Nancing Elf dat we all cael her al. It
taekz her fureber tu tipe her naem-eben immoralz like me git tierd waetin.
Sorree, I hav a reapuutashun fur eetin all da choklit een site, soe dere iz noe
moer. Thaenks fur tipin tu me beafour I leaft.**

(Lily Frost)
*sighs* Actually, Willow died.. apparently pet store rats tend to be inbred and
often have genetic disorders. Grr.. breeding them in the first place like that
is cruel if they're not going to live that long.
I agree with you that cutting down so many trees is wrong as well.. although
trees taken into a warm house during winter and then put outside again don't
always survive because they come out of a sort of 'hibernation' when they're
taken indoors. Maybe if it was kept in a (sunny) garage or porch until spring?
We did that once and the tree looked awful for years.. put it did pull through
and is now really, really big. =D We have a fake tree this year--it's synthetic.
Looks kind of straggley, but what would you expect for $20 at Walmart? I did
pick up some fallen branches, dress them up, and hang them around the house for
the smell though. Don't you love how pine smells?
*sighs* and I'm sick now too.. oh well, one more week and I get out of school.
Should really be doing my homework instead of reading fanfiction.
**Lily Frost: I em soe sorree abot Willow. Dat iz da haerdist thang abot lievin
wid moertalz. al keapz da ruum whur da trea iz muech koolr dan da raest of da
hoesz. Plues it doez noet reely git tuu kold hear eniwae. Hoep u feal bedder

Hi Legolas, my little puddle-like Honeybun of Love.... (grin) And Hi Al, mother
to Elves! (even bigger grin)
Poor Legolas, car-sick... (shakes head) I get that way too, it's a marvelous
excuse to get to ride in the front seat. (grin) However since I usually drive,
it isn't an issue....
Yes, One of these days I will write the story of the Imladris Twins and their
nicknames. Heh heh heh... NOW they have the wit to look frightened. Hah! Score
one for Jasta!
Legolas, your Ada has had a much calmer week. We introduced him to winter
asparagus with hollandaise sauce, prime rib of beef with Bearnaise sauce, and
acorn squash stuffed with long grain and wild rice, and suger snap peas. Not to
mention peanut soup. He is a very happy Elven-king right now, especially since
he's licking dark chocolate mousse off my fingers....
Hrmmm. Come to think of it, JASTA'S pretty happy right now too.... (grin)
Al, I do find him difficult to hug when he's melting all over the place. But
watching him reconstitute himself is just too amusing! (grin) Thranduil doesn't
do that of course, he's well accustomed to the wiles of human females.... but he
does preen a lot at the constant praise for the beauty of his person. And he's
got a GREAT singing voice!!
It's gonna be SO lonely when you go home, Legolas! whatever will we do!!
Hrmm... Thranduil just gave me Smiling Wigglies (c. Thranduil) and said he'll
think of something. Uhh... gotta go now kids. Can't wait to see what ELSE
Legolas did in the car....
**JastaElf: (*sliedz boenlesslee tu da floer AGIN * Come on baby, you can do
this. . . .* al pulls Legolas back into the chair, patting his cheek * Uuhhh. .
. I kin't! I kinnot sae guudbie tu her! Then don't, just talk to her and pretend
it's ok, ok? Okae. . . .) Hae Jaesta! Hae Ada! (al, I kin't! I doen't theenk I
kin due dis! Yes, you can, come on..) I em glaed Ada goet tu eet all doze
wunderful soendin fuudz. Deed u saev me eni choklit moose? Doze moose ar beeg,
wuzn't dat daengerus? An whur deed u hav tu tuch dat moose tu git it oen ur
feenger, hueh Jaesta??? Keap dem bizy fur me Ada, okae? Im mel le!**

*covers eyes* I think I found my partner in crime.*g* Too bad you have to go
back soon.=(
**Michelle: Hav u bean reedin "Elvish Lessons"? I deedn't noew al whuz gunna
tipe doze leassonz up. Bea a guud gurl-Saenta iz wachen u!**

Great story! Lolz, poor poor Legolas. I have no idea what it is like being
motion-sick, having a cast-iron stomach . . .*wink*
I agree with him - it is very sad about Christmas trees. I always buy a cut-down
one because I don't want it to have died in vain, but I never cut one down
You make Legolas so . . .lubbable, as he would say. He is adorable. Good job!
**ElvenPickle: Thaenkz fur tipin tu me! I hav neber bean en a vaen tu da
mowntaenz beafour, buet it wuz noet tu baed aftur I goet uzed tu it. Lubbabel AN
adoerabel? *swuunz* **

Uh oh... another unexpected? Poor Legolas, it's no fun being car sick >.
**Arilyn: Kar siek iz meassy an smaelie. I due noet plaen tu bea cought agin
noet nowen whut iz haeppinin en my stumik. al sez she iz dun kliefhaengin.**

Hi, Legolas, Sure you can drive to the mailbox but if you would like to have
some real fun with my SUV, let me show you how to give it a shampoo. It needs
one badly. See you soon. Hugs and Kisses to all. Grammar
**Grammar Laedee: Malebokz? I wuz plaenin oen goen all da wae tu da beeg roed tu
da stoepsine. I lub shaempuu, braeng dat SUV tu me!**

I some how managed to break it with my thick skull... Stupid, I am. Great
chapter! Although I will need a little kiss from Legolas before he leaves...
*puppy eyes* Please? I'll miss him. Do you think he could bring me with him?
*more puppy eyes*
**Laure: U uzed ur haed? Oew!! U ar noet stoopid, jest aksident proen. Like dat
guy wid da cuerly broewn hare whoe thaenkz he iz me. He haz pueppie eyez tu!**

awww, i hope your ok legolas. haha you must love fudge, me to0. awww, the 18 is
almost here, i'm gonna miss you!
**anna: Soe glaed u tiped tu me beafour I haed tu goe! I due lub choklit

lol thankyou! poor Legolas! And poor trees! I'm just glad I am allergic to real
Christmas trees and that my family always puts up a fake one, and I've never had
to drive out to a tree farm to purchase one. Though I do hear it's a lot of fun
picking out the perfect tree for Christmas.
Wonderful chapter! Legolas is just so cute!
"I waent won of. . . .of. . . . eberythang. . . "
**Angaloth: Allargik tu treaz? Dat iz jest noet fare! We deed hav a wunnerful
tiem. Sumtiemz u jest hav tu bea kleer an aesk fur eggsacktly whut u waent.**

Ai! Poor Legolas! (c. TH) My poor, poor baby! You got sick?! I didn't know elves
could do that either. My guess is that it was the combination of the Wendy's
chili and the motion of the car and maybe the Frosty too. Eeew, gross--I'm not
going to even think of the mess Yes Dear had to clean up. He was indeed very
brave to do that; he should definitely get his warrior braids.
I had to laugh at the game you played while you were getting close to the tree
farm. We always played something similar when we were kids making the trek up to
the Twin Cities for vacation (sadly, that's what you do when you're from IA).
Anyway, seven of us (sometimes nine, if Grams and Gramps were along; wait, ten,
'cause the dog would come too) would be piled in the conversion van and the
first to spot the Jolly Green Giant would be the winner. What we won exactly, I
can't remember, but it was always a great honor.
LOL about the banana and the Haldir comment. al, where's that story again?
So you *finally* made it to the tree farm. I bet Little Pip was happy.
al, your description of Legolas riding on top of the truck just tore at my
I'm glad you stuck up for your trees. That was very kind and very elvish of you.
I have an artificial tree, with fiber optics; its in my bedroom, very cool mood
And yet another cliffhanger! Grrrr...I'm glad Legolas is going home soon; you're
getting too good at this cliffhanger business. At least when he goes home, we
won't be subject to those nasty little things anymore.
WAIT! I didn't mean it! I don't want you to go, Legolas! ::weeping
uncontrollably:: Please stay! I'll be lost without you, Love! They really don't
need you back in M-e. Tolkien said of all the Fellowship, you accomplished the
least. (Did you know that? Grrrr!) Of course, I don't believe that at all;
without you, they would have been bird feed, and then pond scum, and then orc
fodder and then....Oh Legolas, whatever will I do without you? ::sobs rack PP's
body as she tries to gasp for air:: Please, Legolas! ::more sobs:: Please...!
**Puter Patty: (oohh, al, ritin dese ledderz ez gittin soe haerd . . . .I know,
nin caun, but you are strong, come on) Yeas Deer shulda goet worrier braedz da
dae he merried al feeftean yeerz agoe, tu heare heem tael it. al sez noe moer
kliefhaengrz. Akoemplashed da leest?? Whoe saevd Gandalf oen Caradras? Whoe wear
dey kaellin whin da Wacher en da Wader wuz aeftur us? Doze beeg braev smaellie
men wear sayen "Legolas!!Legolas!!!" Whoe shoet da arow entu da Oerk dat wuz
abot tu keel Araporn at Amon Hen?? Whoe keeld da caev troall? Hueh?? Hueh???
*groewlz * Da kweast iz duumed widout me. It weel bea vary haerd, buet I muest
goe. I weel mees u vary muech. I steel thaenk I wuld hav enjoeyd havin my hare
en coernroez. Thaenk u fur alwaez beein dere ebery chaeptr fur me. I hoep u weel
kuntinue to dreem abot me. Uma, amin naa fauka vys, meleth-nin.**

OK, so I pressed the button, and it didn't quite say 'give Legolas some love',
but I think it should!
I would just like to say before I start my review - mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.......
I must say that I didn't know elves could get sick either! Your car must smell
delightful Al!
Hi Legolas! So you have discovered the wonders of a sweet shop! You'll never
manage without one now! Here's a little tip for you - when you go back in TTT
sneak a load of (wrapped) sweets into your pack or your arrow bag! Just don't
let them melt! You'll be pleased to hear that we don't have a real Christmas
tree - just a little plastic one, but Christmas trees don't suffer anyway! They
make a lot of people very happy, and so fulfil their life's purpose!
Oooh! I have an idea! Why don't you, Al, Little Pip and Yes Dear have an early
christmas?! Then you would still get a christmas before you have to go home!
That would be fun (and I'm sure Little Pip wouldn't mind having two
Don't eat too much candy or you'll make yourself sick again!
Big hugs and kisses!
Rachel xxx
So, Al - what do you say - Legolas has an early Christmas!?
Wonderful chapter as usual!
**Magical Rachel: al'z kar deedn't smael neer az baed az it deed dis suemmr whin
she furgoet tu braeng een da meelk she bot at da grossery stoer-fur 3 daez! al
sez ebery dae wid me iz like Chreestmiss!**

(Skye Rocket)
I love this! Heehee. Fudge rocks...
Poor Legolas, getting sick in the car...
**Skye Rocket: I em glaed tu here u sae u lubd it woen laest tiem. Fudj duz rok,
espaesially da Roky Roed kiend.**

*blink blink* Motion sickness? LOL Sorry, but I really did not see that coming.
Oh, poor Legolas. That must have been horrible, but you really must learn to
tell people if you are going to be sick. LOL Poor Little Pip. "This is all his
fault." Amazingly no one has ever gotten car sick in our family. Just lucky I
ROFL He is sick in the car and then you reach the quaint little town and he is
running full speed for the candy shop. Legolas, I think it is a very good thing
that you are an Elf or you would weigh well over two hundred pounds at this
point! You and your sweet tooth sound like Tavor and his! al, does he know about
dentists?? Hmmm...sounds like you have quite a sweet tooth as well, nin mellon.
Oh, well, it is Christmas after all. ;) ROFL Again with the banana and Haldir!!
LOL to Little Pip's blockhead. Has she been watching Charlie Brown?
Very sweet and well, sad description of the prince with his blonde hair flowing
and a smile on his face looking as the Elves must on the way to Valinor.
Reminded me of Ithilien's description.
Hmm...I was wondering how he would react to the sacrifice of a Christmas tree. I
always feel a twinge of regret as well, but ....:) Legolas, we have the remnants
of a Christmas tree farm in our back yerd. We have perhaps 30 Norway Spruce
trees standing out there. They are all about 30 - 40 feet tall now and are quite
lovely. Though they aren't happy when Emma and Nate's friends come over to shoot
the bow and arrows. Sometimes they hit the trees instead of the target. Very
Another cliffhanger! WOW! Two in a row,al. What is it he did now that you didn't
think he could??
I know I beat CowgirlKK12 this time as she is still in bed!
Elu and Brethil would send their greetings, but they are still in bed. Lazy
household here, but church doesn't start for a couple of hours yet, so I don't
blame them.
Good luck with your balled tree! I hope it lives a good long life, and serves as
a memory of this most magical Christmas Tree Hunting Trip.
Elenath sila erin le!
**TreeHugger: (al, I jest kin't! Yes, you can, come on, we'll do it together-
just start by answering her question about the dentist. Ooeh, al, I dunnot
thaenk I kin . . . Say hi to her, just start typing something easy. . . .Okae. .
. .) Hae Trea! I keap my teef brueshd bedder hear dan een Meedle erth. I doent
hav tiem tu git faet, I em moevin tu faest. U deed beet CowgirlKK12! She weel
noet bea haeppie! Dere ar sum aedvaentagez tu gittin up earlee, like beain able
tu rite stoereez and taelk tu ur fraendz oen da IM. Sae hae tu Natebuddie fur
me, an tu CowgirlKK12 whoe haz a cruesh oen me, dat layzeeboenz! Thaenk u fur
saendin doze pikshurz dat u dreaw of me tu al, she weel nead dem suun I feer.
Suun she weel bea bak tu her faest beata'n sef.
Trea, taek kaer of al fur me, okae? Proemis? Amin mela vys. . . . . . **

(La Princesse D'or)
Hello! Im really hungry now, I havent had lunch and now all I can think about is
chocolate and fudge. Frozen bananas with chocolate? I have never had that
before! Maybe its just an american thing, damn you americans and your yummy
frozen bananas!
Anyway let me just take my mind of food for aone second and just tell you
brilliant as usual and update soon! ( I bet you are sick of hearing that by
Poor Legolas! He got travel sick, and i thought with all the jumping from tree
to tree and stuff that elves would get travel sick! awww now what has he done?
hmmm...something to do with food *rubs chin thoughtfully* I havent got a clue,
I'll just have to wait till next chapter.
Btw, How silly of me! I have completly forgotten to tell you that i have changed
my screen name! I was getting a little bored with 'blue eyed babe' so I thought
?I would go all french, seing as it is my favourite subject.
Luv Sarah
**La Princess D'or: U jest taek a bandana, kuet it en haf wid ur leedle wite
nife, puet a poepsikle steek en da end u kuet, an diep it entu maelted choklit.
Den u fraez it. It IZ guud! Thaenkz fur taellin me abot ur neu naem! I like

(Nancing Elf)
OMEru! First Prance expels gas, then he expels the contents of his cute little
tummy. Ok. Ewwwwww!
I think Little Pip can never look at Legolas Greenleaf the same way ever again!
You know, I was wondering whether or not Legolas would get upset about the idea
of killing trees for Christmas. Glad you ended up taking a live one home.
Ok Al! Now, what else didn't you know that elves could do?
btw, I put up a new story...something Prance might enjoy...*not*
**Nancing Elf: *gruemblez * Elvez maekin toeyz. . . . doze ar dwarvez klaemin tu
bea elvez. . .I kin't bealeeve doze hueminz liestned tu dem dwarvez wid dere
taelz. . .. Mae I pet u won laest tiem? *paetz NE en my laep 10 loeng strokez
frum her haed tu her tael * **

awww, poor thing, throwing up like that. Well, at least you had some candy to
console you. I am glad you consoled the trees. Hopefully it didn't hurt too much
when they were being brutally murdered...
*why am i writing to an elf??*
Great chapter! My friend almost had a fit when i told her about the 'fanny'
sentance...she couldn't stop laughing! She also told me that when she went to
the synagogue once a little girl was misbehaving. The problem was, at that time
we had an American Rabbi, who told her to 'be quiet or i will have to snack your
fanny'. Needless to say, he was *very* distressed when he found out what he had
**aranel_elf: al sez she haed noe ideea abot da fuenniee thangz u Brietz sae,
buet she iz laernin faest an apresheatez da leasonz. Keap her straite fur me,

Wow, you sure get chapters up fast! I'm still working on one I've had going for
three months! (I guess I should stop reviewing and start writing, huh? Then
again . . .)
**Eileen: al sez she haz tu rite faest az we ar oen a deedlien. I thaenk frum
luukin at her, she neadz a brake rite abot noew, beasiedz da won she haz een her
fuut wich she deed noet rite abot, tho sum of u noe abot it.**

(Lady Silence)
*blinks innocently*
I'm not saying a word about the fudge... Nope.
*snaps fingers and sends more fudge goodness and Pez to Legolas and Al*
You two gave me such a craving for frozen bananas now. *whimpers* And I can't
even leave the tower.. there are Oompa Loompas singing christmas carols
outside.. and they somehow follow me everywhere. *shudders in fear*
Maybe I can just have someone eat them...
I hope you're feeling better Legolas, getting motion sickness is an uber pain. I
can't even ride some amusent park rides without getting dizzy and light headed
anymore. Damn my age..
And isn't Monica the best? All she did was tell Avernus (my kidnapper) that God
loved him, etc.. and he went insane and turned into a babbling idiot!!
It was fun to watch.. we celebrated with hot chocolate afterwards.
Mmm.. cocoa. Need to go make some more.
Anyway, great as usual.
Uber Hugs and Gloms for you Legolas!!! Uber Hugs for Al!!
*Sounds can be heard from a Box nearby*
"C'mon! Let me out!!! Please? I promise to behave! I'll even give Legolas the
pictures I got of him in the shower!!"
*Sil's eyes widen*
Uh.. you might want to check the house now. If Alli already has those pics, that
means.. hoy! I'll reimburse you for whatever money she's made on those.. better
take a good look around though. She likes to hide tiny Washu-made cameras in
shower heads and such..
*shakes head*
You know, I'm starting to wish I was insane again, at least then I wouldn't have
to responsible! lol
You know.. if/when you eventually go home to Middle Earth, Legolas.. I'm going
to have to drop by and visit you.. hmm.. vacation plans! *giggles*
-Silence, the Uber Goddess of.. Something~
"Jingle bell, jingle bells.."
*Sil shrieks at the OL's singing and cowers in fear*
**Lady Silence: Thaenk u fur da Pez an fudj. Nekkid pikshurz of me? Goesh, whoe
wuld bie doze?**

**IRENA: WHUR AR U??Mebbe it iz fur da beast dat we paert like dis. Im glerin
al-tirai min le, Arwenamin. Im gelir le anirant im an buia-le. Amin harmva
melavys e'cormamin, A'maelamin.**

**isilwen: Dere ar meany foermz of deskrimanashun. It duz seam iroenik tu keel a
trea fur a saeveeor'z burfdae saleabrashun whin he weel lader alsoe die tu saev
maenkiend. I weel mees u . . . .**

**Loopy4_1: I em goen hoem en a feuw houerz noew. Mebbe al an Yeas Deer would
laet u com neckz yeer. Lembaz ar guud, buet u due git tierd of dem. I'd raethr
hav a choklit bandana. Doez treaz wear haeppie tu sea me!**

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