Chapter 6 Reviews

**al and Legolas**

Oh, Legolas coming out of the closet, that is just WRONG!!! :-)

Deer al,
I had fud at the tee pardy wid ewe.
thaenk ewe fur taekeng me on a riede in yur car.

Okay, the strangeness of this story is beyond all known parameters of strange,
but it still has got me convulsing in laughter. The tea party with all the
voices just slew me and let's not even go into the cake commments....
Oh... Please keep it up.
Another chapter!

Oh my God, I love this! This story is just so cute! I'll be back when I've read

(Chel aka Elf Goldfish Cracker)
*giggles and attempts to hide Elijah Wood behind her back, but fails, cause,
well, he's taller than her* I had a big argument with my friend's little sister
about whose man--I man elf-- Legolas was... I pointed out that he is 2, 931
years old and there for too old for here, but she pointed out that he was
obviously too old for me, too. oh well. *grins*

(SarWolf Snape)
Great as always. I loved the tea party. Legolas is so funny...
**SarWolf Snape: Legolas nad I love tea parties too! He is quite a
character. It is always something around here.**

(Skye Rocket)
*faints in happiness* THIS IS SO GREAT! LOL. You rock!
**Skye Rocket: Legolas wants to know "R u okae? Deed u git huert whin u

I LOVE IT! Hey, if you ever need daycare for Legolas send him on over to my
house. He'll probably get along famously with my little sister who happens to be
an elf, pointed ears and all! Keep us all updated on the interesting situation
at your house. I wish I had a ME person living in my closet, but it would have
to be a hobbit, my closet is kinda small :-)
**Daisy: I will put you on the daycare list. It is nice to know I have
some volunteers to help with him!**

How frickin' hilarious! The thought of Legolas playing tea party and then that
he was not at all embarrassed when he found that you had caught him in the act
is so funny. And he even asked you to join them? Wow. How cool is that?!
Oh the poor Prance (copywrite Al). That was not very fore-sightful of you to not
warn him about the car moving backwards. He might have been the first elf to
ever have a heart attack.
Though I might give him one when he comes over next ;)
**PuterPatty: Not embarrassed in the least-he was waiting for me to play
Barbie too! It was VERY cool! Scared him good with the car, but no need
for CPR-not yet anyway!**

If the men in white coats ever do catch you, don't worry Cecil and I will help
you break out. We have a lot of expeirience with that sort of stuff. Hehehe.
So Pip has a surprise for you? Unless she brought home Haldir, Orophin, and
Rumil in her back pack it's nothing close to your surprise for her.
**Sake: I feel better knowing you and Cecil will rescue me. As you see,
Pip got quite a surprise and Yes Dear's surprise is on the way!**

hahahaha u were right...i laughed i cryed and i need a hug:O lol anyways i luv
luv the the story!!!!!!
**sapzberry: Legolas sends a hug just for you! Glad you liked it-there's
more on the way!**

(Elvea Aure aka Amanfalathiel)
AAAAAAAWW!!! I'm sorry!!! I didn't mean to send you back up the TV entertainment
centre!!! Honestly, Prance Legolas, I didn't!!! Okay, maybe a little bit, but I
swear, I will not do it again.
to alliwantisanelfforchristmas: you gotta write on, this is absolutely
Love, peace and a paperclip (Prance Legolas should really know how to handle
papeclips, very important part of life)
-xxx- Elvea
PS: I really am Sauron's twin sister
**Elvea Aure aka Amanfalathiel: Legolas was more calm reading your review
thie time, thought he is still quite shifty eyed when he sees your name
come up. He says he did not know Sauron had a twin sister, and he thinks
that was not fair for Sauron's poor mother at all.**

Oh dear, Legolas, Barbie, and minivans. I can just see him taking the van out
for a joyride and getting pulled over by the cops. This is really cute--a cut
above the usual "humor" stories out there.
The ME accent is cute, I keep picturing Peter Sellers from the Pink Panther
movies. That probably wasn't the effect you were going for.
All the same, thanks for making my Monday a bit more bearable.
**spamgoddess: No, Peter Sellars isn't quite what he sounds like, but
whatever rocks your boat! Hope this makes your weekend more bearable

Legolas would never shoot out the computer screen.
Yeah, he might hit it with something. Tell him that I would like to go Bie Bie
in my new SUV also. I think what I really need right now is a little glass of
that Barbie wine. Love ya.
**Mom: No slash and no more "Elvis Barbie whine" for you either! You're
gonna get arrested for driving the new SUV under the influence. Might as
well give the keys to Legolas and let him drive it.**

Stranger and stranger! I see that you live a far more interesting life than me -
I don't care if they're hungry all the time, I still want a hobbit! It'd have to
be Frodo though, because he obviously doesn't eat that much!
Keep up the good work!
**MagicalRachel: Frodo is a Baggins after all, and we all saw how much
Bilbo lays out for a spread in FOTR! I'll bet Frodo could eat you out of
house and. . . well, closet!**

"Weel, der u ar!" Right from the first words by the Prance of Mirkwood to the
"Guess what?" I ask her. "Have I got a surprise for you when we get home!" it
was ROFL hilarious! That was very Miss Manners of you to introduce him to Barbie
and Teresa. My goodness! Those Barbies do not know how lucky they are! ;) And
yes, he IS a charmer. How was the cake that was harder than the One Ring? And
what exactly is in the "whine" glasses that it burns like the fires of Mordor??
What are you letting him eat and drink?? Old wine is good, especially if it is
from the year of the Prance's coming of age! But if the cake is that old
too...!!! ROFL
He gets to go "bie bie een da kar"! I see he shifts from one foot to the other
in impatience! At first I wondered if he needed the little boys' room! LOL It
must have been a great relief to learn there were no Orcs, or Goblins, or Wargs
at Little Pip's school! HI LITTLE PIP! ROFL again over making the "kar wurk"!
Poor Legolas (c. TH) ;) Ooops indeed!
Well, Little Pip is about to become a co-conspirator! Go Little Pip!
Truly fun and very hilarious chapter! Good way to start a Monday!
But what exactly did you mean you have to watch me like a hawk around him too??
Hmmmm???? I see you have warned Amber aka Joy Took about the slash. She will be
so busted if she doesn't heed your warning! ;) Also I might have said he was
Hooked on Phonics! It certainly seems that way!
Elenath sila erin le!
**TreeHugger: He has quite the sense of humor when it comes to playing
make believe! I have seen him do the foot shifting many times, almost
always when he is impatient about something, like waiting to use the
bathroom or waiting for the door to be opened. He is often like a small
boy in his antics. Thanks for beta'ing for me and for all the other
things you do! Are these,,,,,,,,, yours?**

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