Chapter 21 Reviews

(Lina Skye)
*dives at Legolas and wraps my arms around his knees "U are not leaving! You
will not leave the author, and me! If you do, I WILL FOLLLOW YOU!"*
*sniffles* LEgolas, don't leave us! *breaks down and sobs*
*sits up and grabs LEgolas "well, there is one thing I must do if you are going
to leave...."*
*an awkward pause ensues as I prepare myself.....*
*I grab Legolas and kiss him, hard*
*~*~*A few minutes later...~*~*~*
*leans backward and fastens onto Legolas's knees again "Now that that is
If he does end up leaving...what will I do?! I ahve an idea! I will find some
way to get Aragorn through that TTT movie screen when I go thursday! That's it!
You wouldn't mind if I borrowed that idea, would you?!

Oh boy! You get to meet Santa!!! He's really cool, isn't he?
Hmm... one more day till you return home. Bye Legolas! I'll miss you.

bye Legolas--I hope that you don't run into any fangirls in middle earth--they
look pretty dangerous. Happy orc hunting, Legolas. Hugs and kisses to you!

(Thriwien-Mirkwood Princess)
Noooo! Please don't go!! I'll miss you soooo much!
*runs off crying*

I have been reading it.Try to behave until you go back.You'll be missed.*hugg*

(Phoenix Flight)
Dear Legolas,
What a terrible countdown it is.
I haven't seen the Bio page yet, so I need to go see it now.
*hangs head* I must admit that when I first read your biography I didn't like it
too well. I don't really know why I didn't like it. I guess I thought it was
silly, somehow. I love your story now!
Phoenix Flight
PS: That was a narrow escape with the fangirls!

(Darth Yak)
What a great story! I just spent the past two days reading it and catching up...
Oh, must you go back Legolas? I'll miss you terribly! Though, I'm sure you'll be
happy to see all of your friends and family again. *blows kisses at Legolas* As
long as you're happy...
[whispers to al] Maybe you should have a little early Christmas celebration so
he can experiance the whole Christmas thing before he goes. Then you can also
exchange gifts and have something special to remember him by. *sniffles*
I'm going to go now... I hate goodbyes!
*breaks down crying*

This is Nate. Legalos I will miss you. I had a great time talking to you.I hope
to see you in the movie. I think you will kill a lot of Orcs. I really like it
when you slide down the steps on the shield with your bow. That is very cool. I
will see your movie on I love you Nate

(Nancing Elf)
ROTFLMAO!!!! Legolas' questions to "Santa" were priceless! OMEru, I couldn't
stop laughing!
And then for you all to get caught up in a Christmas parade...*snicker*...poor
Prance got a taste of scary fangirls! LOL.
I'm sniffing a little here...we're all going to lose Legolas soon...he feels
like he's a part of my family too. Waaahhhhh!
Prance Legolas, you may continue to pet NE for as long as you like! :) NE LOVES
to be petted by her favorite ELF! *purrrrrrr*

Legolas, I'm going to miss you so.... I can't bear the thought of you leaving
I'm so sorry... I can't go on....

(Lily Frost)
Yes, those are fan girls. Met any slashy fan girls yet? *smirks, remembering
'Out of the closet.'*
Don't go.. yet.

(Skye Rocket)
Heh. My favorite kind of fudge is M and M fudge. I just love this story! It's so

Santa sure is a nice guy, huh? Fangirls are scary, scary things. o_O (I should
know, I'm a fangirl of a few things, LoL) The Two Towers comes out tomorrow! O_O
Uh oh... I'm gonna miss you, Legolas! ::sniff:: I won't be able to see the movie
until Friday. I hope you get back safely, Legolas. Everyone's going to miss you
bunches! ::hugs::

No... no he just can't go... *bursts into tears* He can't go... I won't be able
to live without him... *composes self* So, he finally had a run-in with the
infamous fangirls? Suprised that it didn't happen sooner. *looks sad* I will
miss you Legolas. I've really enjoyed reading about all of your adventures here.
And thank you al, for taking such good care of him.
Namarie, melamin.

I can't believe you're actually going Legolas! We're all gonna miss you soooo
much! I have another idea for you - you could take a laptop computer with you,
and stay in touch! I'm glad you liked Santa! I haven't done that in years! :( So
you met the fangirls?! Aren't you lucky! Ha ha!
Anyway, you have been wonderful to write to, and I don't want you to go!
Big kisses and hugs all the way to Middle-earth!
Rachel xxx
Al - how will you manage without him?

I know Legolas. I totally agree with you. *You* saved Gandalf, *you* killed the
Watcher in the Water (at least as PJ tells it), *you* took care of that Cave
Troll, *you* shot down the Nazgul's winded steed, *you* killed at least a
hundred Orcs on Amon Hen. You're right--the Quest is doomed without you, which
means, though I am loath to admit it, you *must* go back. ::whimper::
Oi, I'm still not thinking about.
So I'm glad you got to meet Santa. He is a jolly old fellow, isn't he? Will we
ever know the "something...private" that you shared with him?
And the parade--what fun! Well, maybe not. You're lucky I wasn't there, what
with your delicious butt hanging out the window. You're lucky that the worse
that happened was a chunk of your gorgeous hair got pulled out. Had *I* been
there...well, let's just say, you would have come away with a nice imprint of my
teeth as something to remember me by. Much better than some tatoo.
So al, glad to hear you've got your tickets and that Legolas will be back in
Middle-earth ::chokes back a sob:: by the time I go.
I'm still not thinking about it.
My fingers are crossed--will there be one more chapter? Maybe two--one tonight,
one later on this week to hear that Legolas got safely back to Middle-earth. I
still think my palantir idea is a good one. I'm sure Araporn (snert) will let
Legolas use it; it's for a good cause after all.
Farewell, dear Legolas. I'm sorry writing all these letters is getting hard for
you. It's getting hard for me to write you for what might be the last time. I
don't wait to hit the "submit" button. (Of course, I'd always submit to you,
melethron.) Do you think perhaps if I just keep this window open, time would
stand still and you could stay forever. No? Oh. Well, here goes.
::PP takes a deep breath and hits submit. A fading cry is heard in the bowels of

I am going to 'meez u' Legolas! Glad that your stay here was good! Sorry about
your run-in with the 'faengurlz', they can be brutal! Here's a goodbye peck from
me to you! :)

So sorry that i did not review the last chapter i have been busy i will miss you
very much i hope you come out again at the end of this movie that would be very
coolthat was funny when the fan girls were pulling on your hair i bet that
bugged you i am glad that al liked that magazine the day i sent it to her i
bought a nother one :} hope that you come back love you byebye

Greetings Legolas Elvellon. This is Elu. Tree can't type right now. She is
crying too hard and can't see the screen she says. So Brethil and I will start
this while she gets herself under control.
So you finally found the real Santa Claus. Even Tree says he must have been the
real Santa. Only the real Santa would be that kind and patient with you. You
sounded like Brethil there for a minute.
*Brethil shoves Elu off the chair* He makes that sound like that is a Bad Thing.
Mae Govannen, Legolas! Oh, you are going home! How lucky for you! I am sure they
all miss you terribly! They need you too! The fate of Ennor would be bleak if
you weren't there to help save everyone! You are the best archer in the world,
as we all know. Don't worry about what will happen in Mirkwood on March 15. Your
Adar will take care of everything. He has the best warriors...except for you of
course, or me, or Tanglinna...well, he has the rest of the best Warriors in
Mirkwood - Tavor is still there and Elu will be there too - to help him win
against the attack from Dol Guldur....What? I wasn't supposed to say that?
Oh...Um, Legolas? Just ignore what I just wrote. Everything will be fine.
Really. Trust me. I have read the whole book and the appendixes too. Everything
will be fine! You need to stay with Aragorn and Gimli. Really. They would not
survive without you to protect them.
*Elu says "Excuse me, but that is enough for now, Brethil."
This is me again, Legolas. It is too bad that you had a very bad fangurl
experience before you left Modren Erth. They are a strange race and very
dangerous. You should see what some of them write about you...well, no. Do not
look at what some of them write about you. I hope that you make it back to
Middle Earth with no problems. They do need you, and even Tree understands that.
So I will say Namarie, Elvellon! We will find out tomorrow if you made it back.
*blows nose on a large red hanky* Namarie! *gets up sobbing and flees outside*
MG, Legolas. This is Brethil. I guess it is my turn to say Namarie. It has been
wonderful to read of your adventures at al's house. You do seem to have a lot of
fun there. I am sure Little Pip and YD will miss you very much, and I know that
al must be heartbroken. Tree is and she just lives here with us! Perhaps I will
come and see you there some day, if Mandos is kind and will let me come back.
There are some days he threatens to send me back because it is supposed to be
quiet and peaceful here, and for some reason he says I am not quiet enough.
*shrugs* I do not know what he is talking about. Well, I guess the time has
come. Namarie. Make sure al takes plenty of kleenex with her. Or a few of
Elrond's red hankies...or Gandalf's blue ones...or Tanglinna's green ones...or
King Thranduil's blue ones...or...*smiles* Namarie, nin mellon. *smiles and
waves* Tell Tavor I said Hae! and that Mandos Halls are...well... they just are.
Hae, Legolas. This is Tree. I don't know how I can type this, but I will try.
First, I have really loved talking to you on the IM. One of the highlights of my
existence! Second, I am sorry that I made you mad on occasion and made you do
that Noldor thing. That was not very nice of me. Third, I do understand why you
have to leave. I really do. It is just hard to say good-bye to the people we
love. Don't worry about al. I will try to take good care of her, though I guess
it is a good thing that YD is taking you two to the movie tonight. I don't think
I could do it. Two crying women is NOT a Good Thing! Sorry, I can't see the
blasted screen again! I won't remind Nate that you have left...not just yet. He
is already upset about not being allowed to go tomorrow. I don't want him to cry
about your being gone. Try to take better care of your teeth when you go home.
They are the only ones you will ever have. Well, I have to wrap it up here since
I am going to losing it again. Go and save Middle Earth! And please try to save
Haldir if he needs it! It will be with joy and sorrow that I watch the movie
tomorrow. Namarie, mel Legolas! Im ath meleth an uir! Namarie!

My dear Legolas, admit it, a fart is a fart, and I don't buy it that it is only
humans and hobbits that do it, apparently elves do too : ). I'm just teasing
you. Thank you so much for saving the tree, my Christmas tree is fake, always
have been, always will be, I cannot stand seeing all those trees after Christmas
being thrown away out on everybody's driveways ... it makes me happy to see I
have something in common with an elf : ). Couldn't you stick around until ROTK?
Oh, I really am gonna miss you, maybe you could write us somehow, maybe you
could get a hold of a Palantir?

Legolas, I'm so glad you could be here at Christmastime. It really is the best
time of the year (despite the fact that those of us who work in retail are
treated like slaves--but enough of that.). See, you figured out who the real
Santa is! Hope he brings you everything you want.
Next year you can come live at MY house! ;)

Oh Legolas! What are we going to do without you?
I've waited all year for this movie, and now that it's here I don't want it to
I will miss you dearly and hope you do not get hurt in the next two films. If
you are able, send word through al and let us know how you are doing.
hugs and kisses

(SarWolf Snape)
Hi Legolas. So you're getting ready to go back? I think I can say that a while
lot of us are going to miss you. I see you met some fangirls...*shudder* Scary
things that they are.. I should know considering that my two personal lust
objects Faramir and Eomer will be appearing onscreen very shortly. As you can
see I am quite excited..

Well, it's been fun living vicariously through your story. You're pretty cool,
ya know that, and since you're going home, I'm happy for you. Plus we'll get to
see the worrier-prance saving Middle Earth's butt again. *evil grin* But will
you make me an Elf-toy when you come back? Please?

(Lady Silence)
1 word, Legolas sweetie.
They buy anything. (And as a fangirl myself, I know these things)
*Gloms, uber hugs and fun presents to take back to ME*
You know, everyone is going to miss you. *sniffles*
Maybe I'll go around and start taking everyone on trips to visit you in ME.
Think you'd be up for that?
I hope you enjoyed your visit with Santa, he's pretty cool. I'm uber glad you
survived the fangirl encounter too.
You're going to have tons of stories to tell everyone back in ME. I wonder if
they'll believe you..
Uber hugs and holiday well wishes, cutie!!
If/when you go back, you remember to take care of yourself. Kay?
More hugs!!! Take some Pez with you!!
~Silence, Miss Uber Goddess of Fangirls, but can be cool when she wants to be~

(JastaElf 2002)
*Jasta collapses sobbing miserably on the chest of an extremely studly and
completely compassionate Thranduil, who pats her back and tells her it will be
OK in Sindarin...*
Oh, LEGOLAS, my little honeybun of love... I can't stand the thought of your not
being here any more, but I also can't stand the thought of you not being back in
Ennor to save the world!! *I* know you accomplished more than anyone else in the
Fellowship... they'd all have died without you!!
*sobs even harder*
Oh, I'm gonna miss you so much! I'm glad you got to talk to Santa, and sorry the
fangirls made you all crazy...
Ada saved some chocolate mousse for you. He's heading home soon too.
(WAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!) He and Saeros and Tuilinal and Aikalerion have to help
Celeborn smack the snot out of Shadow while y'all are fighting at Pelennor....
and of course the Twins have to leave so they can deliver Arwen's frippin'
banner to Aragorn.... Whatever shall I do! What will Al and Little Pip and Yes
Dear do? None of us will have any Elves around any more!!!
*Jasta slides to the floor in a puddle of tears, blowing her nose on Thranduil's
lovely blue silk hanky*
I can't stand it.... this is gonna be the end of me. *sob!*
Bye bye, tithen ernil, nin lend mellon.... you know you're welcome back here any
time! Just remember, it's a whole year until Return of the King comes out....


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