Chapter 23 Reviews


Oh God! JastaElf was right!!! O.O! Poor inmocent Legolas!
I was wondering, even if your husban likes to procastinate the poor elf
soemtimes he really acts like his father, ne? do you think you see legolas like
your child soemtimes?

(Frodo Girl)
That was so wonderfully sad!!! I had tears in my eyes. Also i think it is time
to reveal my secret. I've been hiding Frodo Baggins in my room for the past 3
months! yes its true!!!! He's eating me out of house and home!!! My parents want
me to see a doctor because i'm sudenly "eating" all this food and i'm staying
skinny! they think i have bulmimia!!! HELP ME!!!

*cries* That was just beautiful! I didn't even realize it until now, but I
forgot to go to my Psych class trying to finish this story, but gah I don't
care, it was well worth it! Wonderful!
~G. Isis CXII

My computer went kaputz for a few days and all I kept thinking was, "I'm gonna
miss Legolas's last days!!!!! OH NO!!!!"
*sighs again*
Al, you're great.

Love you

Oh, al! I was sure you were dead - dying of a broken heart! I have thought about
you a lot since I knew he had gotten back and is safe thus far, and wondered how
you were handling life without him. I don't blame you for not wanting to wash
the sheets. Retire them and put them in your cedar chest or something. I wish he
could have stayed, but I know that it was the best thing for him to go home.
They do need him and he has to help save them from the darkness. He is the best
archer that Middle Earth has and they wouldn't manage nearly as well without
him. I am glad that you are still in the land of the living, though grieving. He
may come back some day, you never know. One can never tell with Elves. I am glad
that you wrote his story, too. We all are. Thank you, mellon-nin for sharing it
with us. Emma sends her love. Nate wishes we will catch him if he falls out
again, but I suspect he will find Greenwood again. May you find happiness in
your memories.

*sniff* We all love you Legolas! Nice talking to you! Good luck on the quest,
and kick some orc butt!
p.s. nice but very heartbreaking ending

*is sobbing too hard to say anything*

::sob:: He's so sweet. I think I'll review again later when I can think of
something to say...

That was nice that you found that letter, Al. We will all miss hearing of him,
but I know that Middle Earth is where he belongs and will be most happiest. He
will win, after all, we know how the story ends! :)

Oh, this is such a cute story! I especially liked the way you wrote the
narrative, like Legolas was your child or pet or something. I guess it's too
much to ask for a sequel or another similar story, though (I mean, he went back
to Middle-Earth, he's never coming back). I guess I'll just have to settle for
being looking forward to more of your stories in the future. Hope to see more of
your writing soon!! :D

(Skye Rocket)
This is such a great story! And now it's over? *cries*

I started laughing at first. Then it became sobs and wails. Oh... I miss Legolas
already. But it's great that he's back in Middle Earth where he belongs. I have
complete faith in Legolas to make things right.
The film was excellent. Too bad Haldir had to die.

(Lady Silence)
It's so sad to see him gone..
I hope you'll be all right, Al.
You're one hell of a brave lady. *uber hugs*
Take care of yourself, kay?
-Silence, the saddened uber goddess-

Oh al!
I couldn't face reading what I thought would be your last chapter. I knew what
it would do to me, so I chickened out and asked 'af' to read it for me. "Tell me
if it will make me cry" I said to her. Her answer was a resounding YES!.
Than I see this chapter and it forces me to finish what I've started; one of the
best stories on ffnet. Thank you for that. I'm a mess with all the tears I've
shed, but I've really enjoyed this story.
Legolas, if you ever get to read this. Yes, your destiny is with the Fellowship,
and yes, you will over come shadow and do great things for Middle Earth ere you
leave it. Thank you for sharing a short moment in your long "immoral" life with
Now I need to go get another box of tissues....

Bye, Legolas...I'll miss you...*cries*
He was great in the movie, wasn't he?
One of his best lines: "Should I describe it to you, or get you a box?" or
something like that.
A nice end to a wonderful biography. Al, why don't you continue?

Oh jeez, here I am crying in front of the compy again! Thanx for typing this up
for us, though! Lego's piccy is my current background in honor of his memory.
I'm glad he said good-bye even if it was hard. I'll never forget his "CPR" when
I cry now ;-) Thank you so much for typing up this lovely bio! You've been on my
list of fav authors for a while now, and I hope to see more in your other
Namarie for now,

Oh al, just when I think the sadness is going to end, you post another piece of
his story. But I'm glad you did. Legolas is definitely the best. :)
I too am glad TreeHugger convinced you to write this. It was a terrific
biography and you did an excellent job telling Legolas' story. All the right mix
of humor and sadness and joy and...well, just wonderful, nin mellon!


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