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Last Updated : March 28, 2003 0:03 AM

We do this for fun, not profit. There are indeed two of us here. I (arcticfox42 or af for short) am to
blame for all spelling and coding errors and aliaself gets the kudos for finding and sending along the
stories and dealing with all the authors. Obviously when I say me or I, I mean me not her<g> . Aliaself
wants to be sure you all know she isn't the one with legolas issues. I do try not to say me or I but things
do slip through and sometimes I really do mean me. For instance, I dream of the day we have Aragorn,
Boromir, Elrond..... or any other character stories to share besides that wee elf<eg>. That means, of
course, that I need to quit my job and give up sleep so I can help find them. (af42 ducks as aliself aims
another smack at her for yet again for showing disrespect towards the elf-pup)

Story updates will be posted on the update page about every other week.

This site, 'Tales From Middle Earth' will archive stories based on The Lord Of The Rings series of books
by J. R. R.Tolkien (1892-1973) . No slash here. The stories centre on the characters we like. Characters like Aragorn, Legolas, Boromir and Elrond. Fellowship fiction, that is fiction involving other fellowship members is included in the Fellowship section but it needs to slant towards the above mentioned characters. The 'others' section includes these characters - the Twins, Haldir, Éomer, Celeborn and Faramir.

No story is housed here without permission from the author.

No disrespect to Mr. Tolkien or his work is intended. We just love his characters so much that we want
them to live on, in new adventures.

This site is under construction so please be kind until we settle down.

We are always happy to hear from our users so any comments or suggestions are always welcome.

The under construction gif is taken from The Animation Library (best gif spot on the net -IMHO) I have
made it a static gif to save on size, I hope they don't mind. We use Dreamweaver, JASC's PaintShop Pro,
(Ver.7) and the brilliant Edit Plus 2 to create this site.

All pictures used in logos throughout the site are either our own captures and scans or pictures from
the official site. Any pictures not created ourselves we believe to be in the public domain. If you see
something here you believe to be otherwise, please let us know.


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