Chapter 8 Reviews

**al and Legolas**

Hey, Great Story! I really like it. Just one problem. I couldn't get to the second chapter at all, and I could only see a little bit of hte third chapter. Just wanted to let you know!

you're crazy

Legolas and al, I don't know what to say. I enjoyed reading this much of your story. Playing with the Barbies was funny. LOL Mom says you should come play with my Barbies. Tell Little Pip I said hi. I will finish reading the rest of your story later. Talk to you soon.
Bye. Emma

Can't... Stop... Laughing... That was HILARIOUS! Broke my 10 minute laugh record to leeeetle tiny bits. New record- 15 minutes. I still can't stop laughing... Ai Valar... Whatever shall I do? My butt hurts from where I fell off my chair laughing. Good thing I put the laptop down before I fell... Otherwise, I would be in a Siberian prison camp instead of typing this happy-dappy review. Hugs and lots of kisses to Lego, my most favortist elfie in Middle Earth. I loves you! :)
**Laure: I lub u tu! I em glaed u like dis storee abot my lief. al wuz afraed nowon wuld beeliev her, beakauz it seams a loet of gurlz claem dat I lib in da klozit at dere houez.**

Ahhhhhh! You updated and I didn't realise! :( Too busy moving my poor deleted fic to another site!
Legolas spoke to me!!!!!! *waves and blows Legolas a kiss* Hi Legolas! I'm glad you like Little Pip - now you have someone to talk to and play Barbies with! Do you miss all your Middle Earth friends? Don't worry, we'll look after you!

**Anja: I know you are out there! Push the little purple button, Legolas wants to talk to you too! Hae leedle german gurl!
For Heaven's Sake, Legolas! Back up and I will just get out of the seat and let you have the keyboard before I need CPR, ok? *al pushes the Prance aside and gets bowled over in his haste to get to the computer to tell his friends how much he loves them**

(Rachel xx)
*takes a deep breath*
Sorry about this. I HAVE to know what happens next! You are being very slightly evil with your cliffhangers... you've been beta-ing for treehugger too much.
Poor Yes Dear... I am an amazingly strict tolkien bookworm, I have a first edition LOTR and a Compelte history with gold edged-pages.
From his POv he will have seen you kissing an elf lying on the floor.
Oh dear.
Poor you, poor legolas, poor little pip, poor yes dear...
Write more before I replace Legolas' shampoo with red hair dye!

(Crazy Cookie monster)
Whoo-hoo! Sorry I didn't review for a while.... I got kinda busy.....
Oh, I Leggy will be ok, right? (I wonder what he thinks of YOU now? ::smiles sinisterly::)
I bet Yes dear will have a heart attack after seeing Leggy (then barrage him with questions and requests for autographs [sounds like something I would do!] ) Please pardon my crazy-ness (see my name) and continue doing great work!! =]
**Crazy Cookie Monster: Glaed u r bak! I lub dis womin whoe teaks kare of me. She biez me elf kookeez! An keesez tu!**

(Chel aka Elf Goldfish Cracker)
*shifty eyes* Nooooo... I'm not keeping Elijah Wood in my closet..... hehehe... *someone pounds on the closet door* AARGH!!! *jumps off a random cliff* BLOODY HELL, THAT HURT!!!

hi again!
ah, evil galls doors indeed... ran into one myself a while ago, i thought the door was open...anyway, love the fic! i really hope you updat esoon, and that legolas' bruise heals soon too!
Endomiel :o)
**Endomiel: Dat doar lef a nassy maerk on my haed. I weel bea verry kareful arond doars noew. I thot id wuz opeen tu!**

Oh no! Yes Dear found out!! What will happen next? WRITE A NEW CHAPTER SOON!!!
Poor Leggikins. It must be hard being in a whole new world...
(goes off humming that song from Aladdin)
**Newmoon: I em glaed u liked id! An soe maeny tiemz! I lub plaein wid da Baerbeez. Pip haz a lod of Baerbee stuff, eben a beeg wite hoerse!**

This is so awesome! Sorry I haven't reviewed in a couple of chapters...I've been busy with classes...*yuck*
Hugs for Legolas!!
*hands over a wrapped package* I didn't know if Little Pip had one already, but here's a Courtney doll. I thought Legolas would enjoy another companion at play time!
**Rayvin 813: I lub hueegz! Dey taest like leedle Hareshey keesez! I lub keesez tu! Pip saez Thankz u fer da Courtney doel! Dat wuz varry niec of u.**

(Undomiel Greenleaf)
Hi Legolas! Jst so you know I've got your dad here, so you don't have to feel sad about being the only ME person to get displaced!
Thranduil: You know, son, you really should be rescuing me. Oh and I always kenw it was a misake to buy you that 'Hooked on Phonics' kit. But did your mother listen? Noooo!
Undomiel: Oh yes and Legolas? Don't feel bad about running into sliding doors. I do that too. Only, I tend to run into SCREEN doors. I even knocked one straiht off before! REally! Boy was my face red!
Thranduil: Well bye bye for now, son, put ice on your head and I'll kiss it better when you get home.
Undomiel: Can I kiss it better?
Thranduil: No. Absolutely not.
Undomiel: -_-
**Undomiel Greenleaf: Hae Ada! I deedn't noe u wuz hear oen moedrn erfth! I wuz glaed tu here frum u!**

(Elvea Aure aka Amanfalathiel)
Awww... Legolas don't be affraid of me! I'm a nice girl! Really! You see, when I said I am Sauron's evil twin sister, I meant evil in Sauron's opinion, which in all other opinions is a very good girl. You don't have to fear me, I won't hurt you, or Aragorn, or anybody. I help people. No really. So maybe we can go find a way home together. I really don't mind working with an Elf that has such a cute accent! Oh and yes mummy died after Sauron was born. The doctor says it had something to do with his horns or something similar...
There has to be more of the story. I say so. Or I will become evil. It runs in the family, you see. (Like my sister Endomiel, the goddess of evil, and my twin brother Sauron, of course)
Love, peace and a paperclip
-xxx- Elvea
**Elvea Aure aka Amanfalathiel: Legolas has ducked under the computer table. I had to give him a paperclip to calm him down, I want you to know!**

Well, better late than never I guess. First off - what are you thinking! I am not trying to get Legolas to come out so I can catch him! Who do you think I am NE or PP?? :) Love you guys!
Thank you for telling Emma about the boy cooties, and I am glad that Legolas doesn't have any. *snicker*
Oh! Goody! He gets to play outside with Pip! but al! Why didn't you tell him about glass doors! That had to really hurt! Poor Legolas!
I am glad it was you there and not me, as I have never had to give mouth to mouth to anyone before. You did a great job! But YD came in!! YOU ARE SO BUSTED!!!!!!!!!! LOL I guess the Elf is out of the closet now! Oh, dear! What is he going to think!!! What would any husband think??!! YIKES!! I know what mine would! Not a pretty picture! good thing he is at your house and not mine!
I love cliffhangers because then I can tell the author to write faster!! so........WRITE FASTER!
**TreeHugger: I named this chapter just for us! And I would write faster, if I could. With all these voices going at the same time, it is a wonder I can think straight as it is! Thanks for being my beta! Hae TreaHueggr!**

Oh dear, poor, poor Prance Legolas! Will it make him feel better to know he's not the only one to make that mistake? My very own "yes dear" (in response to sweety, and it does switch according to whomever starts the conversation) did the same thing while delivering a wedding cake his mother had made to someone's house. Obviously they had just cleaned the glass, and they had to do it again after Yes Dear smudged it with his nose! (He spent the rest of the day on a couch with an ice cpr needed thankfully!) Please give the Prance our very best wishes for his speedy recovery!
**Seal: I m glaed onlie da noze maed a maerk, an noed da hoel kake! I am jest fien, az u kin sea.**

(Skye Rocket)
Yeah! This is great! Thanks for updating! Although sad to say my crisis is intensifying...but thank you SO much for updating! :)
**Skye Rocket: Hoep dis chaeptr heps u wid ur krisees! Sumtimz I thank my oen krisees iz gittin wurse tu. Haeng een dere!**

(Elle & Dee)
Elle: Hey! Thought we'd leave a little note to you and the Prance! *giggles*
Dee: Yeah, yeah, well I have some questions. *pulls out really long list*
Elle: Um...Dee? Isn't that your To-Do List?
Dee: *inspects paper* So it is... *pulls out short list* I guess I only have one question. *clears throat*
1. Will Legolas tell more unknown stories of Middle Earth.
Elle: That's a good question. *shakes head* Arwen...always knew there was somethin' weird about that whole thing.
Dee: And Asfaloth...oh sorry! Wasn't sopposed to mention that. Pretend you didn't read that Legolas!
Elle: Can't wait to read more about your adventures!
Elle & Dee
**Elle & Dee: Dere r loetz moer tu tael! Deed I here somone sae Assfelloff. . . *draws bow and arrow and wanders off*
Legolas! Get back here! You are not done yet!
Oohh, soerrie!**

Ellewyn Greenleaf (no relation to Legolas whatsoever)
HEY LEGOLAS!!!!*waves madly*
i love ur story! thanx for letting this wonderful author share it!
about that running into the glass door....oyy that has gotta hurt! it happened to a friend of mine at my house. she didnt hear the door shut and she slammed right into it.
neways, im glad im not the only elf stuck here. it has been incredibly boring not seeing any other elves here. can u take me back with you???PLEASE?????????? i miss middle earth soooooooo much! if not, ill just move to new zealand, they filmed lord of the rings there and it looks more like middle earth than any other place in the world.
so please, keep the updates coming! namaarie Legolas
**Ellewyn Greenleaf: Hae Ellewyn! *wavz maedly* I here NZ iz grate bud da waethr iz unperdiktabl. Bedder git a theek kape befur wee goe.**

Dear Legolas:
Yes, please show me how flexible you are. I have plans for you in another fanfic where....
Anyways, Poor prance! I hope his head is okay. Maybe you should put some of those clear window clings on the door so he can see it better!
Keep writing!
**IRENA: TREAHUEGGR SED TU TIPE LIKE DIS SOE U KULD FIEND ID!! Me an Pip maed sum colurd thangs ta steek on da doar soe I doen git huert agin. Dat smaertd! I thank id mite bea aelmos as baed az habin a baebee. . . .Wanna sea hoew I kin put my fuut ovr my haed? Wach. . . .**

(Teleplinde Greenleaf)
I just love this story!! It's like nothing I've ever read and it's so funny! You had me practically peeing on myself when Legolas ran into the sliding door. Poor Lego! This is great. Please keep it up and don't keep me waiting too long for the next chapter.
**Teleplinde Greenleaf: U mite nead sum of dose Depenz soe u stae drie whin u reed abot me. Goe an git a beeg boex, cuz dis iz da storied dat neber endz!**

Hey! Loved the running into the sliding glass door bit. Had me laughing out loud (and others wondering what was funny...let 'em wonder, they wouldn't understand). Legolas--I hope you are feeling better. Just to let you know, my parents owned and ran an ambulance service for 30 years...and I have some knowledge of the 'healing arts'. Legolas may need a 'trained professional.'
**gershwin: I m all bedder, but I weel put ur naem bie da thang da makez da ranging noieze in kase da womin neads to cael fur hep, okae?**

Hi! It's Aloria/Marian. That was a good chapter! And it's the truth about my race!!! But Prance Legolas doesn't have to worry. I'm a Faerie, and we are very kind and gentle. A nd we think elves are amazing!!!!!
**AloriaMoonbeam: TheLastFae: I thank faeriz r amaezing tu! Maebe dis womin hear iz sum kien of faerie. . . ?**

(Elu Heneb)
Greetings, Legolas Elvellon! You are having a very interesting life with that woman who has a very long name. Little Pip talks to the girl that lives here with TreeHugger. She likes to talk a lot, doesn't she? You played with those little dolls that she has, didn't you? The boy here has a doll that looks like you. So does the girl and TreeHugger. TreeHugger has a lot of Orc dolls, too. But she keeps them far away from the one that looks like you. She won't tell me why.
Legolas! Legolas! You are not breathing! No! No! Legolas Elvellon! Wake up! What is that woman doing? Is she a Healer like Lord Elrond? I thought she took care of books! Or is she one of those rabid fangirls that TreeHugger has told me about!? GRR! No one there knows how to treat an Elf?! Legolas, you should never have left Middle Earth! What? TreeHugger says that it says you are breathing again! Thank Elbereth! That woman must be a healer. Did she perhaps learn from Lord Elrond like I did? But that man that lives there does not sound happy. Secrets are not a good thing. Please wake up, Legolas Elvellon. Please!
**Elu Heneb: hae Elu! Elu!!! Whur hab u bean? I meesed u. I deed nod meen tu skeeer u. I m okae noew. She mus hab lernd hoew tu kees lik dat in won of dose buuks at da liberry. She haz a heeler deeplomba, cuz she shoed id tu me las weak.**

You have the oppurtunity to give the Prince of Mirkwood mouth to mouth and you look for someone to pass the responsibilty to? What are you thinking? Well, if you don't want to... I'm always available... hehehe.
And Yes Dear's surprise must have been much bigger than Little Pip's... And I hopw Legolas' head feels better.
**Sake: It's a big responsibility! What if I failed? Everyone on earth would be right behind PP, TH, and Irena after me! Hae Sake!**

Geez al, I am so jealous of you. Severe disappointment ensuing as I was not there to give him mouth-to-mouth, although it's probably a good thing. My tongue would have gotten in the way of letting the air actually pass through his trachea and into his lungs. You're so right that I'm volunteering for the "Look, Listen, and Feel" especially the feeling part. Now what are we supposed to feel? ;-)
Hey Legolas! Aw, that was so sweet of you to help get this story to the 100 review mark. Is al going to let you come over? Remember you're an elf so you can't catch my cold, no matter what we do.
Thanks for the plug, al!
**PuterPatty: You're jealous of me? Would you like YD breathing down your neck? Oh, you only want the Prance. You've gotten him in trouble once already, haven't you? *evil laughter* You may look and listen but as Gandalf would say "You shall not make a pass!" Hae PuderPaddie! I waent tu kum ober tu ur hoese, okae?**


**Update: Whoe iz dat? I thank dat Naezgool iz bak! TreaHugger sez tu tael u "Hi! She red dat!" Yes Dear iz jaelous of ur buuks! (an she deed kees me! I wuz dere, I noe she deed!) She sez she weel rite moer faestr if TH addz her owen kommaz. *grins* **

**Mom: I know, you needed Legolas to show you how to submit the review, didn't you? I will bring him when I come in a couple days. Thanks for looking at the commas and things that Tree and YD start laughing about too hard to find and fix! I always knew you would give me an A++! Hae Grammar Laedie!**


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