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Last Updated : March 18, 2011 3:31 AM


March 18 2011

Fixed some broken links to art and added a working contact address. Rats, now I am missing LotR fic.

April 18/03

Added E cared haniant tīn mīl from PuterPatty
Jenolas let us have some great Legolas fics, including Homecoming[L/G] Of Maids and Babes[L/G]
Bows and Arrows | Braids of Gold | King For a Day | A Moment in Time

April 5/03

Grand opening of our 'Spotlight on..." section
* Al's story The Unauthorized biography of Legolas Greenleaf gets to be our first spotlighted fic
so go check it out.

April 4/03

*New stories:
- plasticChevy's The Captain and the King [B] and Where Dreams Take You [B]
- Adara's The Power of Love [B]
- Thundera Tiger's A Mirkwood Solstice [L] Musings by Torchlight [L] New Year's Eve,[F] Reflections in the Dark [L]
and Beyond This World

- Al's The Unauthorized biography of Legolas Greenleaf [L] Complete and reformatted.
- Ithilien's The Hunting Trip All Chapters 1-29 or just dl Chapters 26-29 [F]
- Littlefish's Hostage of Hate-Ch1-20 | Chapters 19-20 only [F]
Thundera Tiger's Land of Light and Shadows[F] Ch. 26-31 and Fear No Darknes[F] Ch. 21-23

March 26/03

Spring has sprung here in Canada so it is time for a more cheerful site design. The hold up with
new fics stems from a wish to add a bit more variety to the archive. We want to fill up some of
the empty sections so look for new stories coming soon. This redesign will be finished by the
weekend and then we will have a smallish update. Thank you for your patience.

March 17th

Added the new one from Sio/Cassia's Mellon Chronicles Priceless Treasure

March 11/03

Yes it's another update. These are the ones from Dwimordene that I owed you all from last week.
I think it is safe to say that af cannot always get this update done on time. Aliaself gets the fics
all right but I just can't always get them coded and up intime for Friday. Long and short of it....
updates ever other week instead of weekly. Blame me completely but AF needs downtime, reading
time and even off line time more then she realised...look she is already talking about herself in the
third person.....not good.

So here are the rest of Dwimordene's stories
* A Reason to Celebrate * Brothers At Heart * Dynasty
Father and Sons * Go Not From Me! * Lie Down in the Darkness, Rise up from the Ash
Religion * Sarn Ford * Til Death Do Us Part * Where the Stars are Strange


March 8/03

Feb 28/03
Note: Huge update this week. I know we will be late getting this complete but it will be finished
by Sunday at the very latest. We will update as we go. Cassia and Siobhan have given us permission
to include the art work that goes with their stories so be sure to check them out as well. You can find
those links next to the story or jump right to the gallery.


Feb. 22/03 : Adding quite a few updates this week. Just grab the new chapters below or visit
their section on the authors page

Just one fic to add this week TreeHugger's In the Hall of the Wood Elf King

Quite a few new authors and stories this time. New stories are marked as such by this graphic

New Fiction in this update : Jan 25/03

We are also pleased to add some wonderful artwork by TreeHugger. Go to the gallery

Well we are just about ready to open. Look for our first stories update to be complete and online
by Saturday, January 11th. We hope everyone can find something to enjoy in these stories.

A word about feed back. These authors live for it! Some of these stories take months of hard work
to complete. Please try and make the time to thank them for the effort. Authors love all comments
and constructive criticism. Who knows, you could be the one that encourages them to write
another story. We all want more stories to read so do your part and show that you care.

Depending on real life events (yes we do have them) we hope to have an update ready every Saturday.

As this is actually the grand opening special we will list all the stories we have at present.