Chapter 4 : Reviews

**al and Legolas**

omv! this is great!!!! i can't stop laughing... i swore i had legolas living
beneath my bed... but i guess he got away.... i should go back and finish
reading now...

I guess the 'prance of Mirkwood' was intentional!

The Nazgul bit was HILARIOUS!!! LMAO!! This is so funny. :P

Oh no! Poor Leggy keeps getting surprised! Stop being so cruel to him!
laure 2002-09-16 4 Anonymous
It took me an entire 10 min. to stop laughing! New record too. Your fic is
hilarious! And since Lego is reading this also... I would just like to say this:
you are THE cutest elf in my book! And don't worry, Laure won't let the Nazgul
hurt little Leggsie-kins. =)

This story is really interesting and funny. I was lmao at how Legolas was
adapting to the modern world. :^)
**Nestrik Ciorstaidh-Cairistiona-Legolas has had quite an adjustment to
learn to live in the modern world. Glad you could join us for the
adventure! **

plz hurry with a nother chapter!
Legolas is so funny:D
i love this fic!
**wacky_witchie_15-I promise to hurry! Thanks for reviewing. My mom likes
this story too, she says it explains a lot. She will keep me updating
frequently, I assure you!**

(Crazy Cookie Monster)
Oh! How adorable! I love Legolas' accent! It's humorus just by itself! I
especially like the conversation Legolas had with "Yes Dear" =]
Keebler Elf Cookies! Who'd thought?!?!
**Crazy Cookie Monster-He is very adorable, funny and brave and all kinds
of things wrapped up into one. His sweet tooth is remarkable, I even
think he has decided to forgive the Keebler company for its atrocities
with the Elf cookies.**

(Nancing Elf)
Al, I'm cracking up! The image of Legolas typing in a chat box with Yes Dear is
priceless! All those smilies and ringing bells! 'snickering'
I forgot to tell you in the last review that I loved the Keebler Elves bit. LOL!
Now I have to admit, if I had Legolas Greenleaf living in my closet I might
never make it back to to read or update stories...'cough'...I'd be a
little preoccupied! 'nudge, nudge, wink, wink'
**Nancing Elf-That is precisely why he lives in my closet and not yours!
What would I do if you stopped writing stories like "Shifting Sands" and
especially "To Comfort an Elf"?**

Hey Al! Awesome stuff! Give Legolas a kiss for me! ;) *eg* I wish I had Legolas
living in MY about sharing him with me for awhile while you have to
go to work? And even at nights to keep me company when "Yes Dear" is home?
Maybe?? ;)
**Rayvin813-I gave him a peck on the cheek for you, though I suspect you
want much more?!**

Wish Legolas would come and live in my closet, I just have a min1ture copy of
him, except that this one is 4 inches tall. GREAT.
**Hathor-You can always put your mini-Legolas in the closet and pretend,

Now, that was simply hilarious! It seems he is more afraid of the Naezgool than
the Balrog. I love his accent, although it takes me a long time to decipher it.
Well, he does live in your closet, doesn't he? Then why doesn't he talk about
Gimli? And as we all know, Gimli is one of the sexiest dwarf alive!!! Great
chapter and tell Legolas to cool down.
**Seaweed-Reading Legolas' words out loud helps. He still has lots to
tell, Gimli included!**

'falls to floor laughing head off'
**Eternal Star-I hope you didn't get hurt, falling out of your chair like

(SarWolf Snape)
YAY! I was thrilled to see that you updated! Very funny chapter! Can't wait for
**SarWolf Snape-Here's another chapter for you! Hope I didn't keep you
waiting too long?**

Hee hee! This is too cute! But...what do you mean by ME accent? (I know ME means
Middle-earth.) Anyway, keep on writing--I love this!!
**Soliel-Legolas has this unusual speech pattern with accentuation on
different parts of words from what you might hear normally. Try reading
his spoken parts aloud and you will see what I mean.**

(Skye Rocket)
Wowzers, this is super. Sorry, those were some weird things I just said
(Wowzers? Super?). I've got a headache...anywho, me, being stupid, forgot to
check FREQUENTLY for your updates. LOL. Anyways, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!
**Skye Rocket-Legolas says to tell you Wowzers, that is super that you
love this!**

Legolas typing a email and instant-messanging. I love it! Is he a hunt-and-peck
kind of typer or does he type "correctly?" My mom taught typing and computers
when I was in grade school. I remember all her lessons-always start with typing
a's over and over, then introduce the d, then you can start typing words like
dad and add. Anyway, I'd be happy to teach Legolas how to type faster and better
when he comes over. Also, as it seems he might be here a while, I can try and
help him improve his spelling and more importantly, his accent. It's all about
how you use the tongue....
Ahem...anyway, it sounds like Yes Dear will soon find out about your very
special guest. Poor Legolas! (c. Treehugger) I hope Yes Dear didn't scare him
too badly. I'll comfort Legolas if he still a little frightened.
**PuterPatty-Legolas uses the hunt and peck method. They don't have
typing class in ME, you know! His tongue works quite well-I mean, he
just--well, er, um--Nevermind. I keep telling you, it's not at all like

OMG! HAHAHAHAHAHA! FUNNY! oooohhh. Say hi to Legolas from me! And I'll be happy
to take care of him for a bit if you're ever in need!
eluheneb 2002-08-25 4 Anonymous
Here is the rest of the review. I pushed the wrong button again!
I guess Legolas would say "Ai! Ai! A Naezgool! A Naezgool has come!" So perhaps
he would have said the same thing aabout a Balrog after all!
Very very funny chapter!
Elenath sila erin le!
**Pervy-Hobbit-Fancier-Kare-I may take you up on that offer to keep him
for awhile. He is really quite tiring at times! You will have to get in
line behind PuterPatty, who has asked to baby-sit first. I also believe
Nancing Elf would fight you for the second baby-sitting position.**

I never liked that line about the Balrog either. His whole reaction seemed very
unlike Legolas, so I am glad he was somewhat offended by it. :) I am sure that
your mother was thrilled by her email from the Prance of Mirkwood and was
tickled to know that Elvis is his native language. LOL It was very funny that he
was looking for the messanger, too.
It sounds like Yes Dear had quite a bit of fun with "him" the first time on the
IM. To think he would think you were pretending to be Legolas! ROFL What a silly
man! (BUSTED indeed!) Yes Dear is rather clever "I AM THE NAZGUL"
**TreeHugger-Yes Dear loves to torment! My mom hounds me more than any
reviewer ever could about updating. I showed her how to review this
weekend, so we will see if our reviewer theory works? Thanks for the

I am enjoying this little romp. Please continue
**Irena-It is quite a romp, if I do say so myself!**

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