Chapter Three : Reviews


**al and Legolas**

Frodo yummy. I have to write another review because I forgot to put this on my
Favorite Story list. 'Little hearts emerge in Sabriel's eyes at the though of

(Princess ArWen of sMirkwood)
LOL!Quite a cute story. I havent had the time to read the rest, so...but I
will!Though I did have a little trouble trying to decipher Lego's speech.Mind if
I borrow him for a while?;-)To my home?;-)

the language thing with legolas makes it a funny read...btw, did you mean to
make the pun "The Prance of Mirkwood" or was that a mistake? It was funny,
intentionally or not!

What do you have against Glorfindel! He's my fave Elf along with Legolas,
Figwit, Haldir, Elladan, Elrohir, Galadriel...>trails off

deer al,
thenk ewe fur telleng da trew storee of Glorfindle end Assfelloff.
thenk ewe fur saeing that I am da pertiest prance in all of Meedle erth, eben
pertier dan dat azhoel!
wid elbin lub,

Why does he talk like that???
**Emryn: he's got this strange ME accent, and he types like that too!
Elves use Hooked on Phonics, I guess? Who said that, Tree was it you?**

(Nancing Elf)
Spewing my tea! Sorry about my tardy review...I've been away.
It's hard to read Legolas' dialog but I have to remind myself to take it slowly.
ROTFLMAO when Legolas pitched a fit over the name Asfaloth (or should I shay
Assfelloff! *smirk*)
Whee, he is the prettiest Prince isn't he? *evil grin*
Off to read the next chapter!

i stil don't get the cruel thing about asfaloth.... might just be me tho....
very confused now...
anyway, keep writing! already waiting for a new chapter....
**Endomiel-I have enjoyed your e-mails. Wow, I'm on the favorite author
lists of 2 people! WoooHooo! (Copyright Celeborn)**

Boy, this must be hell on your spell checker! Please post new chapters soon!
**Eileen-My spell checker doesn't like this fic at all. Lots of red and
green lines-but it looks pretty with all the colors!**

Yes, keep my number handy. I will be over in a jiffy whenever you need a break.
And I promise to keep Legolas very entertained ;)
What's up with the speech? Is that like his M.E. accent or did he hit his really
hard when he fell from out of the movie? (Ooh, there's a new pick-up line--"did
it hurt, Legolas...when you fell from the movie?" Ugh, no, that won't work at
all.) Anyway, I didn't notice the weird speech in the DVD when I watched it the
other night.
Assfelloff--too funny. I'll never be able to read that part in the book again
without busting a gut. My, but Legolas has a mouth on him when it comes to that
elf. It makes me laugh that he thinks Glorfindel is a *ss.
Legolas comes out of the closet? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
Oh, you meant physically. Okay!
**PuterPatty-Legolas has this ME accent, but I think some of the speech
differences could be from the bump on his head. The bruising and
swelling went away by the morning (quick Elven healing you know), but
I'm not sure what this residual sound is. Since he types that way too,
maybe ME schools teach Hooked on Phonics?**

(Skye Rocket)
Oh my gosh! You are just SO funny! This is the kind of humor I enjoy most, where
you don't beat people ofer the head with insane random things (although that is
fun a lot of the time too). Okay, so I don't exactly know what that is supposed
to mean, but I digress.
Anywho, this is SO hilarious, especially the part about Keebler Elves,
muahahaha. Anyways, I will definitley check back VERY often for your updates.
PS: I LOVE your pen name!
**Skye Rocket-Hey, I told you I am living this nightmare! It might be
insane, but it's not random. At least, I don't think it is . . ..**

I literally had tears rolling down my face when I read this: "He wuz abot tu git
ontu Assfelloff, whin Arwen snuk up beehin heem an hit heem on da haed wid a
shuvel." "He wuz in da House of Heeling da hoel tiem, wid a beeg bandaje on heez
I mean, big huge tears... big ones.. I was gasping for air. I was sounding like
a strangled cat. It wasn't pretty. But damn, it was funny.
Great work, hon.
PS. I would think that Jasta is suffering another attack of Real Life right now.
I haven't talked to her for a few days and am a touch concerned. 'frowns'
**Irena-Oh no, a strangled cat?! What an image! But it was the same
reaction I had when Legolas and I had this conversation the first time.**

(SarWolf Snape)
Oh my gosh this fic is hilarious! Just found it today and love it already.
Confused ditzy Legolas is adorable. You really write him well. I espescially
liked the Arwen/Glorfindel theory and the Keebler elf reacion. Can't wait to see
what new adventures you and Leggy get up to next!
**SarWolf Snape-Welcome aboard! Yes, he is quite adorable, which is what
saves his hide most of the time as you will see.**

I know I have read this one before but it is still hilarious! Right from the
Keebler Elf cookies...and I have to agree. That is not what Elves look like!
I think that trick was rather *cough* funny myself! But then I love Glorfindel,
too! And really, Legolas should watch what he calls such a powerful Elf-lord as
Glorfindel. I understand Asfaloth's name now! I didn't think horses could throw
Elves, but I guess there has to be a first for everything.
Too bad Asfaloth didn't throw Arwen when she stole Glorfindel's part in the
movie! haha
Doesn't it get rather scary when he is in Galadriel mode? Would scare me!
He really shouldn't worry though. HE is the prettiest prance (copyright
alliwantisanelfforchristmas) in Middle Earth. SInce Glorfindel isn't a prince
then that is a safe statement for me to make! That way they can both be happy!
Elenath sila erin le!
**TreeHugger-Yes, Glory and Lego can BOTH be the prettiest if we let them
use their respected titles. I like that idea! Thanks again for beta'ing
for me!**

**Hi Mom! I know you are out there, even if you do not review. Stop
looking at all that slash, do you hear me?!**

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