Chapter 24 Reviews


(Katani Petitedra)
*shakes finger at Legolas* Silly elf! How did you get back again? Oh well. I'd
better go to read the next story, if only to keep Legolas happy! *starts to walk
away, then stops and whispers to al* If you think HE acts like a kid, just wait
until you end up with a Hobbit in your house. Frodo is currently in MY closet,
but only because I locked him in there to stop him from clearing out the fridge!
Anyway, best wishes to your family and Legolas! Now I'm REALLY going to read the
next story! *really leaves this time*

Heh, I just read all of this in one hit! IT WAS GREAT!! Well done, it was fab.!!
Luv Jessie + Chibi-Vash

i laughed. i cried. and i attempted to get a hug, from my roommate, but she just
screamed and hit me.
this is absolutely the best legolas story on, and that has to be because
it is the only true one.
thank you, al, cause this made my day that much brighter. thanks to yes dear and
little pip for seeming like a family i would love to be a part of.
lastly, i'd like to leave my own lub ledder for prance legolas: you're free to
come use my art supplies anytime you would like, and there's plenty of room
under my dorm bed for you. plus, i have a legolas action figure! tiny little
leggie! although he does only have one arm...
so. i am off to read the unfinished tales now. thank you!!!!

Holy friggin' cow! This is by far the BEST story... um... biography... thing.. I
have ever read!!!! I wanted to cry so bad at the end, but I laughed like an
idiot when Legolas called you. Can't wait to read "The Unfinished Tales of
Legolas Greenleaf". Bye!

You said you get review updates, so I'm gonna leave you a review.
That was priceless. I can't tell you the number of times I laughed so hard I
cried. Just when I thought that he couldn't possibly do anything funnier, he
did. I loved hearing about Santa and the Christmas Tree farm. That was by far
the funniest. I'll start reading the Unfinished Tales right away!
P.S. I found a site that Yes Dear might like. I visit it every day. Can't wait
til Daytona. LOL

YAY!!!! HE'S BACK!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) :) :)

I love your story.
Although trying to find a kleenex in my house wa quite a interesting adventure.
You are the best. And guess what, I will get to find out what the Two Towers is
like, too. I get to see it for the first time tomorrow.
Thank you for writing this. (Although I know for sure that you didn't write it
for me, thanks anyway.)

Does this mean If I ask Santa for LEgolas, then I get him next year? Better
start making my CHristmas list. Let's see: Legolas, Faramir, Haldir, Elrhoir,
Elladan, ELrond, Beregond, Merry, Pippin, Thranduil...

A great ending. You go, girl.

(Dagmar of Avalon)
He's back!?!?!?!!? Legolas is back? Yay! *Runs up to Legolas and hugs him and
kisses him on the cheek* YAY! Never leave again, you made me cry!

OMG, he's back!!! My sister will scream when she hears this! I just got the Two
Towers soundtrack today and I was already happy so when I read this I just about
died! Yay! I'm so happy for you al!

i'm glad there is more story. that picture is so fake though. but i must give
praise b/c it's pretty good. but i ama photographer and i know it is not real.
i'm glad yer a nut, b/c your story is pretty good.
tell "legolas" hi.
i have to go. Pippin and Merry just stopped by for a visit. They say "hullo" to
legolas and want to know how he's doing.
they say they'll tell him all about the ski trip we're going on to tomorrow.
we'll give you our email address later.

TO SEE IT =D BTW, love this, leggy is sooo cute when he talks -_-

(Elleth na Ilivren)
Oh my gosh...this is such an absolutely wonderful story! I cannot wait to read
the sequel! It brought tears to my eyes towards the end because I felt so sorry
for you! Please update really soon! Much love and luck!
**elleth na ilivren**

YAY! More Legolas adventures!!! :D


Great Valar! Legolas is back?! How on Earth... D'you think he has anyone with
him? -i can't wait-
*jumps around in glee*

(Psychotic Psychic)
Psy: He's BAAAAAAAAACK!!!!!!!!!
*grabs a choir out of Nowhere (I love their bagels!) and starts to sing*
Joy to the world!
The elf is home!
Let al be blessed with him!
His adorable speech!
Is now back in reach!
The sequal's here, WOO-HOO!
The sequal's here, WOO-HOO!
The seeeequal's here...WOO...HOOOOOO!!!!
*choir disappears and mi amigas Elle and Dee appear with shades (fancy-shmancy
name for sunglasses)*
Elle: Guess who's back...
Dee: Back again...
Psy: Leggie's back...
*revert to normal*
Psy: Can't wait to read "The Unfinished Tales Of Legolas Greenleaf", coming to a
computer screen near you!

*tips over*

Omigod, he's back! Yes yes yes yes! You have to tell us what happens!

Hey al! You already know how I feel about this new development so I'll spare you
from the flood of excitement and joy and happiness that is still pouring out of
Hey Legolas! I knew you couldn't stay away for long. I mean, who would want to
hang out with Aragorn and Gimli for an entire year? They smell and Gimli's
snores, I'm sure, and that would just be a hellishly long wait for you while you
wait to do your thing in RotK.
So now, melethron, we can do all that we never got a chance to do. First thing
on my list is to get you those cornrows, and then you can help me with a little
something. ;)
This was indeed a very Merry Christmas, al!

(Thriwien-Mirkwood Princess)
OMG YAY!!!!! *goes around the house cheering while getting wierd looks from the

Oh al! He is back! You must be so relieved and overjoyed! Hae Legolas! I knew
you would return! How was Middle Earth? You were so wonderful in TTT, and evne
though I missed you I knew that you had to return to do your part in saving your
wonderful lands. I know that al was falling into despair and since she is
getting so very Elvish I was very worried about her. How did you get back? Will
you be staying until next December and ROTK?? I certainly hope so! Elu wasn't
very surprised that you had returned. He says "Gar-im daer glass na le aderthad
ah al!" He was worried about her too! Brethil said to say that he knew you would
come back too, and that he tried to tell me that several times, but I wouldn't
listen to him...well, you understand how that goes I am sure. Welcome back to
Modren Erth, nin mel! We did miss you greatly!
And al, (yes and!) I am so very happy for you! Life continues, does it not, nin
mellon?? Now it can continue happily...and don't you dare ask anyone from New
Line Cinema or elsewhere to come and get him or you will find an Orc standing on
your doorstep with a rather "black" expression on his face and a quiver full of
arrows specially made for you! ;) *Tree gets knocked from the chair and Elu
growls at her as he types*
You know I would never do that, don't you al? She is just being mean to
you...but do NOT ask them to come and take him. We all know you want
stay that is. *laughs* Yes, we know what you want. ;)
*Tree baps Elu on the arm and types*
Welcome home, Legolas. We missed you and we love you!
Elenath sila am le a galu erin le,a erin al!

(The Two Princesses and The Queen)
Oh Al!
Is it true? Is it true? Is he really back? Hooray!!! M - he is back, he is back!
He is? Oh yeah baby! (c al) I knew you would miss us all too much - especially
al. I think I'm going to cry......
M...M....are you all right? Excuse us al, we have to get the tissues for M. We
finally saw TTT today and M....well...was a little overcome! She's had major
withdrawal symptoms for a year and after he left you all to go back....well it
was just too much. TTT was great wasn't it?
Okay......I'm okay now! TTT and this news in one day is more than amazing!!
Legolas welcome back - we missed you more than you know, and have been very
worried about al. Oh and you did a great job in TTT - as I knew you would all
Legolas? Little Princess and I want to know if it really is you. You better give
us a special sign so we will know the truth. I liked it when you slid down the
stairs on your shield. You looked pretty good!
This is a good day - hey M?
It sure is Princess. It sure is!

Oh YAY!!! He's BAAAAA--AACK.... (huge grin)
Oh, LEGOLAS, my little Honeybun of Love!! I knew you'd be back, somehow I just
(Does a happy dance) Maybe that means Thranduil will be here before New
Year's!!! YAY!! (grin)

Well, who WOULD leave Modern Earth permanently After all, we have Peanut
butter cups.

How /did/ he remember the phone number?
Do they have phones in Middle Earth? No...thought not...
~Lani Red

(Lady Silence)
*drops popcorn*
You just can't keep a good elf away, no?
Uber huggage!
-Sil, the cheering uber goddess-

(Lina Skye)
*grabs the phone "is that you, baby? i knew you had to go back to al! I knew it!
*rushes over and smothers author in hugs "you are sooo sweet! GOSH, THANK YOU!"*
MORE SOONN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

yay! There's more!

(Silent Reader)
welcome back Legolas and a merry christmas!!!

As I write this I am crying once again, only this time with joy....WELCOME HOME

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