Chapter 5 : Reviews

**al and Legolas**

SOOO CUTE!!!!! Aww.....legolas sounds like a little child, real adorable(in a
child-like way) =D


A tea party? With BARBIES? Ai, Valar... What is this world coming to? No wait,
don't tell me, I don't want to know. And if New Line doesn't want him, I'll take

he's playing with barbies? give him an action man! i'm sure he'll like that :o)
anywayz, keep on writing!! i really love his accent!! :o)
**Endomiel: good to hear from you again! Little Pip has 2 Ken dolls, but
no action men. Legolas still would prefer the Barbie doll I think,
though there is nothing remotely feminine about his play. It reminds me
of what life in the House of Thranduil may have involved for him as a
young male elf, just all in a day's work for the Prance of Mirkwood.**

Oh dear. ummm, I think Legolas needs psychiatric help. This is great!Keep
**Lirenel: He probably will need psychiatric help if PuterPatty and
Nancing Elf ever get hold of him, and I have to watch TreeHugger like a
hawk around him too!**

Hi, I found the submit button! Now all you fans have to know that I am Mom. No
one else is this computer illiterate. Legolas told me all the buttons to push in
his last email. He is a dear little guy and takes very good care of my daughter.
Keep reading her chapters because if she keeps writing them, she will not have
time to get into other mischievous activities. Love ya, Mom
**MOM: I knew you could do it! But taking computer advice from Legolas,
well, that's bad Mom. You know he's shot the screen out twice! Don't
ever listen to him if he tells you it is ok to hit the frustrating thing
with something. He also can't wait to go bie bie in your new SUV, but
don't let him talk you into letting him drive either!**

(Elvea Aure aka Amanfalathiel)
Legolas - u rock. well sort of anyway. keep it up in our world 'kay?
Love, peace and a paperclip (if u kno what a paperclip is)
-xxx- Elvea
PS: I am Sauron's twin sister
**Elvea Aure aka Amanfalathiel: he has not yet discovered the virtues of
the paperclip. You did send him back on top of the TV entertainment
center telling him you are Sauron's twin sister though, you bad girl!**

Actually, you read my mind...*eg* more would be nice, but if a kiss on the cheek
is all you can get away with *sighs* I guess I'll settle...
*lol* Another great chapter! I love it!
**Rayvin813: You wanted more? I keep telling PuterPatty and Nancing Elf
it is not like that with him at all, but they don't believe me either.**

(Crazy Cookie Monster)
Haldir + Bananas = a very thought provoking mix... O.o
Barbies!!! oh, I thought I had it bad... =P
**Crazy Cookie Monster: YD would dispute that no one has it worse that
me, as you will see later!**

He's SUGAR HIGH! YAY! Hm. *puzzled look* maybe I'm a litle tiny bit sugar
**calenedhel: Here, try a Keebler Elf cookie to raise that blood sugar.
It works for Legolas!**

That's right--they all have to get in line behind me to elfsit Legolas, and I
have several things planned to keep Legolas, ahhhh, "entertained" when he does
come over so it might be a while before anyone else gets a turn and he might be
very tired out from, ahhh, you know, so I don't know how much fun he'll be....
Ai, sorry for the attack of Bretilitis. Anyway, yeah, the review. Oh my
goodness, there were so many spots here where I could barely control my laughter
(I wish I didn't have to hold it back, but I'm afraid my roommate would think me
crazy...well, it's already too late for that).
Love the banana and the reference to Haldir (I'll have to go check that fic
out). Also love the growling from Legolas at the mention of Glorfindel. And the
icing on the cake--Legolas playing tea party with the Barbies. Oh my gawd! I'm
laughing all over again-just from writing this part of the review. I never
thought I would see Legolas and tea party in the same sentence where Legolas is
the subject of my sentence (hmmm, school house rocks, anyone?) and tea party is
the direct object! At first, I thought he found some LOTR action figures and was
playing with those which wouldn't have been so bad because in his whacked-out
M.E. mind, he could have legitimately thought that the action figures were
really Arwen and whoever just shrunken and frozen by some wierd magic, but I
think it's even funnier that it was just barbies. Awwww, out little prince likes
to play "make believe." I wonder if he would enjoy watching Mr. Rogers. I wonder
if Lady Elaine--evil carousel witch--would scare the crap out of him like she
always did with me. Of course, maybe he could take her out with his bow. That
would nice!
That Nazgul bit is still really funny. Imagine what would have happened if he
had seen the commercial for that car where the Nazgul are chasing Frodo or
whatever. Yeah, it would have taken you forever to find him then and I think
you'd have to buy a new TV, too.
**Puterpatty: You are still #1 on the baby-sitting list! I know
Schoolhouse Rocks; I always liked the number 8 "it's a circle that goes
round upon itself." Whacked out? I thought that bump on the head was
affecting him too, but now I'm not so sure? He has watched Mr. Rogers;
he saw the one about how you can't go down the drain of the bathtub,
which by the way has helped tremendously! No, Lady Elaine or Nazgul
commercials yet though.**

I've never talked to a barbie like an elf before... But I did talk to my Legolas
action figure, and my sister always stares at me when I'm talking to Cecil...
Anyway, I hope Legolas' tea party goes well.
**Sake: the tea party is going very well as you can see. I talk out loud
to whoever will listen all the time, and the men with the white coats
have not been able to catch me yet, so don't worry!**

(Skye Rocket)
*flailing arms* You updated! *cheer* Yay! And and and...I can't think of
anything to say that is remotely intelligent! Anyways, I still love love love
it! It rocks. Words cannot describe...well I just did describe it so I
guess-okay, it's been a long day and I'm leaving a long rambling review for you
to read. *cough* Sorry. I had a lot of sugar. Anyways, do update soon, because
**Skye Rocket: I loved your rambling review! I feel like that myself when
I get too much caffeine. Don't hurt yourself!**

Yeah! Legolas has gone all feminine all of a sudden eh? Wait, he did mention
that Haldir uses a banana for *turns red* Is it as a .... that... Gosh! Is it?
**Seaweed: He's not feminine at all, merely bored and wanting a playmate.
Yes, Haldir LOVES fruit. . . .**

(Sailor Nova)
*jumps up and down happily* YES!!! YOU UPDATED THE STORY!!!!!! I could not WAIT
for the next chapter! You have just made this fangirl EXTREMELY happy!!! I can't
wait to see what else is in store for Legolas!!! This is going on my Favortie
Stories List and you're going on my Fav Author List!
**Sailor Nova: I'm so happy you're happy! Lego is too! Thanks for putting
us on your favorites lists!**

Poor little elf!!! Tea parties galore, and making the moves on Barbi and Teresa!
**Irena: Legolas has a lot of things to learn, doesn't he? Wait until the
"moon cycles" start and he learns about hormones *winks, referring to
"For the Good of Gondor", if others haven't read it yet, you should!**

OMIGOD, Al, this is hilarious!! And I wish it would happen to me. (grin) Legolas
would have a grand time with my horse and cats....
I love the "Thranduil eyebrow"; yes indeedy, he IS his father's son, even in
Dark Leaf. Although, his mother certainly was not at ALL daunted by the
"Thranduil Look" when it appeared on her tiny little mite of an Elf-son....
(grin) Somehow it loses in trandlation when one is an Elfling, not a big,
gorgeous hunk of Eldar Elf Male King-Guy. (snicker)
And I damned near died laughing at his reaction to the cookie.... (giggle!)
You SO rock, and so does Legolas; give him a hug for me, and tell him that if he
reads Dark Leaf, not to worry, he'll be JUST FINE!!! eventually anyways...
**JastaELf: He's got quite a sweet tooth! I don't care what you rate it,
he's not ready for Dark Leaf yet! But I will hug him for ya!**

This is fantastic stuff - so plausible! Yes, I can just see your spell checker
going crazy - mine does when I type Gollum style! Very much looking forward to
chapter 6!
I loved the Barbie part, bye the way, not what I expected at all!
Rachel xx
ps. I want a fellowship member in MY wardrobe! Preferably a hobbit though!
**Magical Rachel: well I did warn you it is a non-fiction story on a
fiction site 'cause there are no non-fiction LOTR sites out there for
LOTR. Be warned: A Hobbit would be very hungry in a closet, but at least
he would leave no crumbs.**

This is brilliant!! Please keep going!!
**Anon: Brilliant? Just real life at my house. But thanks!**

i think this is funny, if a little odd, and legolas' speech impediment is cute..
**Raider 314: Thanks! Legolas and I are glad you joined us. It is indeed
odd to try to hide a 6-foot tall elf in your closet. Not for the weak at

(Chel aka Elf Goldfish Cracker)
*laughing madly* this is great!!! One thing- Legolas can't be in your closet
because he is in my basement along with Frodo, Orlando Bloom, Josh Hartnett, Vin
Diesel, and Eminem. Oops... Did I just say that out loud? 'shifty eyes' I
meant...uhhh... well, nobody is locked up in my basement! 'smiles sweetly'
...Keebler Elf Cookies... 'laughs hysterically and falls off her chair'
**Chel aka Elf Goldfish Cracker: You must have a big basement. Watch out,
those boys will get into all kinds of trouble in the dark!**

(SarWolf Snape)
Great Chapter as always. Thank you for the mental image of Legolas having a
Barbie tea party. Adding this to my favorites list.
**SarWolf Snape: Here's more tea party for you! Thanks for adding me to
your favorites page! I am truly honored! Legolas is so excited too, you
really made his day!**

Where to start! At the beginning! Cats are very mysterious and cool creatures.
Of course Mikey knew where Legolas was! Stupid human! Looks like you don't need
an alarm system at your house: BEWARE OF ELF! LOL
Bananas and Haldir?? Interesting combination!
Yes Dear is even more fanatic than I am if he knows what happens on what page.
Good cover though! "I said I meant 234. Didn't I say 234?" Good part about
Glorfindel and Asfaloth though! One of the best parts of the book! :)
I was going to say poor Legolas (c. TH) :) but I see he manages to have fun in
his rather confined enviroment! You leave him alone for a short time and he is
already into Little Pip's Barbies! Having a cute little tea party with Barbie
and Teresa or should I say Arwen and unnamed companion. ROFLMAO! He does voices
too! "I em de sun of King Thranduil, soe if u muest, u mae kall mie Prance
Legolas." Prance Legolas (c. Al) indeed! The Prance and the Tea Party! Love it!
Elenath sila erin le!
**TreeHugger: Bananas and Peaches AND Haldir! And YD does indeed know the
page numbers in the trilogy. I love the voices too! Thank you for
beta'ing for me, and all the other fine things you do!**

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