Chapter 22 Reviews


I am sitting here with tears running down my cheeks, just as I expected to be.
You have written the most amazing story, I'm in awe. Hope the holidays will
remove some of the sorrow of parting from the Prance...I hope to return to my
own story with the new year.
Gandalf is a wizard, surely he could figure out some way to at least get the
occasional note to you!

(La Princesse D'or)
NO!!! Legolas is gone! *bursts into tears* Thats terrible I'm so going to miss
him! That last chapter was so sweet, i loved it, i love this whole story! so
well written! so is this the end? i really wish it wasnt! btw, Im going to see
LotR for the first time this sunday! I am so excited! And i have almost
completed chapter 3 of my fic so i'll send it to you later on today. seeing as
its christmas next week there is no hurry to beta it for me. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!
Sarah xx

Aww... The Prance has gone home and our world will never be the same again...

Oh man, my sis and I sat here crying for five minutes after we read this. Jeez,
I'm still teary. I'm so sorry al, you must be in an awful state right now. I'm
not sure even elf kisses could help at this point, except they'd mean Legolas
was back. Are you sure you won't put up some of the stories we haven't heard
yet? Please? Legolas should've taken a laptop back to Middle Earth with him so
he could write to everybody and let you know how he is, al. I hope you feel
better and happy again soon.

(Princess ArWen of sMirkwood)
*hugs for Al n Lego*

(Dagmar of Avalon)
Ahhh! Legolas is gone! (btw I'm AndysPrincess's elven "sister".) I've been
following the story since she showed it to me... I never had the guts to say
something to Legolas (but secretly hoped on the 18th he would fall out of our
movie screen :) ) I should have said good-bye... *cries*

I absolutely loved this story. One of the best I've ever read. Funny and sad.

(Nancing Elf)
Oh al! Tears are streaming down my face. No wonder you can't venture near my
other story yet. *NE hugs al fiercely, with understanding and love*
This story had me laughing and crying with each new thing Legolas experienced.
From hot tubs, to instant messengering, to TV shows, the holidays...
I think you definitely struck a cord with your readers.
*Shhh, al, you will be alright. Prance lives in your memories and I'm sure you
will always live in his*

(SarWolf Snape)
Okay Im crying here. I knew this was going to be end of the fic but still Im
suprised at how it got to me. Great job. Completly loved this stoy. Hope to see
more from you soon!

*starts crying* wow, this whole story was so sweet, and adorable. i love your
story al. hope that you're okie.

He's... gone. *fights back tears* I'll miss him so much... I cried when I read
this chapter. Excellent story al.

(Skye Rocket)
Aaaaaah! That is so sad!

(sound of the skies)
that was really touching. i knew he had to go one day but i didnt think so soon,
even though it was 9 months. :( im gonna go see TTT this weekend - but i dont
think ill see legolas in quite the same way again..

(Phoenix Flight)
*Hysterical* I forgot to say good bye! I didn't realize that those would be the
last reviews he would read! I hope he knows, where ever Middle-earth is, that I
wanted to. Good bye, dear Prance, you will be missed!

(Thriwien-Mirkwood Princess)
Serious, and total downer... I miss him already.

::sobs:: We'll all miss him so much! I'm in tears... ::sniff:: But yes, at least
he's with his friends and family again. But, you'll probably miss him the most.

And Styx too....

(The Three Princesses)
Oh no! Oh no! He's gone and we didn't get to give him one last review before he
That's what we get for not turning the computer on for one whole day!
Damn that urge to spring clean the house from top to bottom in a day!
The two princess glare at M, while wiping their tears.
We miss him al! He's gone and it was sad, he didn't kiss you - he wanted to, but
was going to sweet, how cute, how adorable!
We love your story and you and hope you are okay.
Bye al - let us know if you are all right - ok?

WHAAAAAAAAAAA! He's gone! Oh that is so sad! *sniff* I think he should come back
after TTT is over!

*bows head*
He is gone.

*Sobbing helplessly*
He's gone... all the Elves are GONE....
No final notes from our Prance... just poor Al alone in the theater....
You mean Theoden didn't fall out of the screen? Or Elrond? Or Haldir????
You didn't say the story was over, al.... so I shall await more. But the bot did
not tell me you had posted.
*Jasta stares at the empty chocolate mousse bowl in the sink*
I'm glad the movie has opened... but I'm gonna miss the Prance!

OMG I didn't actually think that he'd go home. I guess...was it Yes Dear's
suggestion?...was right. Legolas could and did go home by going to the first
showing. I think that the fellowship will think that he's just a teeny bit crazy
if he tries to tell them what happened. Great story. Wish he'd stayed of course,
coz it was so interesting to read BUT now /I/ can see him on the big screen
today...OMG I'm going to be late! For TTT! *winces* I'll look out for Legolas
and I'll probably burst into tears when i see him. To leave happiness and go
back into such a desparate situation. I"m late, I'm late!

(Darth Yak)
*bottem lip trembles*
Oh no.
Here it comes...
*breaks down into heaving sobs*
What now?! What now?!?!?!?!
*miraculously composes herself*
Is there more??? This is such a great story! I have to read more!
*looses composure... again*

I hope you took lots more photos to remember him by!
You might have to go through all that again when Little Pip flies the nest.
College etc
Argh what am I saying? It's not real. *points at Al* you, you have turned over
400 people in to raving lunatics...a testament to your excellent story telling
skills - job well done!!
Erm, you don't really have Elf ears do you?

I'm actually crying!
Thankyou for sharing all your wonderful adventures with Legolas with us al, we
will miss you, him, and of course our love letters!
I hope you cope without him!
Big hugs and kisses cos you're gonna need them now!
Rachel xxx
ps. Eat some Keebler elf cookies, Hershey's kisses, and Peanut butter cups and

*sob* It's just too sad! How can life go on like this? *sob*

Dear Al,
I was wondering if I would find the last chapter this morning, and I did. I'm
still sniffling a little bit after reading the chapter ... what a short goodbye
you two had, yet so beautiful! This has been a wonderful story to follow, I hope
you keep on writing. As you promised in your summary, you've made us laugh and

(Lina Skye)
*sobs brokenly "Legolas...why?!!!"*
Fine then, 'Al', when I reviewed the earlier chapter, this chapter did not show
on the page. Now that I've read it.....I wanna cry.
Now, I will be forced to take drastic measures. I will not allow people to go
w/o a strange, ME man. I am now going to set out on my quest to bring Aragorn to
Never fear...I'll just go sit on SAnta's lap and ask him for a Ranger/King of
Gondor, and he'll have to give him to me. LoL...
Why did he have to leave? Here's an idea..why don't you, Yes Dear, and Lil' Pip
go w/ him?! Find some way to go!
It would be fun! DOO IT !! ! LoL!

I knew there would be one last chapter, but I'm not so sure I'm happy that there
was. I'm going to be late to work but I don't really care. I need time to
collect myself.
Oh al! My heart goes out to you so much. How hard for you, and Legolas! Oi, I'm
just so sad, nin mellon. Sad for all of us. We will really miss Legolas and miss
the tales you tell of his adventures here in Modern Earth.
Deep down inside, I'm hoping that sometime in March, when you go see tTT for the
37th time, you might find the Prance again. Wouldn't that be wonderful?!
Oi, I'm really late. I must go dry my hair now.
I'll be listening to "Babe" the entire car ride up to work today. Oi, so sad!
Nope, no mascara for me today.
Beautiful and heart-rendering (I don't really know what that word means, and I
don't really have time to look it up, but I think it's the one I want. Don't
laugh if it isn't, or maybe you can, just to cheer you up.) story, al. You truly
have made us laugh and cry and I really do want a hug! Yes, just a hug. :)
I'd tell you to "Write On," but for this story you really can't...yet. :) Maybe
some more Elvish Lessons--that would cheer us all up.
Okay, I'm really shutting up now. The hair still isn't dry.
Hey, that rhymed!
Really, I'm going now.

I actually cried during the farewell scene!
I'm going to see the movie this afternoon. If Legolas jumps off the screen into
my lap, I'll give you a call. OK?

(Lady Silence)
*lower lip trembles*
*burts into tears*
*gives Al a big uber hug*
I'm sooo sorry.. I really didn't expect him to go.. I was hoping he'd stay...
That is so sad...
At least, he's home, right?
I think that's a good thing..

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