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We love all the stories we archive or they wouldn't be here, but sometimes a story comes along that we
think deserves to be put in the spotlight. This section will be for those fics. They are not going to always
be fics we host but we hope you will agree they are great reads well worth the attention. New stories
will be added but there is no schedule for updates to this section, so watch the update page for new additions.

As with all the stories you read consider dropping the author a note to let them know you appreciate their
work, it's such a simple thing and it makes their day.

We are pleased to introduce everyone to one of the most imaginative and clever stories we have ever
come across. I (af) even like it and I am going through one of my anti-Elfpup phases<g>.

So a big YeeeHaaaa for alliwantisanelfforchristmas (aka - AL)'s story......

The Unauthorized biography of Legolas Greenleaf