Chapter 9 Reviews

**al and Legolas**

all of you are crazy. but hey, crazy makes for a good story.

Well then, Kisses for Legolas as well! ;) And you like Hershey's Kisses too? Wow! Small world, huh?
Pip is very welcome! I'm glad I could make her - and Legolas - quite happy with the doll! :D
Bravo on the new chapter! I love it! Keep them coming!
**Ravin 813: I lub doez leedle "seelver toepz," an I like Sea Pee Ar keesz tu!!! *downs two more Little Hershey's Kisses* **

(Crazy Cookie Monster)
Ohhh..... That was insane!!!
Leggy gets a BATH????? ::sniggers::
This is starting to get interesting... ;)
**Crazy Cookie Monster: Dis is jest everidae lief at al'z houes. Sumpthin nue all da tiem. Ur not laffin at me, r u?**

(Nancing Elf)
al, I must apologize for my lack of reviews lately. RL and general depression over this site's policies and all (hope you understand). Anyway, I'm back and must say I'm cracking up! *yeah...mouth to mouth...that works for me!*
You are so busted! LOL. *snickering over the nuclear Legolas bit* *chortle* He's coming out of the closet! ROTFLMAO!!!
Oh and what a tease you are...a nekkid Legolas taking a bath?!?!! *cough...must see that...cough*
**Nancing Elf: HAE NAENCIN ELF!! HAE! I MEESED U!!!! SUMPTHANG TURRIBEL!!! Whin Puder Paeddie fienally comz tu git me, kin wea com tu ur houez? If ur kar wurkz, culd u com git me? Dat wuld bea grate!!**

I would just like to say that I am very happy that you decided to tell Legolas' story! I just discovered it day before yesterday, and had to put it on a disk to read from my non-internet going computer. I have to get on my sister's computer to get online:( Therefore I might only be able to review every few chapters*sigh* I totally and completely LOVE this non-fic! Keep it up chica!
To Legolas: Hey there.*wink, wink* How you doin'? Just kidding! How's your head feeling? I was soooo worried when I read about the sliding glass door incident. I've never walked into a sliding glass door, but one night I did walk into my bedroom door. I woke up in the middle of the night with low blood sugar (I'm Diabetic *double sigh*) and someone had closed my door! It was just awful, although I never stopped breathing or anything. I hope you get to go out in the sun more often now that your out of the closet. Oh, and be very careful with those Barbie shoes! They tend to get lost VERY easily, and they're no fun to step on! Also be careful to put the Barbies away you don't want the cats, or heavens forfend Goliath, to get ahold of them. A couple of kind warnings: Be careful around salsa or hot sauce of any kind, I highly sugest that you stay away from something called 'Anchovis' at ANY cost, and run screaming for the closet if anyone introduces themselves as 'Mary-Sue'.
Sorry for babbling on so! Much love to you both! Zannna ^_^
**Zanna: Hae dere! *wienk, wienk* Du u hav soempthang in ur eye? I em sorree tu hear u waelkd eentu a doar tu. Id does reely huert, huh? I em alwaez karefuel wid Peepz toyez, she kin maek my lief mizerabel if I looze her thangz!**

(Elvea Aure aka Amanfalathiel)
Dammit Legolas, now I scared you again! How many times do I have to tell you not to be affraid? I'm really nice! A do-gooder! Ask Endomiel! And you know me! We went to Highschool together! how could you forget about that! *bursts into sobs* You even forgot how I helped you out when your dad wanted to send you back to Mirkwood when you didn't want to! How could you! You really hurt me, you know? *sobs some more*
You do realize that the only thing that will make me feel better is if there's another update soon... *hint hint* Anyways *sobs* I got to go
Love, peace and a lot of paperclips for Legolas
-xxx- Elvea
**Elvea Aure aka Amanfalathiel: Thare ar lotz of thaengz I hav trubl remambereeng frum my paest seence I fael frum da moovie skreen. I em sorree tu hav maed u krie. Pleeze aksept my sinseare apolageez. *offers Hershey's Kisses to you* **

hi Leggy! (god did i just type Leggy? oh no... most definatle did... how evil... but then again, i am goddes of Evil... :o)
do you like cereal too? i loooooove cereal! heck, i love all food, i bet, if i knew what they were like, i'd like elf cookies too :o)
anywayz, i hope you have fun in the next chapter, and the swelling on your head goes down, and that you stop by soon :o) hey? can you ride a bike? i'd like to see that....
oh well, i'll stop now,
C ya!
Endomiel :o)
**Endomiel: aefter dis chaepter, I thank a loet of u weel bea kallin me Leggy. U shuld trie da Keebler elf cookeez. Dey doen luuk a thang like elvez, soe I kin eat dem widout thankin abot kanabullizm. I hav not had da oppartoonity tu trie biek riedin yeat.**

OMG! You had me laughing hysterically when I should be learning instead!
I can´t wait to hear more from you and Legolas (especially if he should get his hands on the keyboard and decide to submit a chapter himself!).
Anyway, this is delightful and I´m thoroughly enjoying your story.
Give my regards to Yes Dear, Little Pip and Legolas, yours odyssey :)
**odyssey: I due not rite tha chaepterz, bud al noew ledz me rite all da reasponsez. *That's because 3/4ths of them are written directly to you, silly elf!!* **

Hello, Legolas!
I'm very glad that you're feeling better from your bump on the head. If needed, I could always run over there and kiss/hug/nuzzle/lick it better.
And while I really enjoyed the story, I must admit to being much more interested in seeing you put your leg....
*ducks airborne vase from Al's general direction*
Erm... I mean the story is really great!
**IRENA: I TIPED ID LIKE DIS SOE U KULD FIEND ID!!! I em steel thankin of ur birfdae kaerd, an ebery tiem I due my eerz teengle. *sheeverz* Whin u thank of id, kin u smael straewbareez? *puedz haendz ober al'z eyez and duz "DAT!" tu da compy skreen* Im-boe le-si, Irena. I meen id. *ever so slowly unwraps Hershey bar with only his teeth, peeling it much like a banana*
*al sprays windex on the compy screen and wipes repeatedly* Honestly, Legolas, go get a room, ok? Geez!!!**

Hello! I finally joined! I'll still babysit for the Prance if you need me to. I think this is the greatest story out there! And the whole thing with Yes Dear walking in at that moment! I had to take CPR class b4 and that's been my biggest worry ever since. I think you're allowed to use a hankie over your mouth and then you can't get in as much trouble. I look forward to the next chapter.
AndysPrincess aka Daisy
**AndysPrincess: Thaenk u soe muech fur da komplamint abot my storee. I em glaed al deed nod hav a haenkee. I liked da Sea Pee Ar jest like id wuz. Eggsept I moevd tu suun. Neks tiem I weel wate a leedle loenger biefor I "waek up."**

(Skye Rocket)
Wowzers (yet again!) This was totally awesome! I loved lot. LOL. I sort of have a limited vocabulary. Anyways, you must keep updating. I love this!
**Skye Rocket: Maebe al weel led u uze her Theosauruz. Id haz 978 paegez of wurdz dat meen da saem thang in id. Sumhoew dat duz not maek saenz tu me. Whie wuld u waent 978 paegez of da saem wurd?**

Oh my, poor Al. Legolas, you certainly don't make life easy for her do you? I am glad to hear that you are rcovered from your accident. Oh, by the way, my kids have instructed me to tell you that you are more than welcome to come hang out at our beach with them.
**Seal: I apresheeate da oeffr, bud I kanot com tuu neer da see. Doez guellz r wachin me, u noe. Thaenk u fur weeshig me tu feal bedder. Cungradualashunz on ur neu stoerie! *mini Krackle bar this time, munches contentedly* **

What a shock to come home and find your wife apparently kissing an unconsious book/movie character! I'M ANNOYED AT MY COMPUTER!!! IT WON'T LET ME POST MY FIC! My friends think it's pretty good, I guess it's OK, but it doesn't matter because all I can do is EMAIL IT TO THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, I'm done ranting. Keep writing!
**AloriaMoonbeam:The Last Fae: I hav never sean my wife kees aniwon aels. I em nod maerried. A wife wuld not leat me praence oef entu da wuudz on all deze miesshun, kweast, thangs. . .**

Hi again!!
You like Hershey's kisses Legolas? You should get Cadbury's chocolate - it tastes nicer! Tell me if you have Nazgul trouble again: like the name suggests, I am magical and will banish them! You're getting naked next chapter? My friend Anna would like that - she's one of your biggest friends! I will tell her to write to you so you have lots of friends and letters to respond to! Don't catch a cold!
Excellent chapter once again!
Rachel xxx
**Magical Rachel: I lub Hearsheez Keesz! I like Doev barz tu. al keapz a hole 5 pownd baeg bie da cumpuder, but I uzuellie eet it soe faest she fussez. *pops another Kiss* **

I didn't give you the A++. You earned it. I am looking forward to your visit especially if Legolas can come too. I will buy elf cookies and prepare a spot in MY closet for him. I need to learn how to walk around in snow without sinking. I understand that elves can do that.
**Mom: Hae Grammar Laedie!! I haed an eggsellint tiem ad ur houez. Thangs fur leddin me and da doeggie and da kiddiez stae wid u. Whin id snowz, I weel shoew u hoew tu waelk on toep, okae? An thangs fur teechin al dat Sea Pee Ar. . . she is reely guud! LEGOLAS!!! I fouen id kwite eenjoeable! LEGOLAS!!! She muest hav lerned frum da maester. THAT IS ENOUGH, LEGOLAS!**

(Sailor Nova)
*falls down on her knees and cries to the heavens* YES!!!! SHE HAS FINALLY UPDATED!!! *sobs* I have waited so long for this moment! Please PLEASE don't leave me hanging like this again! *looks down towards the end of the story* N-Nekkid Leggy?! *grabs her camera* Hurry with the next chapter! Say cheese Prance Legolas! *cackles*
**Sailor Nova: u muest git a lief, my deer. al is da ultamite prokrasteenator. She kin maek id taek all dae tu git frum won ruum tu de oder, espaesialie wid doez krutchz she is uzin rite noew. R we havin cheez? I luv cheez!**

(amber725 a.k.a.Stimpy)
I found a Legolas at the toy store the other day. The husband wouldn't buy it for me...probably afraid of me performing "CPR" on it...heh heh heh.
I can imagine that greeny-grey suede is going to be a pain in the rear to wash. Sounds like a dry cleaning job to me...because, you know, no matter how nekkid and soapy Legolas gets, if his clothes are are rank, he'll still be one stinky elf. *No offense, Legolas.*
Can't wait for the next installment. :)
**Stimpy: Elbz ar nateralie kleen beengz, but we all lern erly on hoew tu kleen ouer lethr oudergaermintz. Dat is a nessessery leassun at aerchr'z skool, an is tot in da fierst yeer. Won dae suen I weel teech u hoew.**

Hey al, I'm so glad Yes Dear found the situation pretty funny in the end, although I was quite worried there for a second for you and Legolas and him. Almost had to call 911 for you. I will have to keep in mind never to laugh at Legolas; he sounds very scary when his angry! That's really kind of sexy though....
Gandalf may have said "You shall not make a pass," but I don't ever recall him saying anything about not making out. Legolas seemed to me to be looking for some action too in this chapter. (Can't wait for the nekkid bath!)
Hey Legolas, I've secured supervision for us so come on over sometime this week, okay? I've got lots of things planned for us to do and I think you'll have a fun time. I just hope that swelling goes down....
**PuterPatty: I fael tu sea wud is soe eggcitin abot takin a baf wile everbueddy wachez. I waded bie da doar tu go an git my hare coern roed wid u, and den tu goe tu kwior praktice, but al sed u muest hav haed trubl wid ur kar. Kin we trie agin? * licks chocolate from Kit Kat Bar, then eats cookie insides separate.* **

Hi Legolas! Is you head feeling better?
You just keep getting head injuries don't you? I got kicked in the head the other day... Don't get kicked... it hurts... Well, I hope your head feels better.
**Sake: I em muech bedder, thankz! We boeth shuld wach out whur ouer haedz r goen, doen u thank? I hoep u feal bedder noew tu. If not, I culd sen al ober dere. . .she is guud at dat Sea Pee Ar thang. *unwraps another Hershey's kiss* **

You are so BUSTED, al!!! ROFL I know quite well where the chapter came from! LOL Greetings to you too, Legolas! It sounds like YD was not amused by the situation with the CPR or was it a kiss?? Legolas seemed to think it was the latter! After he said "Shee EEEEZ soe buestd!" ROFL You should have turned red. YD standing over you, Legolas admiring your...:) and Pip standing thre saying "Momma, you are SOOOO BUSTED!" Greetings, Little Pip and Yes Dear!
I love Little Pip's "Taddletel", sounded rather like a slight case of Brethilitis to me. YD asks a simple question and Little Pip tells it all! Love it! She is such a typical kid! "What about HIM? He played with them too!" Ai, Valar!
I like YD needing reassurance about Legolas' breathing. Poor Jealous Husband. I know. You do not see Legolas that way I know, but many others including YD at that moment of time do not know! It is rather an unusual situation that you are in.;)
Really, al! You should know what happens when Elves get mad! "I komand u tu stoep dat lafifn rite now!" LOL I have heard that from him on the IM a few times myself and it is still hilarious! Sorry Legolas. Please do not burn down YD and al's house.
I am glad that YD has a sense of humor about the Prance of Murkwuud. Even if you had to nudge him "Ow, not the balls, not the balls!" Yes, very Gimli-like! I am also glad that you all said you were sorry and made up. But HAE! you forgot all about Little Pip and made her pick up the Barbies all by herself. Don't let them do that again, Pip! Tell them to make Legolas help you!
Very funny, hilarious, uproarious chapter, mellon-nin.
Elenath sila erin le!
**TreeHugger: Little Pip is definitely a non-fiction kid. As is Legolas. As you can plainly see. Thanks for being my beta, and for catching that "r" before anyone else did! Hae Treahueggr! I em laernin ael kiendz of thangz abot mordon erth. Wuld u like tu com git in da hoet tueb wid me? * breaks off a piece of mini Hershey bar and eats it* **

Hi Al! Hi Legolas!! I hope you are feeling better now that you've gotten "The Kiss of Life" From Healer Al... (grin)
Your father sends his love and regards, and hope you will make it back to Ennor soon. He says you don't want to miss the Autumn Harvest Festival; he's rented the main ballroom at Dol Guldur, and Celeborn's sending a dance band from Lorien. (Woo-Hooo!! C. Celeborn...)
Al, you must write more often (Jasta pauses for the chorus of catcalls and the huge wave of Nerf arrows seeing as she has yet to update Dark leaf...) this is just WAY too much fun!
Oh, and Legolas: thanks for the adorable birthday card! You sure are getting proficient at sufring the 'Net and making use of its freebies!! (That's things that don't cost anything, NOT a hive full of manumitted Anthrophrae bomboides! Sorry to be indistinct...) (grin)
**JastaElf: HAE Jasta! HAE Ada! I feal muech bedder noew. I em mot shur I waent tu goe tu Dol Guldur agin, eben fur won of Ada's paertiez. Kin I pik out my oen klothez? I thaenk I wuld due bedder tu stae hear an sufr da net. (Sufring {sic} the Net, Jasta??! You just can't leave him be, can you?!) U r welkom fur da birfdae kard. I meent every wurd, and da muezik wuz espesialie fur u tu. . . Daemmit, *wavez haendz at beez buezzin my haed* I sed goe awae!**

(Eve of Mirkwood)
hi legolas!!! i love u!! thank you, alliwantisanelfforchristmas, for writting this about him!!! i love legolas! i hope his head get's better soon, and warn him about electricity and water....
**Eve Eastborne: I lub u tu! U kin jest cael da womin al, okae? Wader is four drankin an kleenin, an elektrasity is fur maekin da wader git hoet fur da jaetz in da hoet tueb, rite?**

(SarWolf Snape)
HEHEHE! This was the best chapter yet.
**SarWolfe Snape: U aent sean nuthin yeat! I hav foend all kinz of neu thangs hear tu git eentu. *downs mini Mr. Goodbar* **

Well, at least Yes Dear didn't take it too hard. Just be sure that you all don't tell Legolas what it means to 'come out of the closet'.
**Newmoon: Yes Dear is quite patient and understanding. I doen git it. In my kloset I jest opeen da doar an goe in an out. Hoew duz urz wurk? An al sez I muest sae I em sorrie fur taekin soe loeng tu tipe dese up an maekin her chaepter laet.**

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