Chapter 7 Reviews

**al and Legolas**

At least you don't have Pippin living with you... not only does he eat
practically everything (try explaining to your parents your sudden love of
mushrooms), but he never shuts up either! :p
Anyway, I love this. :D Especially when he was playing with the Barbie dolls...

Oh, my god, I luv this story! It is so funny!
Geez, why can't *my* mom bring Legolas home from the movie theater??

Deer al,
pleez hurree wid da necks pardt.
I am glad dat I got tu meat Leedle Peep.
Kin I go visit PewderPaddy todae? She ez verrie nies.
**Legolas: You ARE an impatient little devil! That's right, try to
divert the blame by mentioning how nice PuterPatty is. It will not work
with me; you are SO busted!**

Dear Legolas,
Thank you so much for allowing your story to be told, you have brought much
laughter to my husband and I. In fact, you brought so much laughter to my
husband that you would have thought there was an earthquake in the area the way
the bed was moving!
Alli, all I have to say is that I have a 10 year old daughter, and the barrage
of questions would have been just as impressive if it were my daughter in Pip's
position. Is it the age? Thanks again for the are you going to
seperate a prance from his clothes? Or will you just dip him in sudsy water and
hang him on the clothes line?
** It must be the age, as well as the gender. Ask Tree, I am
as bad as Pip. We play 20 questions when plotting all the time. Legolas
says, "Id maekz mie haeppy tu maek u haeppy." As far as washing the
Prance's clothes, well you will just have to wait and see. I promise
that is coming too! After all, it is a NON-Fiction story, and Prance's
do like to be clean!**

Dear Legolas.
I really like your story, but I have to wonder how on earth you fit into Al's
purse. I suppose that would make you super flexible which is attractive in a
mega super twisted way to me, but I digress.
I hope that you let Al keep writing this because it amuses me to no end.
MMMmmmm, cake . . . Legolas wants to talk to you, "I em verrie
flaexabel. Id heps tu hab a beeg haendbaeg tu. I kin foeld up awl kinz
of waez. Wanna sea?" Noooo! Legolas!!! That is NOT what she means!!! Not

Why's Little Pip asking so many questions? If my mom brought home an elven
prince I'd be too happy to ask questions. Well now Legolaa has someone to play
tea party with.
And Im very sorry about your dvd. They are still selling them at our
blockbuster. I'd send one to you if I could.
** Little Pip is a 9-year-old wonder. She wants to know
everything-she is a control freak just like her mom. Be careful with
your DVD's! Thanks for thinking of me. I will have a new one on November

Hi leggy! are you enjoying this world? i hope you do! anyway, i like to hear
about your life! you've got such a... nice.... accent! a bit confusing
sometimes, but funny nonetheless :o)
anyway, i hope you stay for a loooooong time! come vistit me some day okay?
C ya!
Endomiel :o)
**Endomiel: Legolas says, "I due mees Meedle Erth. Thaenk u fur da
komplemaent abot mie aksent. I hoep tu lern tu drieve da neu SUV dat da
Grammar laedie bot soe I kin goe bie bie tu sea u'awl." Y'all. Geez, now
he is talking like he's from the South!**

I know these Barbies better than you. They will share their whine. Love ya, Mom
**Mom: Thanks for catching the commas the Comma Queen above did
not want to keep for her own stash. Even I occasionally put too many
pauses in my text! No, you still cannot beta my slash fic.**

(Skye Rocket)
*scary grin* I forgot to check frequently for updates again...but I am SOOOOOOOO
happy you did! This is the greatest fic I have ever read! And just thought you
might like to know that I added this to my favorites list! :) This was just the
thing I needed to cheer me up despite my crisis (which actually seems a bit on
the dumb side now, but still a crisis nonetheless), so thanks VERY VERY (etc)
much! :)
**Skye Rocket: Are you ok? Hope your crisis is gone now-like
Lego's maybe there is always light at the end of the tunnel.**

Mae Govannen, Legolas! You are having quite an adventure at al's house, aren't
you! I am going to apologize to you again for saying that Glorfindel was as
pretty as you are. I am sorry, and I will not say that in front of you again. I
am glad that al has finally told Little Pip about you. Tell Little Pip I said
HAE! and that it is great that she is FINALLY in this story as a major player!
My goodness she does ask a lot of questions doesn't she! But now you have
someone to play Barbies with. That must make you both very happy! You should
have a lot of fun together since kids are great! Though I wonder if perhaps she
would have preferred that Pippin was the one that fell out of the screen. Hmmm.
Well, I know that her mom is glad that it was you! Oh, HI, al! :) Emma loves you
and thought it was great that Little Pip was in this chapter! She loves the fact
that she calls al "Momma", too! She says HI to you all! Now we are just waiting
for the MAN to find out! He might not be as thrilled. We shall see!
Elenath sila erin le!
**TreeHugger: You're just writing to HIM so he will come out and
you can catch him, aren't you?! "Hae TreaHueggr!" Go on, Legolas! "Shie
wanz tu taelk tu mie! Hae Trea!" I said get away from the computer! You
know what happens when you get excited around the computer screen, and I
am not fixing that now! * Lego pouts, sulks off * Thanks for the

Yay! Another chapter! Little Pip reacted quite well, I thought - at least she
didn't run off screaming!
To Legolas...... I love your life story! Spoken to any more Nazguls recently?
Stay away from them - they stabbed poor Frodo!
Yes Dear's reaction should be interesting - I can't wait that long though!
Rachel x
ps. I have guinea pigs - a hungry hobbit would be nothing!
mistressgreenleaf 2002-09-21 7 Signed
hello! i really like your story, but i'm just wondering why he still has a
slurred speaking voice? is he drunk? please write more!
**Magical Rachel: Legolas' turn-"U godda waech doez Naezgulz! I
hab nod sean animoer. Leedle Peep saez shi lieks habin mie

(Elvea Aure aka Amanfalathiel)
Well Legolas I'm sorry if I scared you, but I really am Sauron's twin sister. As
for mum... hey, life's not fair. Besides, she didn't live to tell the tale
anyway. Oops, did I say that out loud?
Don't worry I don't want to hurt you I just want you to take me back to
Middle-earth when you go there so I can get home too. Have been stuck in this
world way too long. Pretty please...? *puppy dog eyes*
*squeels* OOOH!!! THANKUTHANKUTHANKU!!! You're so cool Legolas! I just can't
wait till we go home!!!
Anyway as I was trying to say updates are very much required. Need... more...
**Elvea Aure aka Amanfalathiel: Legolas wants to know if your mom
really died in childbirth? He is scared to type to you, and says to tell
you he is also afraid if he took you back to Middle Earth with him
Aragorn would kill him!**

To answer your question Lego, it is an EXTREMELY large book. I loved this
chapter! I wonder what will happen when Yes Dear finds out... hint, hint... =0
And Lego actually answered MY review! * pretends to faint * And his accent is so
cute! * really faints this time * * sits up and rubs head * Owwww... I have got
to stop doing that... And the only reason I stopped laughing was that my side
started hurting and laughing became rather, er, painful. It's all better now
though! =P Write more!
**Laure: Legolas says, "Doen't huert ursef faentin! An faelin! An
waech oud fur da glaess doerz-dey r daengerus!"**

DUTDL (ducking nuder the desk laughing) hehehehehehe! Poor Little Pip! Althoguh
I msut asy I envy her position...I msut ask my mum to bring me home a
Love the accent, althoguh sometimes I say it out loud and it sounds jsut the
same. Hehehehe....'yes Dear' as a nazgul...I'm now getting mental images...
Keep writing before I have to skewer you on a kebab and roll you down a street!
amber725 a.k.a.Stimpy 2002-09-20 7 Signed
Woo hoo! I nearly fell off my chair from excitement when I saw you'd add more to
your adventures in Legolas-sitting. I am easily excited I suppose. I suppose
since there's a huge queue to Legolas-sit him, I'll just put in my request to
come over and braid his hair and talk "Barbies" with him and Little Pip. Anyway,
as always, great work...can't wait to see what he does next.
**Calenedhel: put your clothes on and get out from under that
desk! Hehehehe! I'm writing, I'm writing..**

HAHAHAHA! Guess what Prance Legolas, if you were shocked to find out about
Sauron's sister (who, by the way, I knew about waaaaaay before you and I wasn't
even part of the Fellowship) you'll be amazed to find out that I am part of a
race that you don't know exists!!!! And I'm older than you, HAHAHA!!!!
**Marian: Now how am I supposed to keep him off the furniture if
you guys keep scaring him so?!**

Aw, sorry about your DVD. Guess they really don't last forever, after all. You
can borrow mine if you like.
**Eileen: here's more for you to read. We've missed you for a
couple of chapters-glad you are back! Thanks for the offer of the
DVD-you are so kind!**

My, Little Pip gave you quite the third-degree. I wonder what Legolas was
thinking of all this as she was questioning everything he had been doing. Oh
well, I'm glad Little Pip knows now. I think her and Legolas have much fun in
store for them. They can play barbie together. I'm sure Little Pip and Legolas
will both take much enjoyment from that.
Yeah, when Legolas does need CPR, I got dibs on the mouth-to-mouth.
**PuterPatty: Sorry! I only had 4 minutes until permanent damage
(like the very first knock on the head wasn't enough!), so you will have
to get in line for the CPR too. I know, now you want to volunteer for
the "Look, Listen, and Feel" listing, but I keep telling you -it's not
like that at all! Congratulations on becoming a author!**

(SarWolf Snape)
YAY! annother chapter. I loved all of the questions espescially about the hair
care products. Is Yes Dear going to find out about him?
**SarWolf Snape: Yes Dear knows! At least he suspects doesn't he?!
Hair care is very important to elves, as you will soon see!**

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